Young life in Schäftlarn – trailer and beach volleyball, roof – Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen

Schäftlarn has 5,913 inhabitants, of which 450 are between 12 and 18 years old. Most of them have not yet been able to vote in the local elections. But they have wishes for the new municipal council.

“Schäftlarn has really good offers for young people, especially when it comes to sports,” says Jakob Lenzen. The 18-year-old sits with five other young people from Schäftlarn in front of the local baker. Clara Dobe disagrees: “Not for girls.” The 16-year-old wants a women’s football team. When she was younger, she played with the boys, but they were too good for her, it’s too far for her to go to the next club in Wolfratshausen. Florence Schumacher is similar: she used to play gymnastics, but the club mainly offers groups for younger people.

For primary school students there are 415 in number, in Schäftlarn there are, among other things, taekwondo, children’s gymnastics, various clubs at the school, the scouts and church groups. For the older students, it seems that when they talk, there is a lack of offers.

The young people agree: More volleyball would be good. There is already a beach volleyball court in Schäftlarn. “The place is really cozy. But it gets pretty hot in the summer,” says Jakob Lenzen. Schäftlarner Turn- und Sportverein (TSV) rents a hall in Icking for youth volleyball training. But the training does not take place. There is no youth coach.

A hall with the neighbors, but no coach, a basketball hoop, but without lights: The Schäftlarn youths (from left) Paul Dobe, Klara Dobe, Quirin Karwat, Florance Schumacher, Jakob Lenzen and Xaver Lenzen tell where they still have room for improvement in society see.

(Photo: Harry Wolfsbauer)

Basketball is also a popular sport among young people. TSV basketball players meet in the gym in Schäftlarn Monastery. There is a single basketball hoop on the sports fields at the clubhouse in Hohenschäftlarn. Paul Dobe complains that the basketball court is only half a court, and there are no floodlights for it either. Opposite the basketball hoop is a halfpipe for skaters. But, says Clara Dobe, there are almost no skateboarders in Schäftlarn. “I’ve seen one,” says the 16-year-old student at Ickinger Gymnasium. “There used to be more when I was little.”

The trend, on the other hand, goes to tricks with mountain bikes. But the young people want more paths. The football players among them are also hoping for more seats. The younger ones play on the fenced football pitches, says Jakob Lenzen. The elderly, however, would switch to the free lawn next door. Paul Dobe suggests a sports hall to which anyone can borrow a key against deposit, for example to play basketball or volleyball. The 14-year-old is in the scouts with Quirin Karwat. “We always do pretty cool things there,” Quirin says. As for sports, 13-year-old Quirin is of the opinion: If you really want to, you can. “I drive to Munich three times a week to play ice hockey.” Jakob Lenzen is a student at the Technical University of Munich and commutes a lot. He interjects: “I’m on the go longer than I do sports.”

young in figures

Schäftlarn municipality currently has 150 children aged between zero and three years. 196 young people from Schäftlarn are of kindergarten age, and there are also 415 primary school students in Isar Valley municipality. The society lists 244 young people between the ages of 12 and 15, and there are currently 206 between the ages of 16 and 18. It is based on a total population of 6,000. constant. meh

In addition to sports facilities, the six young local residents above all want a room only for young people. “We do not have a place in Schäftlarn where you can meet in peace without being disturbed,” says 15-year-old Xaver Lenzen. The six often meet with their friends at Isar or on the sports fields in the TSV clubhouse. In Pullach, the Treibhaus café is a popular meeting place. In Wolfratshausen, it was Chilli’s Tex-Mex Bar that had to close. In the Neufahrn district of Schäftlarn there is a caravan for young people. The residents of Hohenschäftlarn would also like to have such a trailer on the edge of the forest, with a trail for dirt jump cyclists. The young people worked on this at an election event organized by the Green Party, in which Xaver, Quirin and Paul participated.

On her wish list is also a safe bathing spot. “There used to be an outdoor pool on Isar. Something like that would be really cool,” says Clara. It’s also important for the 16-year-old to say, “I want Schäftlarn to do more for the environment.” Society could plant green spaces more sensibly, “not with such strange artificial flowers.” She is also in favor of a youth council that has the right to co-determine and vote from the age of 16 at the municipal level, “because that is also our future,” she argues. The young people agree: they want to live in Schäftlarn in the future. The connection to Munich, the proximity to nature and: the community on site. All this makes Schäftlarn a great place for them to stay. They object, however: Schäftlarn is expensive. “I do not know what to do,” Clara says. “I do not know if I can afford Schäftlarn then.”

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