Giro d’Italia lives in the ticker – 7th stage: Is Lennard Kmanna driving in the pink jersey on the way to Potenza?

Six stages have now been completed in the Tour of Italy. Today’s episode from Diamante to Potenza marks the start of a really difficult second Giro weekend. On the way from Diamante to Potenza, the field must climb 4,500 meters over 196 kilometers. begin is over 11:55.

It is constantly up and down on Fridays and the drivers have almost no time to relax. Four categorized mountain classifications, including Monte Sirino, a Category 1 climb, give Lennard Kennan the great opportunity to further expand his lead in the mountain jersey.

But the 25-year-old may still be able to carry out a much bigger coup today. Following his stage victory at Etna on Tuesday, the Bora pro is just 38 seconds behind leader Juan Pedro López (Trek-Segafredo) in the overall standings. With his climbing skills, Kvne was able to conquer the pink jersey in Potenza.

Giro d’Italia

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Can Kämman make the pink coup? The 7th Giro stage here in the live ticker:

Giro d’Italia live in the ticker: 7th stage from Diamante to Potenza


Giro route: profile and course of the 7th stage with almost 5000 meters altitude difference

15.30: The management group becomes smaller

Villella have yet to return to the top team after a technical problem, while Wout Poels now appear to have fallen back forever. Like Formolo, Bouwman and Dumoulin still look relaxed. Mollema and Camargo suffer a little more overtly.

The pace in the field is relatively easy. No team wants to take control of the action yet.

Giroticker: The next mountain classification is on the way

Bouwman grabs the first intermediate sprint as he passes. The points awarded here will not have much significance in the sprint classification, but the bonus seconds may have. Now we are going up the 2nd category increase which is 6.6 kilometers at 9.1%.

The field has also become a little more nervous, the helpers trying to place their captains. This reduces the distance to the drivers 65 kilometers from the finish to only 4:30 minutes.

Battle for pink on Giro stage 7

In the overall standings, Bouwman is 5:30 minutes behind, Mollema 5:49 minutes, Villella 6:39 minutes and Dumoulin 8:20 minutes. Camargo and Poels already have larger deficits. This is of course a comfortable position for Trek-Segafredo: Mollema can fight for the stage victory without having to work too hard. And Lopez’s aides do not have to reduce the distance to the group to “Hell came out”, as Mollema could also take over Rosa if need be.

Giro live ticker: The intermediate sprint is approaching

We are now approaching the steep ramps at Monte Grande di Viggiano and before that the intermediate sprint. In the next few kilometers, it will be decided how the race will develop: Will the refugees fight it out among themselves or is one of the favorites planning a daring attack?

7th Giro stage in the ticker: 75 kilometers left

The lead remains constant, the track now rising again, up to the intermediate sprint on an uncategorized climb. Then it goes up to the third of the four mountain classifications at this stage.
As a reminder, the list of the breaker group:
In front are Tom Dumoulin and Koen Bouwman (Jumbo), Bauke Mollema (Trek) and Wout Poels (Bahrain) – all Dutch. In addition, the Italians Davide Formolo (UAE) and Davide Villella (Cofidis) as well as Diego Andres Camargo (EC / Colombia).

Giro: 7th stage live – the lead is leveled

The descent is over and the distance between the leaders and the field is now 5:30 minutes. The running situation is calm at the moment, the first of the two intermediate sprints on this 7th stage follows after 20 kilometers.

14:20: Mountain classification goes to Bouwman

The leading group passes the 1st category mountain classification and goes into the long descent. Koen Bouwman wins the Bergpreis, which collects 40 points and is now very close to Lennard Källa.
The next points go to Poels (18), Mollema (12), Formolo (9) and Dumouin (6).

Live ticker 7th stage – 111 kilometers left

After the flat part of the ascent, the last, more difficult kilometers are up to the mountain classification. The lead has been increased to over four minutes for the seven breakaways by Tom Dumoulin, Davide Formolo and Bauke Mollema.

Giro in the live ticker: The group breaks down

Now the group is formed and is now two minutes ahead of the field: In front are Tom Dumouin and Koen Bouwman (Jumbo), Bauke Mollema (Trek) and Wout Poels (Bahrain) – all Dutch. In addition, the Italians Davide Formolo (UAE) and Davide Villella (Cofidis) as well as Diego Andres Camargo (EC / Colombia).

13:30: Action on the climb continues

Now on the climb, a situation arises with two groups right in front of the field: Formolo, Poels, Villella and Bouwman are in front, followed by Mollema, Camargo and Dumoulin. Behind the field – but all within about half a minute.

7th Giro stage: Mountain classification begins – 130 kilometers back

Key data for this 1st category mountain classification on Monte Sirino (1402 m): It is 24.4 kilometers uphill, but very irregular – there are flat sections and descents interrupted by this distance.
This reduces the increase by only 3.8%, but it also gets steep up to 12%. The last part of the mountain is much harder than the first eight kilometers now.

Live ticker: Kämne attack – 135 kilometers left

Now Lennard Kennan tries his luck and attacks – but his rival in the pink jersey, the Spaniard Juan Pedro Lopez, reacts and joins. The gaps remain very small, so Richard Carapaz’s action has been neutralized again.

Giro live: Ineos attacks with Carapaz

Team Ineos are now sounding the alarm: Top favorite Richard Carapaz is attacking with a teammate and Mathieu van der Poel, the trio are just behind a larger group. In the field, Simon Yates’ team reacts in the hunt – the second climb of the day begins.

Giro, 7th stage: full throttle on the mountain railway

The situation remains almost the same: the drivers drive extremely fast, the breakaways remain in sight and the field does not let go. After the rain-soaked descent, the longest ascent begins at this stage, where the cards are shuffled.

Live ticker 7th stage: First mountain classification begins

The first of four hikes today is the easiest of the day on this hike from coast to shore. It goes 9.3 kilometers up, 421 altitude meters must be mastered. The average gradient is 4.5 percent over the total distance, but there is also a 12% ramp at this Passo Colla (altitude 594 m).

Giro live: 165 kilometers left

The battle for the leading group has been going on for more than 45 minutes, and today there is nothing to see for yesterday’s stage’s slow pace. The attacks continue but no one has really been successful so far, the field keeps bringing the escaped motorists back. The foot of the first ascent is approaching and many professionals will try again there.

7. Giro stage: action in the early stages

The terrain is becoming more uneven now, but there is still a long way to go before the first mountain classification. The fierce battle for today’s escape group continues unabated. Many, almost too many teams sense their chance today and it neutralizes every attack again. There’s a lot at stake today – stage victory, pink jersey, mountain jersey!

Giro d’Italia: No top group yet

Lots of movement in the field and still no real breakaway group that has been able to break. Some drivers continue to try their luck, but the gaps are still small. Thomas De Gendt from Team Lotto Soudal is a bit ahead as a soloist, but the Belgian is still hoping for an accompanist, otherwise it will be a very long solo today on the most difficult terrain. There are still 185 kilometers to go in Potenza.

Giro live in the ticker: Start on the 7th stage

Here we go! The race has been released – so 196 kilometers are still missing. Four climbs and as always two intermediate sprints are on the program. The first 35 kilometers are still fairly flat, then the climb begins.
The pace is immediately high, the first attacks begin!

Giro, stage 7 live: The field rolls

Welcome to this 7th stage – the field has just been rolled by the Diamante starting point and is now on the six kilometer neutralized track before the race starts. Lennard Kennan in the blue mountain jersey and Juan Pedro Lopez in maglia pink stand out at the front of the field – (almost) everything is going to be about these two drivers today.

Giro d’Italia live in the ticker: Welcome to the 7th stage

Buongiorno from Italy on the 7th stage of the 105th Giro d’Italia. Today’s stretch leads over 196 kilometers from Diamante to Potenza. It goes up and down. A total of 4510 altitude meters are on the program. So there is a real mountain tape at the start of the weekend. Andreas Schulz ticks the stage live for you. Have fun!

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Giro d’Italia

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