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A week after the release of a Japanese trailer too Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Nintendo now has one translated German overview trailer shared on YouTube. Football was yesterday, the latest craze in the mushroom kingdom is “Strike“- a 5 against 5 sport with 4 field players per. team. In Strike there is no referee and almost anything is allowed – you can not only falsify opponents at will, but even your own teammates with the new hold tackles give a boost.

Similar to Smash Ball in the newer Super Smash Bros. games, there is the so-called Hit the ball also in the latest Mario Strikers a powerful special item through which you have a specially animated Hypershot can activate, giving you 2 goals if you score. Watch the international trailer with German subtitles here:

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Also German website whether the game has been updated, where you can find more detailed information about the characters in the game, among other things Attackers to be named.

The 10 playable characters presented in more detail

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Football, there are a total of 10 different Strikers, each with different strengths and weaknesses. In the following grade list, we have them all for you Values summed up so you can already now plan which characters you want to play with. In total, each attacker’s values ​​add up to 63 points. You can get the values ​​through acquired gear tweak it to your liking, such as making Bowser faster but less powerful so he can better keep up with the game’s fastest characters, but gets more easily tainted.

Forward: Mario

  • Hypershot: Fire Cyclone
  • Statistics: 11/12/14/10/16 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “You can always count on Mario! He is a versatile player with impressive technique.”

© Nintendo

Forward: Luigi

  • Hypershot: Vortex Tornado
  • Statistics: 11/11/10/14/17 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “A player with good technique who can deliver exceptionally well. Luigi is an excellent playmaker.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Bowser

  • Hypershot: Flaming Orb
  • Statistics: 17/9/17/11/9 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “A real powerhouse! Not only is Bowser a really good shot, he’s also good at tackling hard.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Peach

  • Hypershot: Heart Dance
  • Statistics: 9/17/9/13/15 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “Thanks to her speed and good technique, Peach is very good at dodging the opposing team’s defenders.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Rosalina

  • Hypershot: Panic
  • Statistics: 14/9/17/10/13 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “Rosalina is technically very skilled and can shoot the ball around even the most resolute defender in a corner.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Toad

  • Hyper Shot: Grenade Header
  • Statistics: 9/17/11/15/11 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “Toads have a good pace and passing statistics, which makes it a great place to start quick counterattacks.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Yoshi

  • Hypershot: Egg dance
  • Statistics: 10/10/17/17/9 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “Thanks to his excellent ball control, Yoshi can deliver fantastic. He is an extremely valuable player for every team.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Donkey Kong

  • Hypershot: Banana Smasher
  • Statistics: 16/9/13/16/9 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “As a powerhouse and an ingenious pass, Donkey Kong is good at capturing balls and then immediately playing crucial passes forward.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Wario

  • Hyper Shot: Gang Shocker
  • Statistics: 17/9/15/13/9 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “The shots, the tackles, the body odor – everything about Wario is powerful.”


© Nintendo

Forward: Waluigi

  • Hypershot: Rose Cavalry
  • Statistics: 15/16/9/9/14 (Power / Speed ​​/ Shots / Delivery / Technique)
  • “Waluigi is a skilled defender who can follow the opponents with high speed and good technique and take the ball from them.”


© Nintendo

All character statistics (power / speed / shot / delivery / technique) in direct comparison:

  • Mario: 11/12/14/10/16
  • Luigi: 11/11/10/14/17
  • Bowser: 17/9/17/11/9
  • Songs: 9/17/9/13/15
  • Rosalina: 14/9/17/10/13
  • Pad: 9/17/11/15/11
  • Yoshi: 10/10/17/17/9
  • Donkey Kong: 16/9/13/16/9
  • Wario: 17/9/15/13/9
  • Waluigi: 15/16/9/9/14

Incidentally, there is an eleventh character who, although not a striker, still plays a very important role on every team: boom Boom, the new goalkeeper. He is the last line of defense on each team and tries with all his might to prevent the ball from crossing his own goal line.

Multiplayer mode and online mode

Similar to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and local multiplayer mode for up to 8 players on one console. If you do not have enough controllers, you can also play with shared Joy-Con controllers that are supported for the game. It’s worth mentioning that her too Play online for two on one console and compete against other teams (Nintendo Switch Online membership is required for all online matches). Local multiplayer with multiple Nintendo Switch screens is also supported.

Attackers Club is a new online mode where you can compete against other clubs with up to 20 members per. club, and where every week season is about points and promotion and relegation in strike leagues. You can create your own club, recruit teammates and design the club logo, the stadium and even your team’s outfits. Take a look at this menuwhich also takes you to Cup Battles, Gear Screen and Practice Mode:


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In the following news you can get the official Intro and more Gamelay videos watch the game. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will be released in less than a month June 10, 2022 appears for the Nintendo Switch.

How do you like all the new information?

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