Frankfurt hall project: Skyliners boss criticizes SPD

Three hall projects are discussed in Frankfurt. Your “green city arena”, the arena at Waldstadion and the project “The Dome Rhein-Main” in Hattersheim. What do you think is most likely to be realized?

If there was no pro- “The Dome” policy from the two SPD parliamentary group leaders Ursula Busch and Holger Tschierschke, there would be no doubt about the green city arena on the Kaiserlei. We now know, based on an expert opinion made by Deloitte, that our business plan is financially feasible there. The necessary investigations could begin immediately. Unfortunately, the SPD’s parliamentary group has this “anti-imperialist policy” in place. We have the impression that the “Kaiserlei” opportunity is blocked solely by the SPD faction leadership. We no longer understand that. Most coalition parties support the Arena am Kaiserlei and alternatively the Arena am Stadion. Right now, unfortunately, we are not one step further than we were two years ago. We really have to ask ourselves what sporting prospects we have in the sports city of Frankfurt without an arena decision.

You also support the location of the stadium, why?

Because of the political constellation, because the building regulations are already in place. These were never commissioned by politicians in Frankfurt to the Kaiserlei we were in favor of, despite the commitments and promises made to us in the coalition agreements. Our offer to build the arena there for the Frankfurt teams and the culture with Offenbach and Frankfurt citizens, if the economic, political and building conditions are right, was boycotted several times and the creation of a development plan was never ordered.

Would a hall in Hattersheim make sense?

None! We are of the clear view that the hall a) in Frankfurt and b) should be as close to the city as possible, ideally an urban arena, because it is modern, sustainable and lives up to the expectations of the citizens of a modern city. distances are closest. A living building, so to speak, that can be used every day and is visible in the city. Good examples are Oslo Opera House and Helsinki City Library. In order for such a building to be accepted by people, it must nevertheless be where they are and where they also feel safe. One must be able to leave such a place safely on foot and by bicycle and get home at 22.30 at night. And finally, it’s also about enjoying the lifestyle of a city built around Main, cultural and sporting events on your doorstep. That is what the citizens want.

Frankfurt’s sports department manager Mike Josef (SPD) favors the arena at the Waldstadion. Right?

Understandable from his point of view, as he also needs his own parliamentary group to create the political majorities. But he is also a supporter of the Arena am Kaiserlei.

A multifunctional arena in Frankfurt has been a long time coming. Why should Mike Josef be able to realize the hall project in Frankfurt in contrast to his predecessor Markus Frank (CDU)?

Both have their advantages, both have always believed in the Arena am Kaiserlei and supported it. Mike Josef must take into account opposition in his group. So it came to the alternative at the stadium. If we really want to build an arena in Frankfurt, then we need to seriously examine both locations, the Kaiserlei and the stadium, in order to decide on the best concept. Otherwise, we risk Elon Musk building a hall on Mars before it is built in Frankfurt.

Would Skyliners agree with Eintracht when it comes to running a stadium hall?

We are sure of that. First of all, we have already planned to run the Arena am Kaiserlei together with the Eintracht. In addition, we have worked very constructively with both Axel Hellmann from AG and Peter Fischer from eV for many years. That’s how we helped get the basketball department in Eintracht back a bit, as the eV was doing very poorly financially and everything was under scrutiny. On 21/22. May, our joint U-16 team is now in the top 4 for the German championship in the ball sports hall.

How do you currently assess the future prospects for the realization of your “green urban arena”?

We will fully support the efforts to build the arena at the stadium, we only ask that the necessary structural studies at Kaiserlei finally begin as Plan B and that the promised installation decision be commissioned. These studies are at least necessary for any kind of use on the Kaiserlei, whether it is an arena, a school or whatever is being built, because we can not afford to lose several years if the stadium of one or other reason should not work. Frankfurt needs a decision on an urban arena now.

When do Skyliners lose their patience?

He’s cunning.

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