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Nothing is the same anymore, at least in the leagues of the former tennis district of Lower Franconia. That is how it no longer exists. Following a structural reform of the Bavarian Tennis Federation, the district and district classes are no longer valid. Lower Franconia was merged with Upper Franconia, Middle Franconia and Upper Palatinate to form the region of Northern Bavaria and the so-called Northern Leagues. Shorter distances, new opponents and larger groups are mentioned as advantages.

“It’s nice that everything is getting normal again,” reads the unanimous comment at the start of the new media round, which this weekend takes off with the national teams’ start. Here are six teams for men and women:

TC Weiß-Blau Würzburg, Northeast Regional League, women

After the white-blue women last season fought for second place, their best place in their more than ten years of membership in the regional league, they want to establish themselves in the top third of the table this year.

“Something between second and fourth place would be great,” said team captain Anna Uljanov. The concept envisions playing the match days with four German players and two foreigners. After the squad has grown, this plan should work as well.

On the first day of the game, the trip goes to CaM Nürnberg. There’s still a chance for revenge from last season’s meeting. The women from Würzburg narrowly lost and will now turn the table and score the first points.

SB Versbach, Bavarian League North, women

The women of SB Versbach have been firmly rooted in the Bayern League for many years. “This is our league,” said team captain Lea Yaman, who inherited Versbach “veteran” Ines Kertesz in this role this year. Kertesz was drawn to Munich to work.

Nevertheless, the squad is well placed and has three promising newcomers: returning Marielena Münch, Tina Brandl, student from Landshut, and 17-year-old Annabell Seelmann from Bamberg. Together with the two Czechs Tereza Schmidova and Mariya Strebkova as well as previous years’ tribe, a powerful team is to start.

The goal is to stay up. “When it comes to sports, we’re all in a good mood,” Yaman said. And the good chemistry between the players should handle the rest. This Sunday, the team is betting on a successful start at home against Regensburg, who have been relegated to the Regional League. “It’s going to be a tough fight,” Yaman is sure, “but we have good chances in later meetings.”

TC Weiß-Blau Würzburg II, Bayernliga Nord, men

Twice, the other men’s team of TC Weiß-Blau Würzburg literally pulled their head out of the loop to be relegated from the Bayern League. For the second year in a row, the team benefited from a competitor’s withdrawal and can continue to prove itself in this league.

This time it should not be as close as previous years. “During the season, we sometimes lacked luck,” recalls team captain Julius Gold. It is, in his opinion, also a part of it, in addition to the ability to assert itself in the sport. The new man Jakob Cadonau at the top, who is deployed if necessary, should also make sure that the latter fits. In addition, the well-established tribe has improved further.

The plan is to lay the foundation to stay up in the league and get the first points as quickly as possible. On Sunday, however, TC Amberg will be a tough one. Gold is looking forward to an exciting season: “The result is open in most matches, anything can happen, from a clear victory to a big loss.”

TC Weiß-Blau Würzburg II, Landesliga 1 Nord, women

The second women’s team of the white-blues would like to attack from the start this time because their focus is on promotion to the Bayern League. After several years in the state league, it should succeed this year. The signs are good.

“We are in a very strong position,” said new team captain Laura Popov, who is delighted with the squad. This is also due to the many newcomers. There are the two students Lisa Ilzhoefer and Elea Römer, who placed in the top 300 in Germany in their best times.

Josie Holderbach and Ana Brand came last fall, and Aline Staudt has many years of experience with her in the regional league and the second Bundesliga after her baby break. “We are entering the season with a professional attitude,” Popov reveals. They definitely want to get their first win against Regensburg on Sunday.

TG Kitzingen, Landesliga 1 Nord, women

The women of TG Kitzingen are back in the national league. After relegation in 2019, they managed to climb directly up again in 2021. Your number one goal now is to keep the class in the long run. “It will be a challenge,” said team leader Hannah Gückel.

One pound that the Kitzings can use is the good team spirit and the well-established experience over many years. Regular joint training sessions do the rest. The structure of the team is also fantastic.

Between the ages of 20 and 25, there are many things in common, including outside the tennis court. “We’ve been playing together since we were young,” Gückel explains. The first test is on Sunday away in Bayernliga-degraded Bamberg.

TC Gerbrunn, Landesliga 1 Nord men

A little luck is part of it: “We would like to be promoted,” explains Max-Julian Pfeil, team leader of the state league men at TC Rot-Weiss Gerbrunn. Aschaffenburg as the leader of the district league did not want that, and then Gerbrunn could enjoy it, even though they had lost the promotion match against Aschaffenburg by a narrow margin of 4: 5.

Another luck in the winter season was that the two experienced players Andreas Eyrisch and Jan Paulsen moved from TSC Heuchelhof to Gerbrunn, which gave Pfeil plenty of staff to draw on. If necessary, a Slovenian can also be used in three games. For the inhabitants of Gerbrunn, it is now important to lay the foundation for the intended goal of staying up in the league with the first point of the season at TC Erlangen on Sunday.

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