News: Yoga for cancer patients as a coaching program in the Mika app


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News: Yoga for cancer patients as a coaching program in the Mika app

Feel better in your own body despite chemo, surgery & Co.

Berlin, 06.12.2021 – Yoga helps cancer patients – this has been proven by several studies. Therefore, yoga is also reflected in the oncological guidelines. However, cancer patients have very individual requirements, so most “normal” yoga courses, whether digital or in the yoga studio, are not suitable for them. Some patients have limitations in their mobility, eg due to surgery, others are so exhausted from chemotherapy and radiation therapy that they want to do the exercises at their own pace. That is why the well-known yoga teacher and author Gaby Nele Kammler specializes in yoga for cancer patients – and now also supports them in the Mika app, the digital cancer assistant on prescription.

Part of the digital coaching: theme “Yoga with cancer”

“Yoga helps you feel much better physically and emotionally during cancer,” says Gaby Kammler. “Therefore, I was happy that together with Mika’s team I developed a yoga with a cancer theme.”

Theme travel is one of the essential parts of Mika. They can be described as a kind of digital coaching that is available anytime and anywhere via a smartphone app. Each theme is dedicated to a key topic such as “reducing fatigue”, “gaining control” or “activating sources of strength”. They offer mindfulness, movement or relaxation units, explanatory and informative contributions as well as diary and diary exercises that build on each other.

The new theme is dedicated to oncological yoga and includes breathing, body and relaxation exercises. They can help to improve the course of the disease, specifically alleviate side effects during treatment and increase patients’ general well-being. An advantage of the digital yoga program is that cancer patients can discover and implement it themselves in a familiar environment at home. You can focus on the exercises that are good for you. “Anyone can do yoga – no matter how limited or weakened you are,” explains Gaby Kammler. The theme journey is lovingly tailored to the physical and emotional challenges associated with cancer. “Yoga is a part of everyday life,” says Gaby Kammler. “The Mika app makes it possible.”

The yoga theme journey runs over a total of three stages, each consisting of three elements: an introduction, instructions for exercises in audio or video format with a checklist and a more detailed explanation at the end of the stage. The three stages are “Feel your body!”, “Calm your mind!” and “Close to your soul!”.

Evidence-based support for cancer: digital support and yoga work

A recent pilot study of gynecological oncology at the Berlin Charité provides clear indications that regular use of the Mika app can increase the health-related quality of life for patients with cancer and relieve mental stress. (1)

The oncology guidelines program (2) lists numerous studies and meta-studies that show that yoga exercises can help patients, especially in the areas of health-related quality of life and fatigue during and after cancer treatment. A 2019 American Cancer Society meta-study, comprising a total of 29 individual gold standard studies (RCTs), confirms the effectiveness of yoga for various disease- and treatment-related conditions.

About Gaby Kammler

Gabriele Nele Kammler is an internationally certified yoga teacher and also a consultant for the German Cancer Aid Association. She works as a guest lecturer on the topic “Yoga and cancer”, is co-author of the book “Cancer: Together we are strong” and has published several articles in magazines. Her yoga studio is in Cologne, where she teaches Hatha, Sivananda and Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga and elements of Kundalini Yoga. She has also trained other yoga teachers in oncological yoga for about six years. Prior to that, she worked in the medical field service for about twenty years, also in the field of oncology.

About the Mika app

Mika is a subsidized personal therapy companion in oncology. The first and so far only digital health application for all cancer patients can be prescribed as a so-called “app on prescription” by doctors and psychotherapists. Statutory health insurance companies provide the activation code for the app and cover the costs. Mika has been developed by the digital healthcare company Fosanis in collaboration with leading oncology research institutions and tumor centers such as the Berlin Charité and Leipzig University Hospital. In addition to imparting knowledge, the app accompanies those affected during their illness with scientifically proven methods and validated techniques for therapy management. The program includes exercise training, nutritional recommendations and mindfulness exercises. Further information on Mika’s website:

Editor’s note: We are happy to put you in touch with doctors and patients who tell you about their experience with Mika.

About Fosanis GmbH

The digital healthcare company Fosanis GmbH was founded in 2017 by Dr. Gandolf Finke and Dr. Jan Simon Raue and aims to support people who have been diagnosed with cancer using digital technologies. For this purpose, Fosanis GmbH has developed the smartphone app Mika. The app gives patients knowledge, tips and exercises for everyday life to experience a better quality of life despite cancer. To do this, the app combines machine learning with a knowledge database of verified oncological and psycho-oncological content. The content has been developed in collaboration with leading oncology research institutions and tumor centers such as the Berlin Charité and Leipzig University Hospital. Fosanis GmbH is headquartered in Berlin and employs 23 people. Further information at and



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