Rot-Weiss Essen celebrates promotion to 3rd division in a long-distance duel with Prussia Münster

After twelve years
Rot-Weiss Essen moves up to 3rd division – Münster is three goals below

Rot-Weiss Essen returns to professional football. In the exciting end of the season in Regionalliga Vest, the tradition club won in a long-distance duel against Preußen Münster and will play in the 3rd division next year.

The dream has come true. After 12 years in the lowlands of West German football, Rot-Weiss Essen moves up to the third division and returns to professional football. One week after Essen, somewhat surprisingly, took over the top of the table in the regional league after a draw by the Münster team against Wiedenbrück, the team resisted the pressure. The red and whites won the long-distance duel against Preußen Münster in the Regionalliga Vest on Saturday afternoon. RWE wins 2-0 at home over Rot-Weiss Ahlen, while Munster played 2-1 against the second team of 1. FC Köln and only missed promotion due to the poorer goal difference.

The stadium at Hafenstraße 97a was packed more than an hour before kick-off. The whole of Essen was hot for this match, the whole of Essen itching to leave the regional league, which the supporters called the “Pig League”. An entire city was electrified. 16,650 fans have bought tickets for this exciting event, as they sang to warm up as hundreds of fans flocked to their historic day. Shortly before the kick-off, fans presented a choreography across two grandstands. “Only RWE” was written. Everything was prepared from the outside.

The game was characterized by rough play and many physical challenges on the wet field, but Jakob Golz showed great heart and had a good game. Luca Dürholtz had Essen’s first chance with a header after a cross from Oguzhan Kefkir. But this ball also passed.

Simon Engelmann, who a few days ago was the subject of rumors of a switch and created further unrest after Christian Neidhardt’s dismissal, was given the next opportunity in the 15th minute. But it was not really dangerous yet. But there was tension in the 19th minute when all Essen players complained about a handball from Ahlen’s Kevin Kahlert in the penalty area. But without video evidence that is known not to exist in the regional league, referee Niklas Dardenne decided a corner kick.

After a while, it became a little quieter in the stadium, the excitement in the stands was palpable – until Hafenstrasse really freaked out for the first time that afternoon. In the 29th minute, Kefkir entered the penalty area, where Cedric Harenbrock could head RWE in to 1-0. From now on, Essen could no longer move up in the 3rd division.

Especially not when the news in the 40th minute of the match spread with loud cheers that Munster were 1-0 down against the second team of 1. FC Köln at their own stadium. The second mood break this afternoon.

However, people in Essen still did not really trust the roast. You have already seen everything on Hafenstrasse. And then there was at least some nervousness in the stands when it turned out a few minutes after the restart that Münster had equalized to 1-1 in the parallel game. But the team was not deterred, went further – and was rewarded. Engelmann headed in the 60th minute ahead of the west basket to make it 2-0. The third eruption in the northern part of Essen this afternoon.

The team kept pushing and always remembered that goal difference can ultimately determine promotion. But Engelmann and Kefkir only hit aluminum. Nevertheless, the realization spread that nothing could go wrong here. The fans celebrated their team and their club ever louder and more intensely. “One day it will happen, we go to Zwickau to see RWE,” it sounded from the stadium in happy anticipation of the 3rd division. The meanwhile 2: 1 to Munster in the parallel game did not change anything.

The beginning of a glittering promotional party in Essen.

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