These decisions are made in the Bundesliga final

Who will redeem the fourth Champions League ticket? In which European tournament does Union Berlin and Cologne end up? And who has to relegate to fight to stay in the Bundesliga? That’s what the last 34th match day has to offer.

Who stays in the league? Davie Selke or Stuttgart’s Sasa Kalajdzic (right).

FC Bayern are champions for the tenth time in a row, BVB are number two and newly promoted Fürth go straight back to the German lower house. These decisions have already been made before the last and 34th Bundesliga match day – as well as Leverkusen’s Champions League participation, Cologne’s return to Europe and Augsburg’s relegation.

However, there will still be plenty of excitement at the grand final this season, where the nine matches will be played again at the same time on Saturday at 15.30.

Champions League: Bayern, Dortmund, Leverkusen – and?

If you guessed before the season that Bayern Munich would move into the top class as champions and behind them Dortmund, Leverkusen and Leipzig, then the odds were not very high. With a match day left before the end of this season, it also looks like this CL four-pack.

And yet, there may still be a big surprise that was not expected at all: Because while FCB, BVB and Bayer 04 already have their tickets in their pockets, RB, who have 57 points, still need to get one. Do your homework: compete successfully in guest appearances with the Bielefeld team, which has not yet been completely relegated.

If the Saxons (goal difference of +35) get at least one point on Alm, the Champions League is safe. But if this duel is lost, SC Freiburg, who happen to be Leipzig’s DFB Cup finalists on Saturday a week later (May 21 at 8 pm) at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, have a great chance of winning the best class. For their part, Breisgauer (55 points, +13) needs a three-pointer in Leverkusen.

Cologne and Union: What can it be?

Out to Europe: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart gives instructions.

Out to Europe: Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart gives instructions.
IMAGO / Treese

Speaking of Freiburg and Leipzig: As both clubs, already qualified for European business through the league, meet in the cup final, there is still a Europa League ticket at the end, which is why Cologne is currently number seven (52 points , + 4) already to return to international football business can celebrate. Participation in the playoffs for the Conference League is at least safe.

For the Europa League, in addition to an away win for Stuttgarters, who are speculating in staying in the league, there must be a slip from Union Berlin (required at home against Bochum).

The Irons, who are set to play internationally for the second time in a row after another strong season (Conference League participation 2021/22), have 54 two points more than “Effzeh” and a slightly better goal difference (+5). However, the Köpenickers are only one point behind Freiburg and can still take fifth place. If only one of their own points or a defeat for the Union, Cologne has the chance to overtake.

Can Bielefeld create the miracle?

Following the results of the 33rd match day, VfB Stuttgart’s 2-2 draw against FC Bayern, Bielefeld’s chances of staying in the league have dropped to a minimum. Coach Marco Kostmann’s team (27 points, -26) has three points and seven goals behind the Swabians before the last act. The scenario against Wunder is therefore clear: While Stuttgart (30 points, -19) can not score against Cologne, Arminia needs not only a three-pointer against Leipzig, but also a sense of accomplishment with a clear result.

Is Hertha still slipping after Stuttgart?

Much more crucial is the question of who should move down. The trend here is clear: VfB (30 points, -19) has a much worse hand than Hertha, who are in 15th place (33 points, -33), but they have a clearly better goal difference.

Conversely, if the Berliners lose in Dortmund – BVB, who are already in second place, still have a goal to settle after the surprising 2: 3 shortly before Christmas – the Swabians would still be able to beat 1. FC Köln with their own victory ahead of theirs. home crowd they still saved. Then Felix Magath’s rescue mission in Berlin would go for two more rounds. The old lady, in turn, has one point to stay up in the league.

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