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Tennis Oberliga club TC BW Oberweier aims for the season’s first win / season opener for the district league team TSG Lahr / Emmendingen.

(tmm / rfu). It is the start of the season for the men from TSG Lahr / Emmendingen II in the first district league. Oberliga club TC BW Oberweier II, on the other hand, want to redeem themselves for their opening defeat.

TC BW Oberweier II – TC BW Donaueschingen. After the defeat in the first tennis league against Villingen, the Oberweiers are already a bit pressured before the match on Sunday (11 am). Coach Oliver Killeweit therefore has a clear wish for his team: “We want to beat Donaueschingen, so we have nothing to do with what happens in the table basement early.” In the first match, the guest clearly won 7: 2 over TC Singen. However, the Hohentwiel team is considered one of the weaker representatives in the league. With Sergio Mones (Peru), Donaueschingen posed with a foreign player last week alongside primarily young players. Oberweier hardly changes much in his lineup. Based on the experience of previous years, three wins should usually be enough to stay away from the bottom of the table.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen II – Freiburg TC II. For the Badenliga reserve, the season starts in the first district league with a home game on Sunday (9.30) in Emmendingen. Freiburg lost 7-2 to TC Ettenheim in their first match, and TSG coach Hernan Valenzuela is curious to see if the experienced Alexander Flamm will play as a top player again. “He can still play at a good level, you should not underestimate that,” said Valenzuela. The hosts’ goal is to leave Emmendinger Platz as the winner. To achieve this goal, the team receives one or the other reinforcement from the extended men’s squad I. “We would like to start with a victory if it is possible to secure ourselves immediately,” Valenzuela said. The exact composition of the team was agreed during the week, but TSG should be the favorite in almost all constellations. In light of the start with all its unmanageable things, Valenzuela says: “You can not assume that everything will go as planned immediately.”

TC BW Bohlsbach – TC Ettenheim. On the second match day of the first district league, there is a derby between TC BW Bohlsbach and TC Ettenheim on Sunday at 9.30. Both teams started the season successfully with clear victories, so this meeting already has the character of a top match. With yet another success, the winner of the match was able to say goodbye to the top regions of the table. At TC Ettenheim you can expect a small change in the row compared to the week before. Thomas Stec is on board again. Sebastian Schaller is not available for this.

TC Ettenheim – TC Freiburg-Schönberg II. After losing the opening match against Renchen, the Ettenheim women’s team made another attempt on Sunday at 9:30 to score points in the first district league. However, it will not be easy against the Badenliga reserve in TC Freiburg-Schönberg. As the Badenliga season has not started yet, the visitors could certainly strengthen with players from the first team. Should one or the other top player want to get combat training in Ettenheim at TC Schönberg, the chances of success for the TCE women would be very low. Team leader Lena Köbele is at least back in the Ettenheim team on Sunday.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen mod TSG Renchen / Rammersweier. After a successful start in Münstertal, the district league women in TSG Lahr / Emmendingen play their first home game on Sunday (9.30). Renchen already left Ettenheim a good distance back. Experience is a top priority for the guests, which a look at the table makes clear. Lahr’s coach, Hernan Valenzuela, is well known by Renchen / Rammersweier for several reasons: “We played against each other in the winter and I also coached some of the players. But that was a good ten years ago.” Valenzuela expect “an exciting task” as the visitors already indicated their qualities in the first match. In the individual block, much depends on the form of the day, “I assume that much is possible in one direction or another,” says Valenzuela. In terms of staff at TSG Lahr / Emmendingen, top player Klara Schneiderchen will hardly change in relation to the first meeting.

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