Le Mans FP2: Enea Bastianini ahead of Aleix Espargaró / MotoGP

The second free MotoGP training session at Circuit Bugatti was also eventful. In the end, Gresini Ducati star Enea Bastianini secured the best time with a record ever. Another save and P15 to Marquez.

Brilliant sunshine met the MotoGP entourage in Le Mans on Friday. At the start of FP2 in the premier class, the air temperature was 21 degrees and the asphalt temperature on Circuit Bugatti was 32 degrees.

After nearly ten minutes, Joan Mir caused the first crash of the afternoon session at turn 7. The driver of the Suzuki plant quickly flew away, but immediately got up again. Shortly after, Fabio Quartararo was the first to beat Pol Espargaró’s FP1 best time (1: 31.771 min) in front of his home crowd with a time of 1: 31.640 min.

For comparison: Johann Zarco’s all-time lap record from 2018 (still on Yamaha) was 1: 31.185 min.

With 31 minutes left on the clock, Jerez winner Pecco Bagnaia took the lead in 1: 31.635 min. The Ducati factory driver was only 0.005 seconds faster than the Quartararo. Aleix Espargaró was third (+ 0.044 sec.). Compared to FP1, Red Bull-KTM factory rider Brad Binder had already improved, he was eighth in the targeted top 10 of the combined timesheets.

Halfway through the 45-minute session, Mir returned to the track on his second GSX-RR. He and his Suzuki teammate Alex Rins drove the soft front tire. Apart from that, the whole field ran the medium-medium tire combination.

With 20 minutes left, Zarco caused a stir with an all-terrain streak: the Pramac rider failed to stop his Ducati at turn 2, tore through the gravel trap at high speed and jumped back onto the track. While the Frenchman remained seated, another Mercedes driver Jack Miller crashed at turn 11.

Darryn Binder was the next accident victim at turn 7, completely unharmed. Rins, meanwhile, complained violently after nearly colliding with slow-moving Pol Espargaró.

Soft rear tires were only used for the last seven minutes. But the hunt for times was initially delayed by two yellow phases: Miller caused a yellow flag with a trip through the gravel bed in the third sector, but he remained seated. Rookie Marco Bezzecchi flew on the other side at turn 7.

Aleix Espargaró set the new meal with 1: 31.574 min, then there was a yellow flag again – Luca Marini had crashed in turn 3.

Two minutes before the end, Bastianini reported on best sector times, but the lap was invalid due to a shortcut. Next attempt was perfect: With a time of 1: 31.148 min. undercut the season’s two-time winning record in all rounds – but then landed on the ground in the Dunlop harassment (3 and 4 turns). It was his second crash this Friday.

Also for the second time, Franco Morbidelli crashed shortly after and landed in the gravel trap at turn 10. Alex Márquez threw his LCR-Honda away at turn 7, where Marc Márquez unpacked another rescue.

Aleix Espargaró, Rins and Zarco finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th place ahead of Bagnaia and Quartararo. Bastianini’s best time was no longer in jeopardy.

MotoGP, Le Mans combined times after FP2 (May 15):

1. Bastianini, Ducati, 1: 31.148 min
2. Aleix Espargaró, Aprilia, + 0.202 sec
Rins, Suzuki, +0.297
4. Zarco, Ducati, +0.360
5. Bagnaia, Ducati, +0.487
6. Quartararo, Yamaha, +0.449
7. Brad Binder, KTM, +0.509
8. Mir, Suzuki, +0.518
9. Pol Espargaró, Honda, +0.623
10. Martin, Ducati, +0.764
11.Miller, Ducati, +0.766
12. Morbidelli, Yamaha, +0.877
13. Vinales, Aprilia, +0.903
14. Marini, Ducati, +0,980
15. Marc Marquez, Honda, +1.005
16. Nakagami, Honda, +1,017
17. Di Giannantonio, Ducati, +1.127
18. Bezzecchi, Ducati, +1.166
19. Alex Marquez, Honda, +1,357
20. Dovizioso, Yamaha, +1.388
21. Oliveira, KTM, +1,547
22. Gardner, KTM, +1,589
23. Fernandez, KTM, +2,409
24. Darryn Binder, Yamaha, +2,413

MotoGP results, Le Mans, FP2:

1. Bastianini, Ducati, 1: 31.148 min
2. Aleix Espargaró, Aprilia, + 0.202 sec
Rins, Suzuki, +0.297
4. Zarco, Ducati, +0.360
5. Bagnaia, Ducati, +0.487
6. Quartararo, Yamaha, +0.449
7. Brad Binder, KTM, +0.509
8. Mir, Suzuki, +0.518
9. Martin, Ducati, +0.764
10.Miller, Ducati, +0.766
11. Morbidelli, Yamaha, +0.877
12. Vinales, Aprilia, +0.903
13. Pol Espargaró, Honda, +0.928
14. Marc Marquez, Honda, +1.005
15. Di Giannantonio, Ducati, +1.127
16. Bezzecchi, Ducati, +1.166
17. Marini, Ducati, +1.268
18. Alex Marquez, Honda, +1,357
19. Dovizioso, Yamaha, +1.388
20. Oliveira, KTM, +1.547
21. Gardner, KTM, + 1.589
22. Nakagami, Honda, +2,249
23. Fernandez, KTM, +2,409
24. Darryn Binder, Yamaha, +2,413

Moto3, Le Mans combined times after FP2 (May 15):

1. Foggia, Honda, 1: 41,680 min
2. Guevara, GASGAS, + 0.428 sec
3. Suzuki, Honda, +0.523
4. Tatay, CFMOTO, +0.646
5. Masia, KTM, +0.668
6. Migno, Honda, +0.793
7. Bartolini, KTM, +0.872
8. Yamanaka, KTM, +0.921
9. Riccardo Rossi, Honda, +0.969
10. Sasaki, Husqvarna, +0.998

15. Garcia, GASGAS, +1.341

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