Schalke’s coach Mike Büskens emotionally charged: “Then I go home”

Newly promoted FC Schalke 04 has one last match in the 2. Bundesliga. On Sunday we go to 1. FC Nürnberg. Coach Mike Büskens comments.

FC Schalke 04 did it. On Saturday, the Royal Blues did it perfectly with an emotional 3: 2 (0: 2) victory against FC St. Pauli. A lavish feast ensued in Gelsenkirchen, which lasted for several days.

Schalke coach Mike Büskens does not see himself as a problem

A final mandatory assignment awaits Schalke 04. On Sunday, S04 travels to 1. FC Nürnberg. Kick-off is at 15.30. On the last day of the game, the team from the coach Mike Buskens say goodbye properly.

Büskens, who will play his last match as Schalke head coach, stated on Friday together with the sports director. Rouven Schroeder to the season finale. The Eurofighter reacted angrily to a report from this editorial office about his future role in Schalke’s coaching staff. Due to his success and influence at Schalke, Büskens does not see himself as a possible problem for the new coach to be unveiled after the season. “If it’s a problem, I’m going home and walking the dog. I’m not into it. I’ve done so much here over the last few years. If I’m a problem, I’m going home and you do not. have one more problem. “

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Schalke PK before the match in Nuremberg can be read here in the live ticker:

09:25: This also concludes the press conference at Schalke. Thank you for your interest!

9:22: Schröder: “Mike did it out of love for the club. He reacted emotionally. It shows how important it is to him. I will not talk about it anymore.”

9:21: Rouven Schröder confirms once again that Mike Büskens will definitely remain assistant coach. “It was part of every conversation that was held,” Schröder says.

09:18: An emotional outburst from the Schalke coach.

9:15: Mike Büskens on possible problems for the new trainer because he wants to slip back into his old role as assistant coach: “If it’s a problem, I go home and go with the dog. I do not have one there I want it “I’ve done so much here the last couple of years. If I’m a problem, I’m going home and you have no problem anymore.”

9:14: Schröder adds: “We will take our time. Things will be done one after the other: first on Sunday we will be champions, then on Monday we will celebrate with the fans. We will close a chapter and let it out on Sunday and Monday all deserved. “

09:13: Schröder on the schedule and the question of whether he will announce the name of the new coach on Monday: “On Monday: No! Step by step, all calm.” Addition: “The moments of pleasure are far too short because you are driven by the questions.”

09:11: Büskens on his “goodbye” as head coach. Although everyone would know his relationship with the club, he says: “I’m really relieved that we can put an end to that.”

9:09: The game in Nuremberg is about a lot of money for Schalke. Rouven Schröder says that if Schalke defends first place and does not slip down, it will give about a million euros more.

9:07: Büskens on the championship trophy: “Ten years ago I was allowed to become champion with Greuther Fürth. Logically, it matters.”

09:05: Schröder on the consequences of the storm on the pitch and Schalke’s promotion party: “We ordered a new lawn. We should have a good playing field again in the new season. We had an excellent lawn, which we always enjoyed home games happy.”

09:03: Rouven Schröder: “We want to win the match in Nuremberg, we want to be champions. That is our big goal.”

9:02: Büskens at the beginning of Marc Siekmann: “It’s the ninth game day PK, and every time I was annoyed by the term ‘head coach’. I’m a temporary coach.”

9.00: Hello and welcome! The podium has fallen. The last match day of PK in Schalke this season begins.

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