Criticism of “Brexit” and Boris Johnson

( – Sebastian Vettel garnered a lot of sympathy during his appearance on the ‘BBC’ TV show ‘Question Time’, which is comparable to the German ARD format “Hart aber fair”. Not only because of his humorous manner, for example when he teased the British public about “Brexit”, but also because of his open handling of self-doubt.

Sebastian Vettel (far right) was a guest on a British political talk show


The topic of environmental protection and independence from Russian oil and gas is at stake when moderator Fiona Bruce Vettel attacks whether he is a hypocrite to raise such issues, when he is also a driver in what is probably the most fossil sport in the world, Formula 1 compete

Vettel reacts confidently to the audience’s laughter: “You’re right that you’re laughing,” he says – and admits that he questions his job every day: Racing is his great passion, “but when I get out of the car, I also likes, ‘Should we really do this, travel the world and waste resources?’

Traveling by the London Underground

Vettel took the subway to record the show in London. But the four-time Formula One world champion admits he is not always so mobile: “There are many things I can do better. Do I take the plane every time? No, not if I can drive a car. Some things I have are under control, some things are not. “

Vettel believes it is legitimate to question Formula 1. Whether or not it is necessary for you to fly an entire travel convoy through the world of race cars. “Questions that I also ask myself,” he emphasizes. On the other hand, not everything about Formula 1 is bad. For example, entertainment was again offered as one of the first sports in the pandemic.

“We were among the first to start when many people’s heads were exploding. I’m not saying that Formula 1 is so important when it comes to bringing entertainment to the world. But there are many areas in entertainment – sports, culture , cabaret – it could not take place and many people were missing. If we did not have it, we would go crazy. “

Vettel: The audience laughs at his side

The show is also partly about British domestic politics. For example, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s controversial COVID garden party was discussed, Vettel put on his mischievous laugh and said, “When you’re in the position, there are just certain things you can not bring!”

On the subject of “Brexit”, which is being discussed emotionally between the audience and the politicians present, Vettel must laugh – analogously: “You got yourself in the shit, now you have to do it again!” Instead of buh, Vettel received applause and encouragement from the spectators present for the request to speak.

He urges the British to resume dialogue with the EU, and with regard to environmental protection, which is close to him, he calls for the earliest possible phasing out of fossil fuels: “The solutions are there. In Britain, there is a real gold mine, namely wind power.”

Mention of Austria on the subject of energy

Vettel is aware that each country has different benefits in the energy sector – citing Austria as one example: “They have the Alps and they have water. They can pump the water up the mountain, store it there – and let it flow down again. , when they need energy. ” Elsewhere you have a lot of sun and can therefore rely on sun.

Vettel does not think much about Russian energy supply. First, because they indirectly finance the war in Ukraine. According to the Formula 1 driver, innocent people die every day and all other arguments are secondary, even if they have to be taken very seriously. It is clear to him, he says, that politics must solve complex problems.

Vettel is against energy supplies from Russia

In his view, there is no alternative to switching to renewable energy, “not only to become more independent, but also so that we can continue to live on a habitable planet in the future”. In his opinion, many have not yet understood that fossil fuels will be much more expensive for humanity in the long run than renewable.

In his opinion, renewable energy sources should be described as “peace or freedom energy” because, firstly, many oil wars have been fought in the past and, secondly, a stable and sustainable long-term energy supply is the only option for affordable electricity and gasoline, especially for low-wage wills.

Becoming independent of fossil fuels is also important for political reasons. Britain gets most of its energy from Norway. Even there you can not know who will be in power at some point, says Vettel – as many did not come with Vladimir Putin, despite what he thought were sufficient warning signs …

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