Boris Becker: This is how his family handles his prison sentence

The former Wimbledon star has been in prison in London for almost two weeks – but only one person has visited him there so far.

April 29, 2022 marked the low point in the life of the tennis legend. Boris Becker, 54, was sentenced to two years and six months in prison by Judge Deborah Taylor at Southwark Crown Court in London for postponing bankruptcy. A shock – not only for him, but also for his large mixed family. But who can Boris really count on in the darkest time of his life? Who took a stand in public? Who visited him during his nearly two weeks in London’s Wandsworth Prison? We have the facts.

You can see how the Boris prisoners react to the tennis legend in the video above!

Anna Ermakova was not present during the trial against father Boris Becker

When the verdict was handed down in the courtroom, his girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (33) and son Noah Becker (28) were always by Boris’ side – but there was no trace of Elias (22). And even on Instagram, Boris and Barbara Becker’s youngest offspring (55) have not commented on their father to this day. Nor does Anna Ermakova (22), who herself went on holiday in Monaco with her mother Angela (54) during the process. None of them were present in court when the verdict was handed down. A few hours later, Anna spoke up and recounted, “Honestly, I’m in shock that he’s going to jail for two and a half years.” She also said she would visit her father in prison. It is unclear whether a visit has taken place so far.

Noah Becker supported Boris Becker in court

Even Noah, who remained by his side during the trial, has not yet been seen by the public near the jail. But at an event in Berlin, barely a week after the verdict was handed down. Together with his friend Dania, he participated in the presentation of a new electric car. Wearing sunglasses, a cap and velvet trousers, he posed confidently in front of the photographers – as if nothing had happened.

Noah’s participation in the event should be understood as a clear statement, says a friend of his to the newspaper “Bild”. Even in these difficult times, Beckers did not want to hide, but wanted to take up every fight. This fighting spirit he inherited from his father. And Becker cinema Christian Schommers is sure of Elias. “He (Elias) will definitely visit him, maybe even with Barbara” and “Boris’ relationship, especially with his children, was always very, very good”. The Becker expert considers the chances that the oldest Becker offspring will visit their father in Wandsworth prison after all to be good. One who has already done so is Boris’ current partner Lilian.

Lilian is behind her Boris Becker

According to “Bild”, the 33-year-old was allowed to visit the fallen tennis star a week after he entered the London jail. The couple met in a room with a total of 36 prisoners and their relatives. Nine prison guards kept an eye on things throughout the hour-long meeting. Contrary to expectations, the couple did not separate a window: Lilian and Boris sat at a table and were allowed to hold hands. According to “Bild” information, she even brought her boyfriend cola, coffee and chocolate bars to jail.

His wife Lilly Becker (45) has already announced that she would like to visit the Wimbledon star with their son Amadeus (12). Amadeus “can not wait to see his father,” she told British presenter Piers Morgen. Nothing is known about a family reunion. So it’s all just empty promises? Not out of the question – at least Becker’s German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser has no good word for Lilly.

Becker’s lawyer on Lilly: “A little restraint would be appropriate here”

Lilly Becker (45) has probably most often spoken about Boris from the Becker clan since the verdict was handed down. “My son and I will always stand behind Boris, no matter what,” Lily said after the verdict was announced in the BUNTE interview, adding: “I will always love Boris, unlike before, but there is always a kind of love. He gave me my son Amadeus, and when I look at Amadeus, I see Boris. ” And she also talked a lot on RTL and repeatedly emphasized how closely Boris’ women now held together.

Becker’s German media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser has little understanding of Lilly’s current media presence. “Lilly Becker gives the impression that she is the spokeswoman for the family. But she is not,” he says in the current issue of the magazine “Gala”. And further: “The person who has been in complex divorce cases with my client for years, and who until recently had no serious contact with the Becker family. Here it would be appropriate with a little restraint.”

Despite their separation four years ago, they are still married: that is the reason

You can find out in the video why Lilly and Boris are still married after four years of separation.
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