Why everything is different at HSV this time

Those who are said to be dead are living longer: Four victories in a row have moved HSV up to the relegation zone in the final sprint of 2. Bundesliga. Even direct promotion is still possible should arch-rival Werder Bremen miss out. Does the trauma end with the red pants this year?

As much as Uwe Seeler would rejoice over a successful catch-up race for Hamburger SV in the promotion race: After three failed attempts, the now-living club legend is skeptical.

“Hamburg should be in the first division. But they woke up a little too late,” the 85-year-old said two weeks ago on “NDR”: “I do not think they can handle it anymore.”

In the meantime, however, the belief in a happy ending should have returned to the former international striker. With victories against Karlsruhe, Regensburg, Ingolstadt and Hannover, HSV rolled the pitch up from behind, the competition error played coach Tim Walter’s team in the hands.

If the last regular season match at Hansa Rostock (Sunday from 15:30 in the LIVE ticker) is won, Rothosen would not be able to take third place and the associated relegation against the third from the bottom of the Bundesliga.

And who knows? Perhaps the northern rivals Werder Bremen will stumble at home against Jahn Regensburg and give HSV the opportunity to climb directly into the top match thanks to the clearly better goal difference.

The bankruptcy in Kiel will be a turning point for HSV

The Hanseatic League is currently trying to hide such arithmetic games. In their new role as hunters, the Walter protégés feel at home. The frustrating past years are forgotten where the club it chased always played its lead away at home this season. This time, the shape curve points steeply upwards at the right time.

“We feel the longing of the people of Hamburg. We know that if we win at Hansa, we will be sure of relegation. And then of course we will win it too,” revealed striker Robert Glatzel after the recent 2-1. victory against Hannover 96, which the top scorer shot out almost on his own.

The 28-year-old described the 0-1 defeat to Holstein Kiel a month ago as a crucial turning point, after which not only Glatzel had already ticked off promotion.

“We swore to ourselves that things could not go on like this, that there was always a tick missing. We did not pull the decisive scenes in front of our own and the opponent’s goals to our side. We did not play as a promoted team,” the native recalled in Munich. Internally, they promised improvement – and kept their word.

Hamburg’s success factors: the style, the defense, a top striker and the fans

Coach Walter needs to feel reassured in his approach of always referring to the overall development. Even after the apparent knockout in Kiel, he and his superior remained calm. The team remained true to their style of play, which is unique in the league, and got back on track.

And while the competitors from Bremen, Darmstadt and St. Pauli kept making mistakes, collecting HSV points.

A guarantee of this was the bomb-proof defense around captain Sebastian Schonlau, who is at the top of the league with only 33 goals. Goalkeeper Robert Glatzel also contributed significantly to the comeback with four goals in four games (21 goals in total).

Robert Glatzel is Hamburg’s goal machine

Also not to be underestimated is the unreserved support from the fans this time, which celebrates the progress of recent months and warms the mood at every match.

“The way people push us here is a reflection. We’re confident, brave and passionate, and that’s exactly what fans want to see,” Walter recently described the symbiosis.

Bankruptcy, accidents and collapse picture at HSV soon history?

There is no doubt that HSV is now entering the last game of the season with a strong tailwind. “We have a lot of positive energy and we’ll take it with us to Rostock,” the hopeful Glatzel announced.

Together with his teammates, he is well on his way to shedding the image of bankruptcy, accidents and breakdowns that paralyzed the club for many years.

So even long-suffering fans like club icon Uwe Seeler can look to the future with more optimism.

Heiko Lütkehus

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