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Munich (ots)

Favorite victory in the 1st playoff round. ALBA Berlin beat Brose Bamberg 114: 89 and immediately put an exclamation mark, to the great displeasure of Bamberg’s coach Oren Amiel: “It was an embarrassing first half.” The 89 points from Bamberg were too many for Berlin’s Johannes Thiemann, but “in general, it’s okay if we still win that big. “FC Bayern beat NINERS Chemnitz 77:53, also because Munich won the 3rd quarter 24: 9. Is Munich already the favorite? Head coach Trinchieri rejected:” We have taken it first step in the series, but it’s only 1-0. “Nevertheless, his player Leon Radosevic thought:” If we play with such good body language and the performance of the EuroLeague matches, I would say we can only beat ourselves. “Overtime thriller in Bonn. Telekom Baskets beat Hamburg 100: 98 after extra time because Javontae Hawkins lowered an almost impossible three-pointer a second before the end.” We fought and worked to win, “said the match winner happily. But according to coach Iisalo, who is still “many things” to improve.Today’s interview was given by Hamburg coach Pedro Calles, who practically asked himself the questions: I’m happy? None! Can I blame my players? None! Do I want to leave the room now? Yes! “No more questions.

Below are the main votes from the Friday matches in the playoff round 1 – if they are used, please name the source MagentaSport. MagentaSport shows all games and decisions in easyCredit BBL live.

ALBA Berlin – Brose Bamberg 114: 89 – Serie: 1: 0

The Albatrosses deliver a show of strength against Bamberg and easily secure match 1 in the quarter-final series.

ALBA coach Israel Gonzalez was pleased, but also warned: “I’m happy because the rhythm of the game was very good. They also scored a lot of points because we defended poorly. We have to be careful because they are very good offensively. We have to keep working hard.”

Berlin’s Johannes Thiemann on victory: “It was an attacking game … We can definitely play smarter defensively and be more aggressive. But overall, it’s okay if we still win that big.”

Bamberg’s head coach Oren Amiel shook after the match: “It was an embarrassing first half. Of course there is a difference in performance between the two teams, we can not forget that, but the way we played in the first half was disrespectful of us for our performance the last few weeks. We have to be honest. It was not a good performance from us. “

Bamberg’s Kenneth Ogbe added: “It felt like they were always one step ahead and always one step faster. We could not control them at all … We can not let that happen … It can only get better.”

Berlin’s Maodo Lo before the final game: “The intensity increases, the weather gets better and you get more energy. The year is almost over and it may be over sooner or it may go far into the summer. That is the goal of every team … Now everything is being reshuffled.”

FC Bayern Munich – NINERS Chemnitz 77:53 (Series Status: 1: 0)

FC Bayern gives Chemnitz no chance, especially in the 3rd quarter, and secures match 1 in the quarterfinals.

As usual, Munich’s head coach Andrea Trinchieri has reserved: “It feels like we’re leading 1-0 in a best-of-5 series against a very good team. We’ve taken step 1 in the series, but it’s only 1-0 … one game at a time.”

Munich’s Leon Radosevic was sure of victory: “We played in the same way in the second half as we did in the first half, but the opponent did not have as much concentration. Then something like this happens … When we play with such good body language and the performance from the EuroLeague matches then “I say we can only beat ourselves. But we still have to play 8 games, for example 40 minutes, and then everything should be fine.”

Chemnitz’s coach Rodrigo Pastore on the poor performance in the second half: “It’s not enough. We have to get better. The first half was pretty good, but we could not keep going. We missed a lot of free throws. In the end we did not have the strength anymore, but we” will get back together. “

Nelson Weidemann added: “Today we just could not play as we would like.” What should get better on Sunday: “Everything. We have shown what we can do.”

Munich CEO Marko Pesic before the match: “The expectation is very high. Our goal is simply to bring the title back to Munich. It was a very interesting, complicated, difficult season. But it does not matter anymore. I want us to do it from the start that we have to be there without apology. ” How big does he think the chances of winning the title are: “It’s hard to say. If we manage to beat Chemnitz in this series, then we have two incredibly tough opponents waiting for us in Hamburg or Bonn. In terms of the breadth of quality in this league, it is the best in the last 5, 6 years. So I have no idea. “

Telekom Baskets Bonn – Hamburg Towers 100: 98 OT (Series Status: 1: 0)

What an ending! In the first game, a crime thriller plays right into overtime. Telekom Baskets Bonn saves itself 13 seconds before the end of overtime. Then it was Javontae Hawkins who led Bonn to victory with a three-pointer a second before the end.

Bonn coach Tuomas Iisalo on what his team should do better on Sunday: “A lot of things … Hamburg had way too many easy curves. We did not do a good job with defensive rebounds.”

Bonn’s match winner Javontae Hawkins: “It was a tough match. It’s the playoffs and that’s what it’s all about. Hamburg are a very strong team. I’m just proud of the boys. We fought and worked to win.”

Hamburg coach Pedro Calles: “Both teams played an incredible match. After 40 minutes it was a draw and after 45 actually too. Am I happy? No! Can I blame my players? No! Do I want to leave the hall now? Yes!”

Hamburg Caleb Homesley: “It’s a balanced series with two good teams. It goes back and forth. They had the last shot and it went in. We have to live with that now … We had a chance. Nobody expected it to be so close.”

Bonn’s coach Tuomas Iisalo was honored as coach of the year before the match. But he did not let it distract him: “It will be a very difficult match for us. We are very focused and what happens before the match is not that important. Our job is to play with full focus and intensity.”

Hamburg coach Pedro Calles is leaving the Towers after the end of the season. A damper before the playoffs? “All I know is that I want to help my team and my club prepare for the playoffs in the best way possible, and we did.”

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