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His winter transfer was worth gold: Ansgar Knauff scored important goals and made Eintracht more variable. Now he talks about the reasons for his move and meetings in the city.

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Knauff: “The expectation is huge”

Ansgar Knauff from Eintracht Frankfurt

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Ansgar Knauff can fill many roles. On Thursday at the media event in Frankfurt before the Europa League final, he was asked to send a greeting to Eintracht fans – of course from the final venue Sevilla. Knauff conducted his impromptu recitation professionally, but then had to repeat it because Frankfurt Stadium could be seen in the background during the greeting from Seville.

Shortly afterwards, the 20-year-old spoke in English about how impressive Rangers fans were, only to conclude: “In the end, they will say: Frankfurt was better.” Remember on and off the lawn. Knauff narrowed one eye.

Glasner and Krösche convince with the Europe argument

The loaned player could also become a brand ambassador or whip at Eintracht without fuss – and that is probably why he was selected for the media day. But much more importantly: Knauff sells very well, especially in the matches, he should, after all, revive nothing less than the long vacant right side of Frankfurt. His loan from Borussia Dortmund to Main is considered by many to be the best winter transfer of any Bundesliga club.

“I’ve discussed everything with the club, my adviser and my family, it was not an easy step, but now I’m just grateful to be able to experience everything here,” Knauff said on Thursday. Head coach Oliver Glasner and board member Markus Krösche convinced him in the talks, they also attracted attention with the upcoming Europa Cup matches in the Waldstadion. “I was excited about the magical nights with Eintracht in the Europa League. I could not really imagine it at first, but now I have personally experienced the power that this stadium and these fans can unleash.”

Knauff: “Will also take degrees in the final”

Knauff himself was not entirely uninvolved in this magic. In the home game against Barcelona in the quarter-finals, he scored with a potential “Goal of the Month” to 1-0. In the first match in London, he found his head right after the kick-off, despite his teammates amusing themselves over his weakness in the air. So twice, he paved the way for the next round, which got the MML podcasts to play on the words “Knauff as a door opener”. “Even in the finale, I just take my degrees, someone will slip in,” Knauff said – and there is no better way to describe his own fearlessness.

Eintracht not only benefits from its degrees, but is also no longer so predictable thanks to Knauff. In the first half of the season (or even in the pre-season) most of the attacks came from the left wing and thus Filip Kostic – the Serb can now take creative breaks from time to time. In the second match against West Ham, Knauff deliberately put an attack from the right behind the defense, Rafael Borré converted to 1-0 victory goal.

Dream goals and package formations

Shortly before the end, Knauff then had a good match with West Ham’s Said Benrahma because the opponent continued to play despite an injury in Frankfurt. Scratch, bite, shoot – the man who played with Dortmund’s second team in Verl in the winter has what it takes to become a favorite among Eintracht fans.

For even on his days off, he knows no touch anxiety. On Wednesday, Knauff ran through the city with his girlfriend and could hardly save himself from Frankfurt’s best wishes, as he reported. “You get the feeling that the whole city is really excited about the final. You can see from the people that they’re just having fun going this route with us,” he said Thursday.

Special motivation from Dortmund

He also received some motivational messages from his former colleagues in Dortmund. BVB were kicked out by Rangers in the knockout round play-off and even lost 4-2 at home. “Rangers have knocked out the top teams, they play with similar components as we do,” Knauff said. “Their victory against Dortmund gives me even more motivation. I will give everything that they do not beat us.”

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