Carlos Alcaraz caused a sensation with victories against Djokovic, Nadal and Zverev – that’s what makes the youngster so strong

Carlos Alcaraz has had a place in the record books since Sunday.

In the final of the ATP Masters in Madrid, the 19-year-old Spaniard swept no less than the Olympic champion Alexander Zverev in just 62 minutes (6: 3, 6: 1), thus crowning himself as the youngest champion on the gravel track classic in the Spanish capital.
In previous rounds, the shooting star had eliminated the combined 41-time Grand Slam champions Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic on their way to their second Masters triumph this year. Alcaraz is the first player since Argentine David Nalbandian in 2007 to beat three of the world’s top four in a Masters.


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In the final against Zverev, Alcaraz delighted the fans of Caja Mágica, who were already celebrating the youngster with chants in the first set, with several drop-shots and his 160 km / h forehand. It is not for nothing that the teenager is considered one of the “hard hitters” par excellence on the tour. However, these powerful baseline shots are far from the only thing that characterizes the Alcaraz phenomenon.

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Corretja sings Alcaraz’s award

“Alcaraz is superior to the other players at the moment. He moves much faster and always unpacks the right shot at the right time. He played very aggressively in Madrid and varied well. Despite that, he also defends excellently, which makes it so hard to get him to hit, “excited Eurosport expert Alex Corretja from his countryman.

Zverev can sing a song of this one that Alcaraz literally drove to despair in the final on Sunday with several volley stops and passing balls worth watching. Nevertheless, Corretja still sees potential for development in the top talent from Murcia.

“Of course he will still improve. He can be a little more patient and will earn even better over time. I think he masters the game very well now but he will continue to improve his understanding of the game in the future,” said he that the two-time French Open finalist continues.

Corretja explains: That’s why Alcaraz is currently the best on the tour

That may not bode well for competition on the ATP Tour. After all, Alcaraz is already turning the tennis world upside down – at the age of 19 – and has so far had the most individual successes (28) and the most tournament victories (4) in the calendar year 2022.

According to Corretja, the Spaniard’s secret behind success lies in his flexibility. “You have to be brave but patient at the same time. It’s not just about hitting, you sometimes have to vary it with high balls, dropshots and kick serves,” the insider continued, emphasizing:

“It’s not just about hitting with pure force, but about understanding the game and knowing when to use which shot. I feel like Alcaraz is the best on the tour right now because he masters it perfectly.”

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Alcaraz: Evert and Corretja impressed with their mental strength

It is therefore hardly surprising that the self-confidence of the teenager, who is already sixth in the world rankings, grows from tournament to tournament. “I see no boundaries for myself. I feel ready for the top players in every tournament, in every match, on every surface,” Alcaraz said recently.

Corretja sees the mental strength as another reason for the Madrid champion’s winning streak: “He is very calm on the pitch, but at the same time aggressive. This is good news for a player when you are in control and want to:” Okay, if I plays well, I end up winning. ‘ That is exactly the case with Alcaraz at the moment. “

The American icon Chris Evert agreed with the 48-year-old: “I think it’s the quality of a champion to have confidence in himself. All the great masters who have long established themselves at the top of the world, like a Roger Federer, a “Nadal, a Martina Navratilova or a Steffi Graf had that belief in themselves. I think it is innate and that belief is in him too,” she added. Eurosport.

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French Open: Alcaraz ready for the big hit?

In just under two weeks, the French Open will be held in Paris (May 22 to June 5 live on free TV on Eurosport 1 and on Eurosport on Joyn) on the program, where Alcaraz is without a doubt one of the favorites for the title.

The question arises, however, whether the Spaniard at the age of 19 is able to perform at the highest level for two weeks. He even gave the clear answer after his last success in Madrid: “I am ready to win a Grand Slam. That is one of my goals this year,” Alcaraz was bursting with confidence.

It is possible that Roland-Garro’s history books will soon be rewritten.

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