Sports grandmother reveals how the butt gets stuck fast

She lifts weights of 20 kilos, planks for more than eight minutes, can cycle for four hours and walks in the gym for up to 14 hours a week: Erika Rischko is with her 82 one of the strongest pensioners in Germany and at the same time a successful sports influencers. She first started playing sports at the age of 55 – before that the Rhinelander had nothing to do with it. Today, however, hardly a day goes by where she does not train. And half of the internet sees: over 73,000 followers on Instagram, more than 375,000 fans on TikTok, enthusiastic comments from around the world.

Erika Rischko is the living and most impressive proof that it is literally never too late to start training and that much can be achieved with a little perseverance. “For me, training is also a quality of life. It’s fun and it makes me feel better, ”she says. “I have very different ways of moving these days than I used to and than I ever thought possible for my age.”

For the Berliner Zeitung, the sports grandmother and the well-known fitness junkie have put together three effective exercises that everyone can get a tight butt with. You do not need any tools, only about ten minutes at least every other day. Ideally, warm up just in advance by running or jumping in place for two minutes. And finally, you should stretch your muscles a little. This increases success and can minimize muscle soreness. In any case, stick to it and do not give up too quickly: in three to four months you will see and feel the success!

Exercise 1: leg lift

Erika Rischko: Stand on all fours, wrists below shoulders, knees hip-width apart. Then lay your forearms down and lean against them, like planks. The legs remain in their bent position. And then lift one leg, keep the knee at a right angle, pull it up so that the sole of your foot points towards the ceiling, and then lower it again, but do not lower it completely again. Slowly, with force, not too forcefully. The other leg remains on all fours.

Repeat 15 times and then change legs. Again, 15 ups and downs. Then take a break for 30 seconds, rest briefly, and then start the second round. 15 repetitions per. leg. You have to run three races in total.

If the shape is too strenuous for you, you can shift legs – right, left, right, left – until you get 30 instead of lifting one leg and then the other. But if you want to strengthen the exercise, you have to stretch the lift leg lengthwise to move it in this position.

Exercise 2: Sumo Squads

Erika Rischko: Squads are squats. When your legs are wider than hip width, they are called sumo squads because you stand like a wrestler. So: Stand with your legs wide apart and then squat as far as possible. Make sure your stomach is tense to avoid bending your back and that your knees do not slide forward. They should stay over the ankles to avoid being overused. You can place your hands on your sides or stretch them out if you have trouble balancing.

And then it starts: down, up, down, up. A total of 15 times. Then a short break, give your legs a good shake, and then come rounds two and three, also on 15 reps each. If you can do this without any problems, you can mount a reinforcement. Take an elastic band and tie it around your knees so you always have to keep the band tight with your legs.

Exercise 3: Pelvic bridge

Erika Rischko: Lie on your back, put your feet up and pull them very close to the bottom so you can see almost directly on your upright thighs. Then push yourself up off your heels, rolling your body up as far as you can. Ideally, you will then be supported on your feet and shoulder blades, with your back away from the floor.

Repeat this exercise 15 times in three sets, taking a short break in between to round your back and take a deep breath. The following applies to all exercises: Keep breathing, do not hold your breath and smile from time to time. It’s hard, but it’s good.

Erika Rischko has written a book about her life with sports: Erika Rischko / Prof. Dr Ingo Froboese: It’s never too late for fitness. Active and mobile into old age, ZS Verlag, 160 pages, about 23 euros.

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