These corona solutions apply from today in Berlin and Brandenburg

More 3G, large events, private meetings

These corona solutions have been in effect in Berlin and Brandenburg since Friday

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New easing of corona measures takes effect in Berlin and Brandenburg on Friday. The 3G rule applies again in the catering, hotel and theater sector. In addition, more spectators are admitted to concerts and clubs are allowed to reopen.

After months of corona restrictions, further measures will no longer apply in Berlin and Brandenburg from Friday. In it gastronomy and the hotel industry In future, the 3G rule will apply, according to which unvaccinated people with a negative test may also go to a restaurant, for example.

Also clubs and discos will be allowed to reopen – the 2G Plus rule applies there. So it is only those who have recovered and those who have been vaccinated with a test or with a third vaccination. IN Berlin applies the exception that Testing is also mandatory for people with booster vaccination is valid.

IN cinemas and theaters access is now also possible with a test (3G rule) both indoors and outdoors.

More spectators at major events

Apply too new upper limits for people at major events. In closed rooms in Berlin and Brandenburg, a maximum of 60 percent of the maximum capacity at the respective venue is allowed – outdoors it is a maximum of 75 percent (but in Berlin a maximum of 25,000 people).

In the capital also applies 2G Plus stand and Duty to wear FFP2 mask even in the designated place. There are no test requirements for individuals who have been boosted. The 2G condition applies to them.

In Brandenburg still applies: the 2G rule, FFP2 mask requirements for visitors in enclosed spaces.

The 3G rule in swimming pools and gyms

IN Sports halls, swimming pools, dance studios, saunas, thermal baths and fitness centers The 3G rule is delivered indoors, no longer 2G. Outdoor proof is then no longer required for all sports.

The 3G rule also applies to adult education centers, music schools or driving schools.

These reductions apply to Berlin and Brandenburg.

The 3G rule will also apply in Berlin from Friday to Servicessuch as in hairdressers, beauty salons and massage practices.

Larger private meetings

From Friday, there will also be private meetings in Berlin allowed without limitation the number of persons, provided that only vaccinated or healthy persons participate. Children under the age of 14 do not need to be vaccinated or cured to attend private meetings. If only one unvaccinated or healthy person attends a private meeting, the restriction to one household and up to two people from another household still applies.

“All more far-reaching” measures are to be dropped from 20 March

The new containment regulations apply in Berlin and Brandenburg through March 19th. From 20 March, “all deeper” measures should be dropped if the situation in the clinics allows it. So-called basic protective measures, such as the obligation to wear a mask indoors, should remain in place.

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