Yoga and yoga journey in Germany

At a yoga retreat, you can relax and recharge your batteries. Photo: Shutterstock / Microgen

Clear your head, ground your body, relax and recharge your batteries. There is no better place to focus on the essentials and find peace than on a yoga retreat. Stay in shape and learn new things on a yoga holiday in Germany.

Stuttgart – Find your inner center and relax in soothing nature and tranquility. A short yoga weekend is usually enough to get away from the stressful everyday life. Through exercises and meditations, you can find inner peace on a yoga journey and recharge your batteries. But what does a yoga vacation look like?

What is yoga?

Yoga was developed more than 2000 years ago from the Indian health system Ayurveda. The goal of sports is a harmonious unity of body, mind and soul. Yoga combines various exercises consisting of body postures, special breathing exercises and stretching. The word yoga means “connection”, which means a healthy connection between body and mind.

What is yoga good for?

Yoga is one of the most popular sports for stress relief and body strengthening today. In addition to an upright posture, toning the body and mental relaxation, sports have several other health benefits. Exercise can have a positive effect on sleep quality and relieve tension or blockages in the body. Yoga stretches and strengthens not only muscles but also ligaments and tendons, giving the body more mobility and elasticity.

Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and more: the most popular forms of yoga

If you start with yoga, you are faced with a large variety of different forms of yoga. One of the most popular and consistent forms of yoga is Hatha Yoga. This is the classic and body-oriented yoga style. The level of difficulty can be fine-tuned in Hatha Yoga, which is why this type is especially recommended for beginners.

Yin Yoga, on the other hand, is practiced mainly lying down and sitting down. The goal is deep relaxation through stretching held for several minutes. Also popular and named after its controversial inventor: Bikram yoga. It’s getting hot with this style! For the exercises are not only demanding, but performed at a room temperature of about 40 degrees. You can experience a real yoga flow with Vinayasa Yoga. Here, the positions merge almost seamlessly while the breathing is controlled.

Components of a yoga vacation

First and foremost, yoga hotels and retreat sites are usually particularly beautiful places and nature. The whole stay is designed for well-being and it is already clear from the location. Whether you choose an old monastery that, thanks to the dead zone, makes social media decisions for you, or rather a smart hotel in nature. During a yoga retreat on the weekend, stress is reduced and blockages are released.

With package bookings, the plans are usually already made. Several meditations and yoga sessions are spread out throughout the day. In addition, many facilities also offer wellness with saunas and spas. Additional program items such as hiking and meditations in nature are not uncommon. Individual yoga hotels also offer bookable individual lessons so that the exercises can be individually tailored to your personal needs. The kitchens at the yoga hotels are fully geared towards healthy, wholesome food. Most of these hotels also offer vegan cuisine.

Yoga for beginners is also possible at individual retreats and hotels. Not only experienced students can participate in a yoga holiday. Even beginners can book a yoga trip to get infected with the right atmosphere in the right surroundings.

Yoga mat and meditation pillow: packing list for the yoga holiday

  • Backpack
  • travel yoga mat
  • ceiling
  • Cozy clothes
  • sportswear
  • drinking bottle
  • power bar
  • notebook / diary
  • headband
  • hairbrush
  • Toiletry bag with toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, shampoo, shaver
  • travel pharmacy

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