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Genius and madness are so close together.

Tennis star Alexander Zverev (24) is without a doubt one of the best players on the planet. He is Olympic champion (2021 in Tokyo) and currently number 3 in the world rankings. But opinions are divided about him. At the ATP tournament in Mexico, the hamburger is now causing a big scandal.


No tennis star has ever freaked out like that
The Zverev scandal in the video!

Source: AP

After the round of 16 in doubles with teammate Marcelo Melo (38), Zverev goes completely crazy – and goes to the referee! A total of four times he beats the referee with the bat with full force. This is followed by wild insults against the judge. “How bad!” shouts Zverev to him.

ATP reacted immediately to Zverev’s freak – and excluded him from the ongoing individual competition due to “unsportsmanlike conduct”.

This is not the first time the tennis star has caused a stir.

PICTURE shows: The Zverev scandal file.

► July 2018: After leaving Wimbledon, he bullied the line judge: “What he says is uninteresting. Does he need attention or what?”

► January 2019: At the Australian Open, he smashes a racket by hitting it nine times (!) In the ground.

► January 2020: He yells at his father Alexander at the ATP Cup in front of the camera in Brisbane: “Shut up, what the hell are you talking about! I’m out of service and you tell me some shit.”

► June 2020: Zverev has come under massive criticism for taking part in the controversial Adria Tour despite the corona pandemic. He then goes on a voluntary two-week quarantine. But just a few days later, he is celebrating at a beach party on the Côte d’Azur. It shows a video. Zverev also celebrates in Serbia and violates corona rules.

► October 2020: Two ex-boyfriends create a sensation. There is the Russian Olga Sharypova, who accuses Zverev of having used violence against her. Zverev rejects everything and in August 2021 wins the lawsuit against his ex’s allegations of violence.

The Olympic champion was given a court order that neither the Russian nor anyone else could continue to make such claims. Zverev: “The court followed our arguments and found that the allegations made were defamatory and false. I categorically and unequivocally deny having abused Olga.”

Zverev and his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova

Zverev and his ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova

Photo: Getty Images for the Hamburg Open

There is also Brenda Patea (27). His last ex-girlfriend announces that he is expecting a baby.

She then explained enigmatically via Instagram: “I want sole custody – and I have good reasons for it.”

► December 2020: Zverev wins a lengthy lawsuit in London against his ex-manager Patricio Apey, which deals with the contract period. The Chilean wanted to build Zverev up to a global brand, he did not care about Germany. It did not coincide with the ideas of the native Hamburg.

► March 2021: The tennis star is again in trouble with ex-boyfriend Patea, who is about to give birth to their baby. On Instagram, she mocks Zverev’s loving baby statements in interviews. ‘I really wonder what he will achieve with it. ‘the highlight of his life’? Is he satisfied? ‘Priority?’!”

Most recently after his Olympic victory in August and the publicly announced relationship with moderator Sophia Thomalla (32) in October, it seemed to be calmer, more contemplative around Zverev. He became world champion in tennis and was honored as the athlete of the year. Sport BILD also presented him with the “Sport BILD Award” in the “Moment of the Year” category for his Olympic victory.

After being honored as Athlete of the Year with her Sophia: Alexander Zverev totally in love

After being honored as Athlete of the Year with her Sophia: Alexander Zverev totally in love


But after the early exit at the Australian Open in January, the next major scandal follows in February 2022 in Mexico.

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