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After two days off, Eintracht Frankfurt start the mission to win the Europa League title. Coach Oliver Glasner decreed a week of full throttle and banned parties, Mainz 05 acted as sparring partner. This will happen over the next few days.

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Although there is no more at stake in the Bundesliga, the Eintracht Frankfurt team missed the last chance for a short holiday by the sea earlier this week. Unlike some FC Bayern professionals who had won the championship at Ibiza during the season, the Eintracht players listened to their coach and stayed in their Hessian homeland. Feet up instead of jugs up. “I told the players I would not read about a party outing,” coach Oliver Glasner said with a laugh before the two days off. But he was not really worried.

Because unlike Bayern, who so without critical questions can jet to the most beautiful beaches in the world after the last Bundesliga match on Saturday, Eintracht still has plans for the weekend. The Hessians will win the Europa League against Glasgow Rangers in Sevilla on May 18 and bring the first international title to Frankfurt since 1980. “That’s the big goal,” Glasner said. And everything is subordinate to this goal.

Glasner spends days off analyzing opponents

While the team spent Tuesday and Wednesday as agreed to regenerate mind and body, Glasner, his coaching staff and analysts worked intensively on the Scottish opponents in the final.

Observers from Frankfurt were already present at the Old Firm, the Glasgow derby between Rangers and Celtic, which Glasner revealed at the press conference after the home game against Gladbach (1-1) on Sunday. Their results and the conclusions from the Rangers matches in the Europa League were put together to form an overall picture. What are the strengths? Where are the vulnerabilities? Eintracht now knows that the theory and the battle plan are in place.

Eintracht dress rehearsal in Mainz

Glasner’s ideas will be implemented for the first time in training on Thursday. The final countdown starts at 11 a.m., then the week’s first unit is on the program. There are many media appointments for coaches, board members and some professionals before the final training session for the Bundesliga away game on Saturday (15:30) at. 1. FSV Mainz 05 is scheduled for Friday.

Sportingly, this Rhin-Main duel is not about anything, unlike the matches against Gladbach and Union Berlin, where Eintracht more or less gave the points away with a B-Elf, Mainz 05 should have some of Frankfurt Europe – Feel the league strength. “We take this as an absolute dress rehearsal and will also play there with our best team,” Glasner stressed. “We will go all the way to Seville until Wednesday.” It remains to be seen how many of the numerous sick professionals will actually show up. It’s important for Glasner to get back in rhythm.

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The Roman is ready

On Tuesday afternoon, the Frankfurt entourage continues towards Andalusia and the final city of Seville. As before the away games in FC Barcelona and in London against West Ham, Eintracht will still play the last training session at home in front of the arena and only then leave for the airport. Tuesday night there is still the obligatory match day press conference, kick-off for what Eintracht thinks is the biggest match of the century, reads Wednesday at. “We now have one more fight to bring the thing home,” Glasner said. “We want this trophy.”

If it succeeds and the trophy comes to Frankfurt, there will be a big reception with a mega fan party at Römer on Thursday night. It would be the culmination of a historic week.

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