Ticker: Real Marid’s runaway victory seals Levante’s relegation

Real Madrid finished FC Levante on the 36th match day. Almost like in a training game, Blancos combines through the series of “granotas”. Only Real’s overhead and offside mishaps as well as the strong performance from goalkeeper Daniel Cárdenas prevented even more goals. You can read the entire course of the game in the REAL TOTAL live ticker.


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ENOUGH! It was a picture book victory. Real Madrid with a throbbing victory against Levante, but with a bitter aftertaste to “Granotas”, because it means that the Valencia team can no longer be averted from relegation. For the team in white, however, the evening shows once again: This Real Madrid can hardly be overcome this season.


Luka Modrić does magic again and sends three of the six goals – Photo: IMAGO / CordonPress

87 Mariano also tries his luck from the second row. Real Madrid do not strike with long-range shots more than Levante today, but every single attempt so far has been dangerous.

82. HAT TRIC! GOOOOOOOOOL DE VINÍCIUS JUNE! 6-0 is served to the Brazilian on a silver platter. After a hair-raising ball attempt, the winger does not need much more and only pushes in after a short dribble.

80 And Peter tries it! In his third appearance for the first team, the 19-year-old dribbles in via the right half, but shoots the ball over the field.

78. Small addition: Unfortunately, Luka Modric received a yellow card shortly before he was replaced and missed Sunday’s match against Cádiz.

75 Double change at Real Madrid: Luka Modric says goodbye to the match with three assists, replaced by Castilla player Peter Carmona. Toni Kroos replaces Fede Valverde, who unfortunately could not find his reward today.

67. VINÍCIUS MEETS SECOND TIME !!! GOL DEL REAAAAAL MADRID! Prize question: Who has a part of the goal? Of course, Luka Modric. And what would a Luka Modric be without an outside wrist, a hit! The score, however, goes to striker colleague Karim Benzema, who after a small dance in a one-on-one against Cárdenas plays the last pass.

65 After 20 minutes in the second half, it is clear that Levante still do not have access to the game and do not even know how to use the gaps that Real Madrid offer in a few moments. The blanks shift a gear down, but do not lose one percent of the joy of playing.

62 Well deserved closing time for Rodrygo! Mariano is allowed half an hour more.

59 Real leaves a hole and Alejandro Cantero dribbles into the penalty area where he then shoots, but the shot goes just past Courtois’ goal.

57. Next offside goal !! This time it is Vinícius who just barely has his shoulder in the forbidden zone.

55. Karim Benzema plays a sugar pass to Rodrygo, who is completely free in front of the goalkeeper and tries to complete the feat with a lob. Unfortunately, it does not work.

51. This does not bring a shot on goal, but Levante has the ball. It is Pepelu who tries from a distance. It was better, but still too imprecise. Levante has no ideas.

49 Rodrygo enters from the right, puts the ball in on Benzema, who sends it directly to Luka Modric. His shot is rejected by Cárdenas for a corner kick.

47 Levante tries it from a distance in the form of Enis Bardhi. But the ball goes too far over it.

46 We are back! Real comes out of the cabin without change. Levante, on the other hand, made two changes in the first half.

half time! A first half that was not expected. An invisible Levante concludes four goals and opposes nothing. There is not much to see of relegation “fight”. But Blancos sparkles with creativity – the center of this game: Luka Modric, who gave three assists. Will Real spare “Azulgranas” a bit in the second half? See you in a moment!

45 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! AND NOW MAKE VINÍCIUS! And again, Luka Modric begins, making an extremely strong play. The pass is perfect and Vinícius pushes into the corner from the far left.

41 Fede Valverde’s second overhead! Only a few centimeters are missing! But the fact that Valverde is capable of shooting so freely is a testament to Valencia’s performance.

Vinicius Real Madrid Enlarge

Real Madrid play themselves crazy in the first half. 3-0 after 40 minutes – Photo: IMAGO / NurPhoto

37 Luka Modric almost rewards itself! Cárdenas saves the free kick, but Valverde almost uses the riposte, which just sends it out. Strong save by the Levante goalkeeper.

33. 3-0 REAL MADRID, GOOOOOOOOL THE RODRYGO GOES !!! For the second time in this match, Luka Modric is involved in the goal, which can move almost freely in the penalty area. No one interferes, and then the pass to Rodrygo is free, who just has to keep his footing.

30 Rodrygo’s offside goal, which runs into the interface and is run by Karim Benzema. But there is no doubt about this decision.

28 Levante grabbed the ball for a moment. The attempt to play forward through the middle fails however and instead it goes in the other direction again. Vinícius has a shot deflected off target.

25 Next chance. Rodrygo lays flat on Reals number 9, but he just misses the target.

23 Carlo Ancelotti’s team is very resourceful, combines well and always manages to get the ball into the penalty area. Levante does not get a respite here.

22 And it continues. Vinícius has a shot, but Cárdenas saves. Another corner. Levante did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans.

19 BUT NOW! 2-0 KARIM BENZEMA. GOOOOOOOL! Vinícius Júnior strikes the excellent cross and Benzema completes. Thus, the Frenchman scores goal # 323 and officially catches up with Real Madrid legend Raúl!

18 And again there is a free kick for Levante, but Valverde heads the ball out of the box. Los Blancos’s transfer is good, but Karim Benzema does not manage to get the ball on goal.

15. And Fat Valverde is almost 2-0! After a corner kick, Luka Modric puts in a great cross, but Valverde’s shot bounces off the post. Pity!

13. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL FERLAND MENDY !!! 1: 0 to Real after almost a quarter of an hour! After Camavinga won the ball powerfully on the edge of his own penalty area, Luka Modric increases the pace and sends the pass to Mendy, who nights safely!

9. A free kick is awarded after Vallejo defeated Levantes Melero close to the 16th century. Which is deflected and leads directly to the corner, but after a handball by Dani Gómez the goal kick continues.

7. The first standard in the game goes to Levante. But the corner brings nothing. A pretty calm start to the game so far.

5. Camavinga with a long ball from behind to Karim Benzema, who would like to have Luka Modric with, but then the ball is lost.

2. First chance for Real! Karim Benzema shoots from outside the box, but Levante goalkeeper Daniel Cárdenas clears it.

1. And let’s go! Real Madrid as usual in white and Levante in blue and red. Karim Benzema picked up the player’s trophy of the month before the match. More than deserved!

Good day! As announced by Levante coach Alessio Lisci, there is “Pasillo” from the opponent, which was rejected by Atlético Madrid last week.

REAL MADRID LINEUP: Here’s how Los Blancos line up in the penultimate home game of the season: Courtois – Vázquez, Vallejo, Nacho, Mendy – Valverde, Camavinga, Modric – Rodrygo, Benzema, Vinicius.

Bench: Lunin, Fuidias, Militao, Gila, Casemiro, Kroos, Peter, Mariano, Jović.

With Militão, Casemiro and Kroos, three regulars are allowed to take a break, while Courtois, Mendy, Valverde, Modrić, Benzema and Vinícius return to start-11.

STAFF: Now on the last piece, Carlo Ancelotti has to stuff a few holes in the starting line-up, but it still allows the coach, who has often been criticized for his lack of flexibility, the opportunity to rotate a bit. Whole eight players absence: isco, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale are still not operational. In defense, three players are left out: Marcelo, David Alaba and Dani Carvajal. Daniel Ceballos still aches the hind thigh and Marco Asensio joins the injury list with ankle problems. The coach has an opportunity against Levante “to give minutes to those who did not play Atlético” and thus refers to the nuclear forces such as Karim Benzema, Vinicius Junior or Thibaut Courtois, who was rested against “Rojiblancos” in addition to others. As always, you can see the expected list and more detailed information about the staff situation in our preliminary report.

THE HERO! The final phase of the season begins and real Madrid get it this English week UD Levant to do. In the first match, “Granotes” had already put a small exclamation mark, the match ended 3: 3. This LaLiga season, only FC Barcelona managed to give Los Blancos more goals. In addition, Carlo Ancelotti is struggling with some staffing concerns and, in addition to the last three matches of the season, still has to master the balance with preparation for the Champions League final. However, the Italian is clearly focusing on the press conference: “We have dedicated the time these days after the Atlético match exclusively to the match against Levante. (…) We are not preparing for the final at the moment, but are trying to win back players who are not ready for action at the moment. About the home game at the Santiago Bernabéu from 9.30 pm have a win in store for Real? Or can Levante, in the middle of a relegation battle in 20th place, also tease the Spanish champions in the second round? You can do this as usual REAL TOTAL– Follow live ticker and DAZN.



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Ticker: Real Marid’s runaway victory seals Levante’s relegation

Real Madrid finished FC Levante on the 36th match day. Almost like in a training game, Blancos combines through the series of “granotas”. Only Real’s overhead and offside mishaps as well as the strong performance from goalkeeper Daniel Cárdenas prevented even more goals. You can read the entire course of the game in the REAL TOTAL live ticker.

Ticker: Real Marids Kantersieg besiegelt Levantes Abstieg

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