Football professional Brown raises serious accusations against coaches

NAfter his sensational departure from current Super Bowl winners Tampa Bay Buccaneers, football professional Antonio Brown spoke in person for the first time, making serious allegations against his employer and coach Bruce Arians. The Bucs later announced that they were now officially divorced from Brown.

According to a statement first released by Brown’s attorney Sean Burstyn, wide receiver and teammate of quarterback star Tom Brady refused to continue on the field last Sunday against the New York Jets in the National Football League (NFL) due to an ankle injury. Then his coach Arians would force him to continue playing.

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“I told him I could not play anymore because of the pain. He did not seek medical attention after that, but just shouted at me that my time with the Bucs was over,” Brown said. This was followed by Brown’s bizarre appearance, where he first took off his shirt and protective gear, then jumped bare-chested and waved in the direction of the stands across the opposite end zone to the cabins.

This behavior was wrong, the 33-year-old now admitted, “but it was provoked by someone who would tell me not to feel pain.” But with Brown’s departure, there seemed to be no outward sign that he was as badly injured as he now said.

Brown: “The pain was extreme”

According to his statement, an examination found free joint bodies in the ankle, a torn ligament and cartilage damage. “The pain was extreme,” Brown said. “The coach told me it was for me with the Bucs if I did not play injured,” the statement continued. And: “I did not give up, I was thrown out.”

Brown explained that he could have played in the third quarter of the game until this point by saying that the Buccaneers’ team doctors had injected him with a painkiller in advance. However, the effect diminished during the game, after which he no longer wanted to continue playing.

That NFL professionals are treated with pain medication before or during their duties is part of everyday life for many teams in physical American football. Many former players criticized this approach, where even more serious injuries are often at least accepted due to the suppressed pain sensitivity, after finishing career due to these health hazardous consequences.

The Buccaneers narrowly won the match against the big underdog from New York by 28:24, even without Brown. Arians then said Brown “was not a Buc anymore” and concluded, “That’s the end of the story.” He would not have known that the passport recipient was injured. However, the top athlete is formally part of the Tampa Bay squad because at present, according to media reports, the franchise is in the process of finally clarifying the employment law situation together with the league.

Brown has attracted negative attention several times in his career to date, including allegations of sexual harassment from a former fitness coach against him. Most recently, he was banned from the NFL for three games due to a fake vaccination card.

The Buccaneers announced their split with Brown on Thursday. Brown’s contract has been terminated with immediate effect, the franchise said, contrary to allegations: “Although Antonio received treatment for his ankle and was listed on the injury report in the week leading up to last Sunday’s match, he was examined by our medical team before the game started ready. to play, and at no point during the match did he tell our medical staff that he was unable to play, “the statement said. “We tried several times this week to arrange an assessment by an external orthopedist, but Antonio did not follow. Maintaining the health and well-being of our players is of the utmost importance to our organization,” Bucs said.

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