“Farmer looking for wife” – this is how the tricks behind the scenes are used: No straw? No problem … – TV

The dating format “Bauer sucht Frau” has been a cult for years. Fans love the spontaneity, the couple’s week on the farm and enjoying one or two faux pas from the farmers.

But is what we watch on TV on the farms, in fact, always as spontaneous as it seems? Not quite … Because even in “Farmer seeks wife” tricks are used.

In the PICTURE interview, former “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate Till Adam (33) tells how a day of filming the RTL show really works – and what happens when the cameras are off.

The application process

Till Adam participated in the dating format in 2020. He tried everything to win the heart of the horse hostess Denise Munding (32) – unfortunately without success! But he could at least assert himself against his opponents in the application process.

Till Adam to BILD: “The application process is similar to applying for a regular job. If you are convincing with your answer to the questionnaire, you move on to the next round. The questions are very general and simple.”

The questions are about why you want to get to know the farmer’s wife and why you want to move to the field. If the answers are convincing, check the presence of the camera in the second round. You need to record an application video of two to five minutes by yourself.

Till's overall package - optics and application - convinced Foto: tilladam23/Instagram

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Till’s overall package – optics and application – convinced the “Bauer sucht Frau” producers Photo: tilladam23 / Instagram

Purpose: The production wants to see that the potential candidates can communicate with the camera and not constantly look past it.

Adam: “Applicants are free to design the application video. There are no instructions on how to express yourself or what to say. It’s just a matter of introducing yourself and showing who you are. ”

What’s next? “I found out after 48 hours that I was inside and I would almost say … if no one has contacted me before then, you’re actually pretty much out.”

Farmer Denise was then shown the pictures of Till, she thought he was amazing.

Farmer wife Denise and Till - she grabbed the tattoo guy for the farm weekFoto: TVNOW

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Farmer wife Denise and Till – she grabbed the tattoo guy for the farm week Photo: TVNOW

This is how the trial week goes

And it landed on her farm: “Before filming could begin, the production team would look past my gym and home to spend a full day with the camera. I should be as authentic as possible so they could show viewers my life. At that point, you can be sure that you are in the show. ”

BEFORE the actual shooting, the production also ensures that the farmers do not come into contact with the selected applicants in advance. The goal: to capture a surprise effect that will never be duplicated.

An RTL recording day lasts eight hours during Hofwoche, which is why most of what the viewer never sees happens outside the recordings …

Till and Denise in the stables.  When the shooting day is over, the candidates are theoretically allowed to leave the farmFoto: TVNOW

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Till and Denise in the stables. When the shooting day is over, the candidates are theoretically allowed to leave the farm Photo: TVNOW

“Once the cameras are gone, it’s more relaxed. For me, it made no difference because I do not pretend to be on TV. But there are also men and women who, outside of shooting, keep trying to win the other. Theoretically, you could have left the farm at that time, which surprised me a lot. ”

Although “Bauer sucht Frau” is authentic, there are a few little things that are staged: RTL gives clear guidelines during the filming of what to do on the farm. “Once we had to grind up the farm, even though there was no straw. A little help is given by spreading straw over the yard. It is important for the actions that they fit the people and the situation presented. ”

no straw?  No problem!  It was driven into the yardFoto: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHGM

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no straw? No problem! It was driven into the yard Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHGM

The direction also places great emphasis on the candidates answering in whole sentences in the interviews that enthusiasm can be felt. If a candidate says “Yes, I like it a lot”, the instructor tries to get a “very good” out of it. According to Adam, the same goes for disputes. Phrases are derived from the candidates that you might not normally say.

That in the end it was not enough for a relationship with the hostess does not bother the 33-year-old, because in the meantime he has found happiness and is on cloud nine with his girlfriend Johanna.

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