Sainz accidents eat up Ferrari’s financial advantage

( – The battle for the Formula 1 World Championship in 2022 is in full swing after five out of 23 planned races. Ferrari has a lead of 157-151 in the constructor category, and in the drivers’ position, Max Verstappen recently had the somewhat faster overall package with RB18. But Charles Leclerc is still on several points with 104: 84.

Helmut Marko does not think Ferrari has cost that much less than Red Bull so far


Following the first major Red Bull update in Imola, with which the RB18 is still undefeated, Ferrari is following suit for the first time in Barcelona. “In the last two races, Red Bull has won about two tenths,” Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is quoted as saying in the Italian media. “To keep up, we also need to bring updates.”

Binotto believes that Red Bull could have used up to 75 percent of the available development budget: “There is a budget limit. At some point, Red Bull will have to stop further development. In the next few races, it will be our turn to get bring new parts. “

Binotto: Red Bull spent more than Ferrari

“I would estimate that they have spent significantly more money than we have so far. But it is not going to continue forever. We do not have enough money to bring something new to each Grand Prix. And it is not about our capacity “It’s around the budget line. We bring updates when we think the time is right,” Binotto said.

But it is no different with Red Bull that you think about the right time: “We plan our updates in such a way that we always lose weight with each update, because unfortunately we have still not reached the minimum weight. And we will not completely reach it with the next update, “says motorsport consultant Helmut Marko.

Red Bull has not yet reached the minimum weight

Even in Australia, Red Bull was about ten kilos overweight. The first diet was effective from Imola onwards. According to reports, the overweight should have amounted to four kilos subsequently. Marko disagrees: “It’s your guess.” In fact, the RB18 seems to carry a few pounds more.

Getting rid of them is a top priority for Red Bull. It costs money. But that Red Bull has already put significantly more of its chips on the table than Ferrari, “I do not think so,” Marko tells ‘’: “It is true that the increased logistics costs are a problem. But it applies not only to us, but also to Ferrari and all other teams. “

“Max is the driver with the greatest talent!”

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That Red Bull has already spent 75 percent of its development budget is “nonsense”, Marko clarifies, adding: “I do not think we are in a significantly different position than Ferrari in this respect. Especially as I wonder how they affect “Carlos Sainz has crashed the car several times. It can not be cheap.”

The budget ceiling for 2022 is currently DKK 142.2 million

The budget limit for 2022 (which only includes chassis but not driveline) is officially set at US $ 140 million plus twice US $ 1.2 million for each Grand Prix exceeding 21 race weekends. However, due to inflation and increased transport costs, a relaxation of the budgetary framework is currently being discussed.

Because in the current situation, Haas team manager Günther Steiner has calculated this for our colleagues from ‘’ in Italy, after all other costs have been deducted, a top racing team in Formula 1 is only left with about ten million dollars, which you actually can invest in updates. Those who are frugal can spend more.

But no matter what the auditors say: “Barcelona will be an important package for us,” says Binotto. “I hope the innovations we bring will be a good push to bring us back to Red Bulls level.” For what you can not afford in 2022: an expensive update that does not bring any improvement on the field …

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