Lennox Lehmann: Between the school desk and the racetrack

Lennox Lehmann: Between the school desk and the racetrack

Saxony’s greatest motorcycle talent Lennox Lehmann has ridden in the world championships since this season – with success. How can this still be done with school?

It is currently running for Lennox Lehmann and the Freudenberg team from Bischofswerda.
© Vaclav Duska Jr.

Dresden. It was by far the shortest trip this season. The GPS says 48 minutes from Dresden to the Lausitzring. The start of the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) was a home game for Lennox Lehmann and his Team Freudenberg from Bischofswerda. A victory in the first race and a detour into the gravel bed in the second was the record for the two-time German champion. These results are secondary this year.

“It is good training under competitive conditions, and it is about making my teammates fast and giving them slip streams. The World Cup has priority, ”says Lehmann. The 16-year-old has moved up this season and will make his debut in the Supersport 300 World Championship. The weekend trips no longer only go to the Lausitzring, to the Hockenheim or Oschersleben, but to Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal, where the next racing weekend takes place on 21/22. May in Estoril.


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The rookie, as a rider is called in his first year at the World Championships, amazed the stage at first. In Aragon, Spain, the man from Dresden stormed onto the podium twice from lattice position 25 – as one of the youngest in the field. “Yes, we were all a little surprised. I did not expect that either.” As a requirement for his team, the young driver should regularly finish in the points, top ten rankings are the goal.

On the road at the racetracks in Europe.  Lennox Lehmann, meanwhile, is driving in the Supersport 300 World Championship - surprisingly well even for experts.

On the road at the racetracks in Europe. Lennox Lehmann, meanwhile, is driving in the Supersport 300 World Championship – surprisingly well even for experts.
© Vaclav Duska Jr.

There is now prize money for podium finishes, but the teenager is less interested in it. “I do not know how much. My father takes care of it,” he says. Sports at this level would be unthinkable without the great support of his family. The parents are present at every race, mother Manja has almost officially been part of Team Freudenberg for two years, she cooks for the whole team on race weekends, and father Tobias helps when there is work that does not necessarily have to be done by a mechanic. For example, he cleans the hood of the racing machine or takes care of the gasoline.

Lehmann junior, who rode a pocket bike for the first time at the age of seven, is currently the only rider from the Freudenberg team competing at the World Championships. It is a big logistical effort. He flies to the races in Spain and Portugal.

How can all this still be done with school? “The deal was right from the start: If the grades are right, I’ll be released,” Lehmann said. Going to a sports school was out of the question for the motorcycle pilot. His sport is not Olympic and is therefore not supported by public funds. Tenth grade goes to high school in Bühlau and has had regular leave from school since fifth grade. He must work independently through the learning material. “It works well once you get over the point of sitting down in the evening after the race,” he says.

Motorcycle riding is not popular with classmates

His sport and his successes hardly matter in school. “Almost no one knows, only those who follow me on Instagram. It’s my passion, but I do not want to brag about it.” “Almost no one in his classmates is interested in motorcycling.” Nobody wants to get a motorcycle license. It’s not popular with us, “he says.

Lehmann’s everyday life is different from that of his classmates. After school, he goes to the gym for two to three hours every day. In addition to actual motorcycling, strength training plays an increasingly important role. “Keeping such a 150-kilogram machine in motion at 200 km / h requires a great deal of effort,” says Lehmann. He is not even allowed to drive at walking pace through Dresden because he does not yet have a driving license. At the moment, Lehmann would not even have time to take his driver’s license.

Preparations are already underway for the next race in a week in Portugal. Then he will return to the top ten. The big dream is the Moto GP. the leading class in motorcycling. Lehmann does not put any pressure on himself. Next season he will run the Supersport 300 World Championship again. “Then stay world champions there, if possible, and take the plunge into Moto 2,” he says. And Lehmann also knows, “It also takes a little luck.”

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