New fitness center opened in Essen-Rüttenscheid

Essen-Rüttenscheid has a new fitness center. Instead of doing their exercises alone, the members here do circuit training in groups.

A new fitness center has opened on Alfredstraße 62. Owner Alexander Hüsgen (27) offers functional circuit training in his “More Training” studio: exercises relevant to everyday life, done in small groups with a trainer.

Hüsgen completed his master’s degree in Sport Business Management. Even during his bachelor’s degree, he attended several higher education courses and held courses in other gyms. Over time, the desire to start his own business grew in him. “Some things bothered me about others. The way the tracks were run, the mood, the look,” says the native Schönebeck.

Rüttenscheider Studio relies on a mixture of strength and endurance

With “More Training”, members can theoretically also come to train on their own. In practice, however, there is a focus on the courses. However, he places great emphasis on the members being accompanied by a coach. The exercises are deliberately kept close to everyday life, Hüsgen explains: “You would not make a movement like bending your arm in everyday life, for example. Deadlift, on the other hand, does it if you bend over. ” The same goes for squats and lunges. In general, you also work a lot with your own body weight in the studio, for example with exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups.

A maximum of 12 participants can participate in each course. The main course is called “Strength and Conditioning” and contains a mixture of strength and endurance exercises. First you warm up together, then comes the strength part. Here, for example, squats or deadlifts are performed with weights. This is followed by circuit training, which consists of two to four exercises performed alternately. This can include rowing, push-ups or what is known as kettlebell swings (an exercise where you swing a heavy ball using multiple muscle groups).

Olympic weightlifting and fat burning courses in Essen

There is also an Olympic weightlifting class where participants practice lifting a barbell over their heads using snatch and jab movements, just like the Olympic lifting. At the end of the “Gymnastics” course, the focus is on burning fat. Endurance is trained in exercises with your own body weight, including “burpees” (a combination of squats, push-ups and stretching), pull-ups or handstands. If weights are used, they are lighter than on the “Strength and Fitness” course, but you do the exercises longer or more often.

“When you are accompanied by a trainer, it is much more strenuous than when you train on your own. The motivation is also completely different,” Hüsgen emphasizes. In addition, the training is safer if the instructor can intervene immediately by a possible misalignment.But “More Training” is also not price-wise comparable to large fitness chains.If you attend three training sessions per week, you pay 29 euros per week, for six training sessions you have to pay 35 euros per week.

Hüsgen talks about his target group: “People here have their own requirements for their training, and therefore they come regularly.” The new gym already had 50 members a week after opening. “My goal is 150 to 200,” says the owner. Several do not fit in the studio with about 300 square meters. In addition to courses for study members, he also offers corporate fitness for companies, personal training and nutrition counseling. If you are interested or would like to register, you can call 0162 8000747.

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