RWE: Over 100 police officers and many shuttle buses on duty

The police, the city, the club and the Ruhrbahn have prepared for the last day of play on Hafenstrasse. A major operation is imminent.

Effervescent joy or deep-seated frustration – how the fateful match between Rot-Weiss Essen and Rot Weiss Ahlen ends on Saturday at the sold-out stadium on Hafenstrasse is open. Only one thing is already clear: Emotions will erupt one way or another – whether the long-awaited promotion to the third Bundesliga will succeed, or whether Bergeborbeck will still have to play in the regional league.

The police, the city, the association and the Ruhrbahn have for a long time been preparing for the event and thus a large-scale action. Some trains from the riot police will provide security on arrival and departure, more than 100 officers will be on site, police spokesman Christoph Wickhorst said.

But police are not only planning a strong presence around the stadium, where according to current information, around 20,000 RWE supporters are expected to meet. They will also keep an eye on “other neuralgic points in the city” in order to respond quickly in case of doubt.

There could be spontaneous cortege

On Berliner Platz or on Rüttenscheider Strasse, for example, there can be spontaneous rides if you win on the last day of the game. The police will inform about the course of the action on Saturday at Twitter channel publish.

The authorities recommend that you arrive early. The Ruhrbahn offers a shuttle bus every 5 minutes from 12 to 13.30 between the Essen Hauptbahnhof and Hafenstraße stops. As Hafenstraße is closed between Bottroper Straße and Sulterkamp two hours before the start of the match and probably until 11.30 pm, bus line 196 will, according to the police, be diverted between Hafenstraße and Lüschershofstraße stops via Bottroper Straße and Sulterkamp.

According to the Ruhrbahn, there may be disruptions on bus routes SB16, 166, 170 and 196 before and after the match. The 166 will be reinforced after the battle with the shuttle from Hafenstrasse to Hauptbahnhof and from Hafenstrasse to Dellwig. This also applies to 170 between Lüschershofstraße and Kray.

Outlets had already stored 10,000 bottles of beer

Despite the additional offer in the local public transport, the police will be more aware of drink driving. “Do not drink and drive,” warns their spokesman: “Violations will be punished consistently.” The city’s supervisory office has agreed with the pub “Hafenstübchen” and the nearby gas station not to sell glass bottles. It was agreed, says the municipal security coordinator Matthias Blackert.

Both stores together had already ordered almost 10,000 bottles of beer. Now they have to find another place. Drinks are still served: Perennials provide serving cars and draft beer is served in plastic cups. As the supply is so secure, the supervisory office asks that you completely refrain from bringing glass bottles for safety reasons.

Fireworks and smoke bombs are prohibited

Criminal charges threaten those who ignite or ignite pyrotechnic objects such as fireworks, flares, smoke powder or bombs. “This can lead to severe burns and is therefore prohibited,” warns Wickhorst. A Bengali fire, for example, can reach temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Celsius.

No matter how the match and the season ends for RWE – the police in Essen and also the head of the regulation department Christian Kromberg appeal to the common sense of football fans: “Behave peacefully and show consideration for others. Avoid quarrels and do not let yourself be provoked.” All visitors should be aware that there will also be many families with children visiting the stadium.

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