Direct! State of emergency in Essen: RWE may rise today

Rot-Weiss Essen can make the promotion and return to professional football perfect today. You can find out all about the great game here.

  • Red and white food can make the promotion to the 3rd league perfect today. RWE goes up with a small lead Prussian Munster into the race.
  • The home area of ​​the stadium on Hafenstrasse has been sold out for a week. There will be about 17,000 spectators.
  • Prussia Münster meets in the parallel game on 1. FC Køln II and must catch up with a 2-goal deficit on RWE.
  • that madens by ready for a big promotion party. Thousands of people also cheer on RWE outside the stadium.

Settle on the long distance duel in Regional Liga Vest! With a knife-thin lead of two goals, leading Rot-Weiss Essen go into the season finale on Saturday with their competitor having the same number of points Prussian Munster (both 84) and want to achieve the long-awaited promotion to the 3rd division on Saturday (14.00) in front of a sold-out stadium on Hafenstrasse with about 17,000 spectators. “The team is very focused. There is a lot of anticipation for Saturday. Just like you imagine it before a match like this,” said Essen’s interim coach Jörn Nowak before the final duel against Rot Weiss Ahlen.

RWE Finale: Excitement throughout the city

Red and white food was last in the third division in the 2007/08 season, after 14 years the return to professional football should finally succeed. Across the city, fans have been on the streets since morning to celebrate the potential promotion. In this text we will keep you updated on what is happening around the big game in Essen during the day. In addition, we also give impressions, photos and videos from the parallel match Prussia Münster against 1. FC Köln II.

Rot-Weiss Essen and Preußen Münster: All the background for the regional league final weekend:

Here is our live ticker about the RWE game:

12:25: Meanwhile in Münster: There is also traffic chaos on the entire Hammer Straße, where the stadium is located. Cars can not get through. The fans have arrived.

12:21: Scandal on the side: At 12.21 the Zollhaus kiosk on Zollstraße no longer had any Stauder beer, only Krombacher Radler.

12:15: Not only fans with, but also without ticket, but also without ticket, flock to the stadium. Fabian Werft is also still looking for a standing room ticket.

12:01: Traffic chaos reigns at Hafenstübchen, hundreds of fans are gathered here and the number is growing. “RWE” echoes from one side of the street to the other.

11.50: The first lines are formed at the access control in front of the stadium: RWE fans are waiting to enter the stadium.

11.40: Meanwhile in Münster: Prussia fans have started to move, there may now be almost a thousand. There is singing – and pyrotechnics are turned on.

11:35: Just needed to get the tickets when they were put up for sale. “I’ve been to the game so many times over the last couple of years. It hurts,” says Micha. “We came from the Lower Rhine.” He came to Hafenstrasse with his children Johanna and Domenik. “Whether we come in or not, the ascent must work. “

11:16: A lot happens on Hafenstrasse: the fans gather, celebrate and walk towards the stadium.

11.05: Meanwhile in Münster: Around 750 fans stand by the Aasee to march together to the Prussian Stadium. Atmosphere: effervescent. A fan even brought a championship trophy.

10.50: The parking lots are already being filled up. RWE fans are eager for promotion. So did Heinz and Mikel, who have just arrived. You’re in the mood. Her tip: “4: 0.”

9.15: Rot-Weiss Essen supporters have been at the stadium since 05.00 and are preparing the choreo for the promotion match.


8.30: Everything is done: the police, the city, the club and the Ruhrbahn have prepared for the last day of play on Hafenstrasse. A major operation is imminent. Here are the details.

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