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After completing a therapeutic treatment in physiotherapeutic practice, further medical health education in the self-paying field provides many benefits for both the patients and the clients as well as the therapists. These psychological, medical, exercise science and economic aspects should play a role in decision making and implementation – because they provide many opportunities for the individual conceptual design of a therapy-supplementary training area. In an interview, the CEOs of sports medicine wounds explain how successful an investment in health training can be.

In case of an injury or musculoskeletal disease, therapeutic measures show the way to recovery and usually lead to successful treatment.

But unfortunately put both Lack of qualifications in physiotherapy practice as well limited regulatory options on the part of physicians in therapeutic work personal, financial and time constraints.

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For one Long-term success will usually be more targeted with health training. In addition, will in all guidelines for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders exercise therapy is recommended.

Competence, trust and personal commitment

Between Patients and therapists over a period of time, a relationship of trust and a personal bond have already emerged through overcoming an injury or illness that makes a vital contribution to recovery.

Experts assume that between 50 and 70 percent of the success of therapy depends on the relationship between patient and therapist. To mutual trust supports the rehabilitation process positive and offers Starting points for the transition to medical health education.

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Based on a thorough analysis and during treatment the therapist already has in-depth knowledge about the patient’s state of health.

Paired with therapeutic know-how this makes him: her able Preparation of individual training planswhich goes far beyond a “standard program”. Already exercises learned in therapy can in subsequent Health training elaborated and further developed will.

Builds on an existing relationship of trust

Patients do not have to explain their state of health to an unknown person again, as is the case when they move to a gym. misunderstandings will locked out and success is promoted because the patient and therapist build on an existing relationship of trust.

Below Pandemic has shown how valuable these trust relationships are: The physiotherapy network Physio Aktiv conducted a study among physiotherapy practices with training area Significantly lower cancellation rate of members as opposed to the fitness industry Party.

Physiotherapy practices as safe places

In number they were only 15.9 percent membership loss in the past two years compared to the 20.5 percent in gyms (Wisner, 2021).

This shows that physiotherapy practices are considered safe places for one medically supervised training with appropriate hygiene concept was perceived, resulting in a higher customer loyalty resulted.

areas of rehabilitation and training

Physiotherapists could do it faster than gyms in the areas of rehabilitation and training return to normal operation and their patients quickly felt safe again due to the high standards of hygiene.

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Of this A medical education program also benefits from a long-term trust bonus in the same house.

Increased health awareness

Of The need for therapy and fitness has changed. It has the pandemic consciousness in the population for it sharpened the importance of physical fitness for well-being and prevention is. Many people are willing into their health to invest.

At the same time civilizational diseases such as osteoarthritis, back pain, obesity, diabetes and mental illness are on the rise and ours society is getting older.

Tailor-made training concepts

Also for elderlywho may have reservations about entering a gym medical health education one low-threshold solution.

Medical fitness providers can do both Health training as a serious preventive measure under qualified guidance position as well as deliver tailored training concepts and thus your company additional economic pillar place.

Market analysis and customer needs

If you are considering expanding your business, you should study current market challenges and customer needs treat.

This includes i.a. answer the following questions: Which added value / benefit will we offer our customers? How can we our strengths as a team contribute? Provides local market that chance for extra income? Is the team motivated and ready to new challenges?

the needs of the target group

It is also very important Look through “customer: inner glasses”: How do we stand out with our concept from the competition? Who is our target audience, what are their needs and what “adjustments” do we need to turn to to use synergies and to inspire them all around (Rolli, 2021)?

Circuits, EMS training, BIA measurements

physiotherapy practice can next to her comprehensive health expertise with a Medically oriented self-payers: indoors (eg with a circle, EMS training, BIA measurements) and / or with personal training score with the customers, give them new ones Offer added value and tie them to the business in the long run (Tetzlaff, 2020).

The more individual concept is tailored to the location, the clientele and your own skills, the greater the chances of success.

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Our experts

In sports medicine, practice physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy and outpatient rehabilitation at the Saarbrücken Olympic base, diagnostics, therapy and training for fourteen years linked very successfully. Several top athletes train here.

In a double interview, they explain CEO Oliver Muelbredttrained sports teacher with a focus on rehabilitation, and Dirk Mundphysiotherapist, there Benefits of their interdisciplinary collaboration, the intensive exchange and the holistic view of patients and customers.

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