Baumgart: “The dogs are named after the players”

Steffen Baumgart (50) has found his “cap” at 1. FC Köln. In “FE: male view on football”, the head coach tells Effzeh about the enthusiasm in the city, the height of the fall and the “best job in the world”.

He is also extremely open on the podcast microphone: Cologne head coach Steffen Baumgart.
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1. FC Köln will play in Europe next season, it was already clear last weekend. The wave of success that the people of Cologne are currently surfing seems hard to stop. “A course that was not predictable. Insane!” says Baumgart in the current section “FE: male view of football”. “Cologne is a big challenge for me. It’s the biggest challenge I’ve had in my career so far.” But at the same time one that Baumgart enjoys with every single fiber in his body.

The passionate, always emotionally charged Rostocker talks in Cologne about “the world’s best job”. “What’s next? Not much,” says Baumgart, adding: “Except: keep this job as long as possible.” There is currently little to prevent Baumgart from leading the Effzeh to success in the medium term. His secret recipe in dealing with the team? “The important thing is that both will. Most of the people I know want clear words instead of rumbling around. And they also want to be able to express their own opinion. You have to include them in all areas and have fun.”

We can talk about carnival, about the cathedral, but the biggest thing in this city is this club.

However, Baumgart also meets the current hype with humility. “I like to talk about the decline we are reaching here at the moment,” said the former SC Paderborn coach: “For many, Cologne is the hottest club in the world. In this city, the club is the biggest hub. We can talk about carnival talk about the cathedral, but the biggest thing in this city is this club. And it also unites the city. It’s not like that everywhere either. Everyone is a Cologne fan. The dogs are named after the players. And now the people have the chance to see the club , where they always wanted it to be. ”

FE: Han # 09 - Steffen Baumgart

May 13, 202242:51 minutes

FE: Han # 09 – Steffen Baumgart

This is just crazy! This is how the head coach of 1. FC Köln describes participating in the European competition. During our visit to Geißbockheim, we spoke in detail with Steffen Baumgart about the club’s impressive sporting success, the height of the decline, and how he feels the passion and affection of the people of Cologne. In addition, the 50-year-old explains what values ​​are important to him in team management, how he calms down after another 90 minutes of full gas on the sidelines, and when he pampers himself with a whiskey and cigar. Baumgart also provides authentic insight into his happy family life and humorously reveals how life with his daughter works, why there were times when his wife earned the money, and that even his mother-in-law loves him.

But Baumgart is also someone who thinks far beyond the away game in Stuttgart on Saturday (15.30, LIVE! By kicker). The fire in him does not seem to disappear for the time being: “I just want to be a coach. If it’s a Premier League club after my Bundesliga career, then I will do it too. The important thing is that I like to do it “That, what I’ve always wanted to be, is a coach.” First as long as possible in Cologne.

In the current episode “FE: male view of football” Baumgart also talks about how he spends his time after the Bundesliga final, how the life together with his daughter works and what makes Steffen Baumgart tick. The entire episode is now available on all digital kicker channels and on Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Podimo and iTunes!

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