Matthias Ginter calculates – how the break-up with Mönchengladbach occurred

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Ginter’s inventory – how the break with Mönchengladbach occurred

Ginter returns to his youth club Freiburg

National player Matthias Ginter returns to his youth club, SC Freiburg. The 28-year-old moves to Breisgau from Borussia M’gladbach on a free transfer. As usual, the sports club did not say anything about the length of the contract.

Out of respect for the team, he has so far remained silent. But now the disappointed Matthias Ginter commented for the first time on his departure from Borussia Mönchengladbach. His statement is an account of the club’s management.

Es is a double surprising transfer. Until the announcement in December, many had not expected Matthias Ginter to leave Borussia Mönchengladbach. And that the national player now as a 28-year-old would return to his former club SC Freiburg, hardly anyone thought possible.

It is also unusual that the initiative came from Ginter. At least that was what Christian Streich had suggested. The player had the idea, Ginter’s old and future coach said before the match against Union Berlin on Saturday. “We talked to each other. This is only possible this way. A player of this quality, with this story, has to want something like that for himself. He really wanted to. And then of course we really wanted to,” he said. Streak.

A heart decision: Matthias Ginter returns to his hometown club SC Freiburg and coaches Christian Streich

Source: dpa / Bernd Weißbrod

According to Ginter, there were “three to four clubs” in Germany that could have been considered for a transfer. He had the best feeling with Freiburg. “The sporting role for me, the coach, the environment, the fans. To be honest, it was just 100 percent right in Freiburg,” he said in the fan podcast “MitGeredet”: “Especially when there was this feeling of home.”

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Ginter was to remain as team captain

That was exactly what he had apparently lost on the Lower Rhine. At any rate, defender Borussia Mönchengladbach sharply criticized for dealing with him and reported on a conversation with his adviser last summer.

Loud departure: Matthias Ginter raises charges against his longtime employer Borussia Mönchengladbach

Loud departure: Matthias Ginter raises charges against his longtime employer Borussia Mönchengladbach

Source: dpa / Bernd Thissen

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While Ginter had received signals from Gladbach’s then sports director, Max Eberl, that the club wanted to extend the contract with the defender, which was to expire after this season, and planned to have him as manager and captain. his adviser told him that Eberl and the club liked that he would sell. “It was very bitter and hard for me. Something went wrong. Because I felt we wanted to build something together, ”says Ginter.

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After the planned sale in the summer of 2021 was not realized, he received an offer from Borussia. “Max turned to my adviser, who at first thought it was a joke. It was an alibi offer to say afterwards, ‘We gave him an offer!'” Ginter added, “The sums were rumored to be around four million,” or that I had asked for too much. I can reassure everyone. But I said to my adviser: ‘No matter what the sum is, the matter is done. We need not talk any more, for it was so disappointing how it went this summer . “

Gladbach’s sports director Roland Virkus reacted immediately to the statements and was disappointed with Ginter’s behavior. “I have never learned to speak ill of other people and of the old employer. You don’t do that, and I made that clear to Matze, “said Virkus.

He was not involved at the time of the negotiations, and “that would have been okay,” Virkus admitted: “But he has to find out for himself.” Coach Adi Hütter explained: “There are people who communicate such a thing to the outside world. I think it’s best if you say a little bit about it.”

According to his own statement, the last few weeks were the worst for Ginter after the club announced his departure: “The fact that I was presented so publicly and I did not say anything about it from my point of view because I do not want to create problems, it was the hardest time, ”said Ginter, who played for Borussia in the Bundesliga for five years.

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