Individual review of TSV 1860 against Borussia Dortmund II: Top scorer Bär and Hiller tower over everyone at the cup party

Munich – It should not be with promotion again this season, but TSV 1860 has reached its minimum goal. On the last match day of the 2021/22 season, Löwen defeated Borussia Dortmund II 6-3 and qualified as number four in the table for the first round of the DFB Cup in the coming season.

Löwen took the lead thanks to a double attack from Stefan Lex (18th minute) and the new top scorer Marcel Bär (21st), before the break equalized Antonios Papadopulos with a free kick worth seeing and Justin Njinmah (45th). In the second round, Merveille Biankadi (54 ‘), Marcel Bär (59’), Yannick Deichmann (75 ‘) and Dennis Dressel (84’) made it all clear. Dortmund’s Haymenn Bah-Traore scored for the visitors (83rd).

The grades for TSV 1860:

MARCO HILLER – 1st class: Did not have much to do in the beginning before he in vain stretched to 2-1 with Dortmund’s dream goal. At 2: 2, he lost the one-on-one duel, preventing 2: 3 twice. More importantly, Bär started 4-2 with a monster save.

YANNICK DEICHMANN – 2nd class: First relocated, but he played his way into 1860. Coordinated well with the man in front, Tallig, but also wavered occasionally. If that didn’t seem playful, then he just scribbled and prayed. Dream goal to 5: 2.

LEANDRO MORGALLA – 2nd class: The Cub jewel is fit again and again in start XI, still wearing hangers. He will discard them just as quickly as he did with his inexperience. Great idea.

STEPHAN SALES – CLASS 2: The outgoing Chief of Defense was attentive, diligent and experienced, but sometimes too slow. Several offensive actions, one took revenge to 2: 2. A loss for 1860, both sportingly and personally, though his young and talented colleagues will soon follow in his footsteps. Rescue operation on the line.

PHILLIPP STEINHART – 3rd grade: At Köllner, he still has the edge over Greilinger. Give a strong performance with a lot going forward.

QUIRIN MOLL – NOTE 3: For sixty-six, the season should definitely continue a little longer. After all, he has only been in good shape for a few weeks. Stabilizer today also despite some wobble.

ERIK NUMBER – 3rd GRADE: Had the first big and self-initiated chance when he put a nice flick on the goal net. Missed 3: 1 after an error by the BVB goalkeeper.

MERVEILLE BIANKADI – 2nd class: Swirled a lot but missed being rewarded with 3-0 free in front of the field. So much the more important: scored 3: 2.

RICHARD NEUDECKER – 4th grade: Does he walk, or does he still give himself a jerk? It would be a shame with Giesing’s “mini-Messi”, although he rarely used his skills in this match, as he did throughout the season.

STEFAN LEX – 2. GRAD: Sixty’s captain gave a good performance in the end. With his seventh goal of the season, he opened the door to victory and the all-important cup qualifier. Prepared the second bear joke.

MARCEL BJØRN – 1st class: Second newcomer to hit this season. And where! Before securing the sole top-scoring cannon, he served Captain Lex in an exemplary manner. Then he scored technically valuable to 2: 0. The season’s goal number 20, which his coach had predicted – and added the 21st to the freestyle. The beard.

NIKLAS LANG – 3rd grade: Came to the break and fit in well, but later cleared the opponent with a free-standing header. Staggering, but still okay.

DENNIS DRESSEL – 3rd class: Also in the second round. Pretty unobtrusive until he hit the target.

FABIAN GREILINGERWITHOUT NOTE: Arrived late for a review.

ALEXANDER FREITAG – NO NOTE: Arrived late for a review.

JOHANN NGOUNOU DJAYO – UDEN NOTER: Arrived late for a review.

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