Oberlausitz soon has a football team

Oberlausitz soon has a football team

The Görlitz Grizzlies have been founded. Her ambitious goal: to build a football team from scratch – a real challenge that needs help.

By Frank Thuemmler

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Strong men are looking for teammates and supporters: The American football players from Görlitz Grizzlies already have a core of players – from almost the entire district. Daniel Kislicyn (helmet in hand) is the boss.
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Gorlitz. American football has for several years experienced a spectator boom – in front of the television. The odds on NFL games have gotten better and better. Every sports enthusiast knows superstar Tom Brady. On November 13, the quarterback will play his first NFL game in Germany with his team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers – in Munich against the Seattle Seahawks.

American sports are only rarely played in Germany. The Görlitz district is also a white football ground. “Football madman” around 23-year-old Daniel Kislicyn will now change that. Görlitz students (social work) want to build a football team out of nothing, which ideally should start playing in the league as early as 2023.


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The name of the new fund: Görlitz Grizzlies. “Grizzlies fit because of the alliteration with GR from Görlitz. And a friend quickly designed a suitable logo for us, and the first hoodies with the logo on have already been bought, ”says the young football player, who undertakes the enormous effort because he himself is very keen to practice his beloved sport again. .

Daniel Kislicyn, who comes from Limbach-Oberfrohna, started with the American sport in Chemnitz in 2014, immediately broke into fire and later played various positions (running back, receiver, also quarterback). With his studies in Görlitz, he moved to the monarchs’ second team in Dresden in 2019. But in the end, the time and money involved in the many training trips to Dresden became too great.

The idea of ​​building a local football team out of the ground slowly emerged. There was an attempt to offer flag football (without hard physical contact and with fewer players) as a university sport, but this failed deeply due to lack of interest. For Daniel Kislicyn, it was more of an incentive than a reason to quickly bury the project: “So let’s do it right, not at university and with real football!”

Relatively quickly, thanks to social media – Kislicyn: “Without Instagram we would not exist” – interested people from all over the district found themselves. The young coach has more than 40 teammates on the list, almost 20 of them participate every Friday for training at the Friendship Stadium. The training is from 16.45 to 19. All interested parties can come by at any time.

As successful as the start from scratch was, building a football team is a huge task that does not deter Daniel Kislicyn and his teammates. These are the main problems to be solved:

Football needs a lot of players

“25 players would be good for training and 35 for real matches, although we are allowed to play if there are 18 or more players with valid player passes,” the head coach explains. There are always eleven players on the field – usually different for offensive and defensive. For this you need players for this tough sport and for example a kicker and a punter.

“We need to expand the base of our teammates to our existing core as soon as possible so that we are actively looking for new players. Everyone is really welcome here. We need the fast, agile guys just as much as the big fat ones who were always voted out in other sports. Our sport really gives everyone a chance, ”says Kislicyn, who will train the offensive and upgrade his coaching license to it. Newcomer Manuel Ressel takes over the training of the defensive.

Football rules are complicated

The basic principle of American football is relatively easy to understand. It’s about carrying the egg-shaped ball into the opponent’s end zone or at least kicking it through the two rods. Then there are points. For every 10 yards against the goal zone, the attacking team has a maximum of four attempts. In general, however, the rules are so extensive that it is sometimes not easy even for experienced players.

“In games, a moderator will explain the most important things to the viewers. And so the players understand that, there is a portion of theory training in each training.”

American football is expensive

This can not be denied considering the number of players who all need two jerseys (home and away). All equipment (helmet, protectors, shoes, etc.) costs about a thousand euros. Then there is the training equipment. For example, there are special dummies for the tough tackles that need to be trained.

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Grizzlies urgently need support for the training equipment and raise money with a crowdfunding campaign. It must be 6,000 euros. Nearly 3,000 euros have now been reached, a week before the end of the campaign. So it requires a strong final sprint. Donors get something in return – from a Grizzlies bracelet to participation in real tackling training to free admission to the first home game. It may be for the fall.

More information about Görlitz Grizzlies can be found here.

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