Rot-Weiss Essen is back in professional football after 14 years

Essen / Münster.
Rot-Weiss Essen did it. After 14 years, RWE manages to return to professional football. 2: 0 against Rot Weiss Ahlen is enough for promotion.

Essen cheers, Essen laughs, and Essen will really let it go this Saturday night. What a euphoria, what an experience. It was a sparkling football festival on Hafenstrasse with the dreamed of happy ending. After a convincing performance, Rot-Weiss Essen won deservedly 2-0 (1-0) over RW Ahlen and moved up to the third division. The pursuers Preußen Münster’s victory with the same number of points in the long distance duel against 1.FC Köln II is for the statistics.

Rot-Weiss Essen rises: Here you can read the live ticker:

Essen – Ahlen 2: 0
Munster – Cologne II 2: 1

Red-white, red-white – RWE only! An hour before the kick-off, Hafenstrasse was already glowing in the club’s colors. The stadium gates had barely been opened two hours before the kick-off, when the West Stand was packed, and now and then the shouts and battle cries could be heard, which would later tirelessly accompany the RWE players on the pitch.

The sun was shining, the weather was ideal for the expectation and the optimism that could be heard everywhere, almost palpable: “Of course, today we can do it!” This Saturday it would Red and white food to know. Finally after 2008 back in the third division, and thus the traditional club would also be a little more in focus on the national table football scene.

But despite all the euphoria, the crucial 90 minutes were still ahead in the long-distance duel with Prussia Münster. And before the kick-off, the Ahleners had protested that they would not come to Essen as a friendly atmosphere maker. And anyone who saw how committed Ahlen’s coach Andreas Zimmermann was in training knew the visitors would not give anything away.

Said and done. After just a few seconds, Sebastian had 100% in the penalty area. But Ahleneren pushed the ball a little hectically far past the goal. In all the excitement, some of them probably did not even realize how dangerous this scene was.

The initial phase was disorganized, but the hosts fought their way into the match, were gripped in the duels and created from then on chance after chance. Plechati’s shot was blocked (10 ‘), Engelmann tested goalkeeper Velichkov (14’) and a free kick from Cedric Harenbrock from 20 yards was blocked by an Ahlen player in front of the goal line (19 ‘). Corner ratio after 20 minutes: 5: 0.

Rot-Weiss Essen is on the rise: All news and texts

When Kefkir had another attempt to cross, he served the ball exactly to the legendary Harenbrock, who headed in to make it 1-0 (28 ‘). Hafenstrasse shook and celebrated.

Suddenly there was renewed cheering in the stands. Cologne had scored to make it 1-0 in Münster. The fists clung to the victory. The door to the third league had opened significantly for RWE.

The Essenes did not give up and resolutely looked for a way forward. Tarnat’s free kick went into the net (41 ‘) and Kefkir’s shot went just past the goal (44’).

And on we went at half past one. The home team wriggled, did not give up a ball and left no doubt as to how this match was going to end. Ahlen could only react, but defended the goal bravely. And without a reaction, 1: 1 would be recorded in Münster (49th).

Then Simon Engelmann had the chance, his long shot ball bounced off the inside of the post and into the arms of the Ahlen goalkeeper (58 ‘). But in the second attempt it rattled: Engelmann stood at the far post and nodded a meter to 2-0 (60th). 30 minutes to the 3rd league – fantastic. And the hosts garnished it with attacking football. Twice, Bastians (68th, 77th) and Young (70th) had their chances, and Kefkir put the ball under the crossbar (73rd). RWE should have won higher, but who cares anymore? Third division, three – Rot-Weiss Essen is there.

This Saturday from 2 pm, the decision will be made about who will be promoted to the 3rd division. RWE welcomes Rot Weiss Ahlen, Münster host 1. FC Köln II. The whole of Essen is on its feet on this special day. You can find our ticker on what’s going on around the game here.

Team manager Jörn Nowak, who celebrated a clear 3-0 victory against Rödinghausen on his debut in Lotte, trusts the same team as last week. Only the injured Thomas Eisfeld needs to be replaced. Luca Dürholtz takes over his place on the team.

Rot-Weiss Essen and Preußen Münster: All the background for the regional league final weekend:

Red white awls: Velichkov – Kahlert, Twardzik, Holldack, Marzullo, Ivan, Zuhs, Pihl, Mai, Wiesweg, Francis.

Bank: Szczepankiewicz, Lindner, Eickhoff, Marcino, Osmani, Mamutovic, Gueye, Benning, Marino, Efe Bayaki.

Judging: Nicholas Dardenne.

Rot-Weiss Essen – RW Ahlen 2-0 (1-0)

RWE: Golz – Plechaty, Heber, Bastians, Herzenbruch – Tarnat, Dürholtz – Young (85 Kleinsorge), Harenbrock (77 Krasniqi), Kefkir (89 Janjic) – Engelmann (89 Kesim).

Judging: Dradenne.

Viewers: 16,500 (sold out).

Porte: 1-0 Harenbrock (28 ‘), 2-0 Engelmann (60’).

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