World Ice Hockey Championship: Germany – Canada in live ticker – DEB team scores against defending champions

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Competed: Germany vs. Canada at the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup. © IMAGO / ActionPictures

Germany starts against the defending champion and record world champion Canada in the ice hockey World Cup. The DEB team needs points for the quarterfinals. Follow the start tonight here in the live ticker.

Germany 1-5 Canada (0-2, 1-3, – 🙂

Porte: 0-1 Sillinger (9 ‘), 0-2 Dubois (18’), 1-2 Michaelis (28 ‘), 1-3 Roy (32’), 1-4 Johnson (34 ‘), 1-5
time penalty:


40 minutes: End of 2nd period in Helsinki. Germany is now clearly behind.

38 minutes: Goal! Germany 1-5 Canada, goal scorer: Gregor. Now it’s going there. The target hits the German target again. The Canadians are now combining at will, and the DEB team can not keep up. Comtois puts it in the face-off circle for Gregor, who pulls it off immediately.

36 minutes: The German national ice hockey team continues to play forward. Hats off! The DEB team wanted good moments before this match against an almost overwhelming opponent, and the Germans have definitely had the good moments.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in the live ticker – the DEB team conceded a double blow

34 minutes: Goal! Germany 1-4 Canada, goal scorer: Johnson. Too bad. The record world champion follows suit. Now the Canadians, considered one of the favorites in the tournament, are showing their class. Again nothing to believe in Grubauer.

34 minutes: Grubauer makes a huge save! The goalkeeper from Rosenheim goes deep into the tackle and closes the corner. The Canadian shoots out and yet Grubauer gets the skate on the target.

32 minutes: Goal! Germany 1-3 Canada, goal scorer: Roy. Bitter! Direct setbacks. The Canadians bring the puck sharply in front of Grubauer’s goal. A classic and knowledgeable attack. Two leaf cracks hold the bat. In the end, Roy deflects the puck unstoppably into the net.

30 minutes: Penalty against the German team. The Canadians are outnumbered and are constantly pushing.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in the live ticker – goal for the DEB team

28 minutes: Gooooorrrrr !!! Germany 1-2 Canada, goal scorer: Michaelis. The connection hit! made strong! The DEB team comes out of the neutral zone over the blue line at a very fast pace. Seider moves to the right and brings a rebound shot to the far corner. The Canadian goalkeeper fends off the puck with the right pillow, right in front of Michaelis, who pulls right away – and hits hard.

25 minutes: Germany can not take advantage of the majority in the penalty kick time against Canada. The defending champion wisely slows down the pace and has a lot of disk possession.

23 min: Uhhhhhhh … Stützle gets a stick in the face. The NHL pro needs treatment. He got the stick from teammate Plachta and is apparently bleeding from the nose.

Min.21, the whistle has been blown, ending the game at 1-0.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in live ticker – DEB team enters the locker room with 0: 2

20 minutes: Break in Helsinki! The DEB team enters the locker room with a deficit against the defending champions.

18 minutes: Goal! Germany 0-2 Canada, goal scorer: Dubois. Uhhhhhh … sloppy disk loss at the blue line. This will be punished immediately. Dubois picks up the puck and runs. He shakes off two Germans. Bittner goes into tackle to block the shot. But Dubois delays and then hammers the disc precisely in the top left corner.

17 minutes: Germany defends well against the record world champion. Only once was the DEB team careless and the puck hit the net. The German national team otherwise plays a good match.

13 minutes: It goes back and forth. The German national ice hockey team is not impressed by this deficit and continues to counteract it. Grubauer closes the schooners and parries the Canadians’ next shot magnificently.

11 minutes: Noebels tries for Germany. But the DEB team does not come to a decisive conclusion, even though the national team has already scored six shots.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in the live ticker – behind the DEB team

9 minutes: Goal! Germany 0-1 Canada, goal scorer: Sillinger. Not well defended by the DEB team. The German runner cracks give the puck carelessly away in the build-up game. The Canadians make the game in front of the field very fast. The puck is laid down and there is the hole. Sillinger places the disc precisely in the upper right corner. Grubauer has no chance with this bar.

8 minutes: Caution! A Canadian fails with a degree from DEB goalkeeper Grubauer. The Rosenheimer wisely closes the corner. Well done.

7 minutes: Andersson puts Stützle on the band. This is where things really get going. There is a lot of speed and toughness in the game.

Min.6, NHL professional Moritz Seider is up and running again after a bit of help from the magic sponge. He falls on the ice along with his opponent. It was once a message from the German hope.

5 minutes: The chance for Germany! NHL professional Stützle is putting pressure on. Veteran Holzer has the puck behind the Canadian goal. But his pass does not reach the DEB colleague. But: The German national ice hockey team is good in the game.

4 minutes: Düsseldorfer Fischbuch comes with a lot of views in front of the field. But there is a stick in play. He’s promoted to the ice.

3rd minute: Germany starts fresh in the match against the defending champion. Several puck victories for the DEB magazine crack.

Min.1, ‘the start of the DEB team is against Canada!

Update from 13 May at 19:10: “It is very important for us to start the tournament well. We want to get well on the ice, build a wide coffin and take a lot of moments from the match against Canada, ”explains the German NHL professional Moritz Seider in an interview with Sport1 before the match. As defending champions and record world champions, Canadians are the clear favorites in this game.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in live ticker – Matthias Niederberger moves to Munich

Update from 13 May at 18:55: The first two matches of the 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup have already been played. In Germany’s Group A, Slovakia beat France 4-2, while in Group B, the United States beat Latvia clearly 4-1.

Update from 13 May at 18.30: NHL professional Philipp Grubauer, who comes from Rosenheim, will be in the German goal today. The 30-year-old from Upper Bayern missed the playoffs in the National Hockey League with the Seattle Kraken.

Together with Matthias Niederberger, he will form the goalkeeper duo in the DEB team. This team of goalkeepers can definitely keep up with the top nations internationally. Will they be a factor in this 2022 World Ice Hockey Championship?

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in live ticker – Matthias Niederberger moves to Munich

Update from 13 May at 17.30: The EHC Red Bull Munich was always responsible for an entire block of the German national ice hockey team. That is not the case this time.

With striker Maximilian Kastner and Yasin Ehliz, there are only two runner cracks from the Bavarian capital in the DEB team this time. Patrick Hager and Frederik Tiffels canceled the World Cup in Finland. After all: Goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger, who recently became champion with Eisbären Berlin, is moving to the EHC in the Isar metropolis for the new season.

World Ice Hockey Championship: Germany vs. Canada in the live ticker – The DEB team starts the world championship

First report from 13 May: Munich / Tampere – The 2022 Olympics did not go well for the German national ice hockey team. Tenth place was not enough for the DEB team after Olympic silver in 2018 and sixth and fourth place at the world championships in 2019 and 2020. Have the German runner cracks reached the top in the world?

The 2022 Ice Hockey World Cup in Finland will provide an answer to this question. But: Germany starts the tournament in Finland with big challenges. Superstar Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton Oilers), one of the best players in the North American NHL, is missing, as is former NHL professional and Munich player (2014 to 2018) Dominik Kahun, when Friday night (from 7.20pm) ) started against defending champion and record-breaking world champion Canada is on its way.

Ice Hockey World Cup: Germany vs. Canada in live ticker – Kahun, Tiffels and Hager missing in Finland

During the dress rehearsal against Austria (3-1) on Sunday in Schwenningen, the 26-year-old was on the ice for national coach Toni Söderholm’s selection. “The doctors have tried everything in the last few weeks to get me in shape again. But we were not able to recover from the injury, Kahun said afterwards. He is briefly injured. Munich strikers Frederik Tiffels and Patrick Hager had also canceled after losing the DEL final to the 2022 World Ice Hockey Championships.

Meanwhile, goalkeeper Philipp Grubauer, defender Moritz Seider and striker Tim Stützle of the NHL. The focus is primarily on the 21-year-old Seider. The Detroit Red Wings defender was the first new man in the top league in North America with seven goals and 43 assists. “Mo is a phenomenon for me,” said captain Moritz Müller before the start of the tournament: “He will help us enormously with his presence and quality.” Seider himself says: “Every athlete wants to be among the best in the world. I try to live up to that. ”

Ice Hockey World Cup: Decision made by NHL star Leon Draisaitl

Follow the DEB team’s World Cup opening against Canada on Friday night from kl. 19.20 here in the live ticker. (pm)

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