Suzuki exit: Joan Mir “officially on the market” / MotoGP

The Suzuki factory riders were spiced up with questions about their current situation and future ahead of the French GP in Le Mans. Joan Mir admitted: “It’s not easy.” At the same time, however, he feels extra motivation.

What was leaked at the Monday test in Jerez ten days ago was confirmed by Suzuki on Thursday morning in a brief statement: Suzuki Motor Corporation plans to end its MotoGP commitment by the end of 2022. In the afternoon, the Suzuki work drivers in Le Mans journalists’ questions answered the bad news for the first time since.

How did Joan Mir take the news? “The right word is unexpected. We did not suspect anything. We were in negotiations for the coming years. When I got the message, the first thing I thought of was the people at Suzuki. We all know it’s a special team – but the people who work here make it something special.Without knowing a lot of information that we’ll be divorced at the end of the season – that applies to me and everyone else – we are certainly not doing well right now. we continue, and then we have to see. “

With the departure of Suzuki, the rumors that started in the winter that the world champion in 2020 could switch to Repsol Honda together with Marc Márquez next year, get a new boost. Have you had discussions with HRC? “We’ve been officially on the market since Jerez,” was the evasive response from the 24-year-old Mallorcan. His manager Paco Sanchez is leading the contract negotiations.

Mir assured: “We negotiated with Suzuki before anything happened. Now my manager will definitely have more work to do than he expected,” the Suzuki driver admitted with a laugh. “He talks and wants to talk to Honda and other manufacturers. to try to secure my future outside of Suzuki. It is not easy. Greater than the rumors about my future, about Repsol Honda, etc., I have respect for my team at Suzuki. It’s not easy to talk about these things in front of you all right now. I do not feel comfortable in this situation. “

Possibly continuing on the GSX-RR in 2023 with 2022 bikes – as Kawasaki under the Hayate flag in 2009 – Mir described as “not a good option.”

Are the 2017 Moto3 World Champion and the 2020 MotoGP World Champion busy finding a solution for its future? “No, not specifically,” he replied. ‘But sure, any driver in the fold will tell you that they would rather have their future decided than not. It’s the same for everyone. Once we have something, it will be better for me and for everyone. “

“The motivation is different now. Before that, it was about continuing to gather good results for Suzuki to continue in the best way. It’s different now. Now we have to end this season in the best way. We have to see if we can fight for the championship until the last race to give the team a good result at the end of the year. Nothing would make me happier, “emphasized Joan Mir, who has so far celebrated only one MotoGP victory – by the way, 550 days ago today in Valencia.

So is the announced Suzuki exit an additional motivation boost for drivers, as Alex Rins put it? “Yes, for me too,” Mir confirmed. “You can take it in two ways – as an extra boost or as a damper. It would also be normal to feel depressed in such a situation. But I want to do it differently. I think we still have a lot to show this year. I know we have a great package and great people on the team who probably feel the same motivation. “

Does the Suzuki star feel angry too? He took a deep breath and then said, “I’m angry at the decision someone made. The team is so amazing, it’s one of the special teams in the fold. Everyone knows that – not because of Suzuki, but because of the people who work here and have made the work we have done so valuable.I am in my fourth year here.Many people have been here before who have worked hard to become world champions in 2020. Last year we became third in “World Cup, this year we’re fighting again. It’s a producer who’s fought for the World Cup every year since I’ve been here.”

Was it also disappointing that the decision makers in Hamamatsu did not speak directly to the drivers? “Yes, it was surprising. But I also believe that it is difficult for everyone to deal with this situation. No one wants to talk about it. If they decided it so quickly, then there is definitely a good reason. Otherwise, everything goes great “Here, we are not fighting for 15th or 16th place. That’s not the case. I think something big is happening there,” Mir suspected.

Is sixth-place worried that Suzuki’s commitment may fall during this 21-GP season? “None. I think Suzuki is very professional. They proved that back in 2020 when the pandemic hit. They were very polite to the people on the team. I do not think now either they will make an exception. They will give 100 percent, but if they say stop, they will stop. “

Championship status after 6 of 21 Grand Prix:

1. Quartararo 89 point. 2 Aleix Espargaró 82 3 Bastianini 69 4 Rins 69 5 Bagnaia 56 6 Mir 56 7 Zarco 51 8 Brad Binder 48 9 Marc Marquez 44 10 Oliveira 43 11 Miller 42nd 12 Pol Espargaró 3 Martin Vi 35 1bid 35 1 2 1bid 35 1 1bid Alex Marquez 16 18 Bezzecchi 15 19 Marini 14 20 Dovizioso 8 21 Darryn Binder 6. 22. Gardner 3.

Constructors’ Championship:

Ducati 131 points. 2. Yamaha 89. 3. Aprilia 83. 4. Suzuki 80. 5. KTM 76. 6. Honda 57.

Team WC:

1. Suzuki Ecstar 125 points. 2nd Aprilia Racing 109 3rd Monster Energy Yamaha 107 4th Ducati Lenovo 98th 5th Red Bull KTM Factory 91st 6th Pramac Racing 79th 7th Repsol Honda 79th 8th Gresini Racing MotoGP 69th 9th LCR Honda 10/37 Mooney VR1NF29 1 Yamaha R1NF29 Racing Tech3 KTM Factory 3

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