“For a lively club life”: What fascinates 373 Feldkirchen athletes in tennis

The newly elected board of the tennis department: (from left) Horst Nadjafi (chairman), Florian Soler (hall leader), Monika Schloßer (second youth leader), David Berger (first youth leader), Christina Bergbauer (first sports director). ), Andrea Rathgeb (treasurer), Dominik Schweiger (second chairman), Stefanie Schweiger (second sports guard), Carolin Schröther (sports guard) and Daniela Transiskus-Riering (secretary).

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373 active members – of which 140 are young – belong to the tennis department of TV Feldkirchen. What makes so many athletes in a small town like Feldkirchen play tennis of all things.

Feldkirchen – The management of TV Feldkirchen tennis club has reorganized and starts the summer season with clear concepts for leisure, team and tournament players. Sporting highlights can be expected in the teams of the state and the Bavarian league as well as in the DTB rankings tournament for active people and professionals at the end of the season.

The general meeting of the tennis department of TV Feldkirchen started with a big thank you to the long-standing board with Jochen Klinger and Ernst Zimmermann at the helm. The new board had already been formed last year, where the new election had to be canceled due to the corona virus, and was already working on a temporary basis.

Horst Nadjafi heads the tennis division

Under the chairmanship of Horst Nadjafi, all board positions were filled and unanimously confirmed at the general meeting. Immediately thereafter, the implementation of the new strategies and goals for the 2022/23 season began.

Horst Nadjafi, division manager for TV Feldkirchen: “Our biggest goal is a lively, sporty and profitable club life. For us, it includes involvement in children and young people – there are currently about 140 children and young people in education. With this, we lay a solid foundation for good mobility of our offspring, a sporty attitude and a high degree of fairness. We have some promising talents, but also a lot of children and young people who just want to have fun. ”

For the adults, the focus is not only on the teams, but also on a rapidly growing area for leisure players, which is supported by a number of training and event programs. Nadjafi: “We are particularly pleased that we were able to sign up even more teams this year and that we are represented in some of Bayern’s best leagues. We expect good meetings at our beautiful facility.”

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Particularly noteworthy are the teams of 1st women’s team (national league), men 30 (Bayernliga), men 50 (Bayernliga) and men 55 (Bayernliga). The summer season matches take place until July 20th. Those interested can find the exact schedule with information about home and away matches on the club’s website at www.tvfeldkirchen.de/termine-tennis.

Christina and David Bergbauer, first sports director and youth director at TV Feldkirchen, comment: “We are proud to be able to sign up for 19 teams. The number and commitment of the team captains and their team members underscores the growing interest and fun that tennis brings. ” The teams are coached by Goodball’s coaching staff led by Tobias Guggenhuber. Especially the matches in the higher classes are interesting and exciting to watch for spectators, tennis enthusiasts and local residents. For example, the Ladies I play for the first time in the state league and the clubs STK Garching (May 15), TC Rot-Weiß Eschenried (May 22), TC Grün-Weiss Gräfelfing (July 10) and TC Glückauf-Kropfmühl (17) await. July).

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Another sporting highlight is the DTB rankings tournament for active, which offers top-class sports at the highest level. The tournament, which takes place this year from 23 to 25 September, has a top-class field of participants and has taken place at the TV Feldkirchen facility since 2010. Tournament director David Bergbauer is in charge this year.

Nadjafi also thanked the sponsors, without whom neither the tournament nor the teams’ broad support would be possible. “A goal for our board is good profitability, so that we can continue to create a wide range of activities in the region from leisure to top sports, to ensure versatile support for our members of all ages and to be able to continue investing,” the division chief stressed. The TV Feldkirchen facility is idyllically situated on the outskirts between Feldkirchen and Westerham and has eight sand lanes, of which an air dome spans two lanes in winter.

200 athletes compete

The tennis section currently has 373 members, including 140 young people, over 200 team players and over 170 hobby players.

Anton Kammerloher, first chairman of the main club TV Feldkirchen, sums up: “The tennis department is well integrated into our local and regional events. I would like to thank the new board team, which brings a lot of fresh wind into our club, for their great commitment to the sport and our citizens.

Sports enthusiasts can find more information about events, teams and dates at www.tvfeldkirchen.de/sportangebote/tennis.

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