Villeneuve sees a change of guard at Mercedes


Change of guard at Mercedes?

At least that’s what Jacques Villeneuve thinks, who writes in his column for “It seems that a champion’s luck has run out for Lewis. He has no momentum and nothing goes to him.”

Most recently in Miami, he was able to surpass his teammate George Russell in qualifying, but then fell behind him again in the race. It was the fourth time in a row that Hamilton landed behind his teammate.

“Lewis is a racer and a champion. He knows what needs to be done. We will see if he still has the energy to do it,” said Villeneuve, who believes Hamilton is still in the missing World Cup in 2021, who must nibble.

“He’s bitter and thinks the title was stolen from him,” said the 1997 world champion. Hamilton carried that burden with him all winter. And that does not make the current situation easier for him.

His conclusion: “George Russell is currently riding a wave and Lewis Hamilton is not trying to go under.”


All the best!

We stay in the Red Bull cosmos: Congratulations to Yuki Tsunoda, who is celebrating her 22nd birthday today. The Japanese did not have an easy race in Miami, but surprisingly, he is still ahead of his teammate Pierre Gasly in the World Cup.

By the way: In the history of Formula 1, only three Japanese came on the podium. Aguri Suzuki (Japan 1990), Takuma Sato (USA 2004) and Kamui Kobayashi (Japan 2012). There has never been a Japanese victory.

You can find such exciting statistics in our large Formula 1 database!

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Today, eight years ago …

Speaking of victories, Hamilton won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2014 eight years ago – his fourth race in a row. At the same time, the Briton took the lead in the World Cup.

This is special because Hamilton led a world championship for the first time in the hybrid era. At the end of the season he was to be named world champion – and in the following years the most successful Formula 1 driver ever …

8:49 p.m.

Grosjean would not have come back

When Haas spontaneously had to have a replacement for Nikita Masepin this winter, the choice fell on Kevin Magnussen. His ex-teammate Romain Grosjean has now revealed he would not have been interested in a Haas comeback.

“I talk to Günther sometimes [Steiner]once or twice a year, “he told, explaining that he congratulated Steiner on Haas being up there again this year.

But: “I want to win races,” he clarifies, revealing: “Many have asked me if I would like to return to Haas. […]. But I want the chance to win races every weekend. “

The Frenchman is still waiting for his first victory in the IndyCar series. In just over a year, however, he has already been on the podium four times. That would probably not be possible with Haas.


This has not been the case since 2016!

We just mentioned it: Hamilton finished the last four races after his teammate. That has not been the case since 2016, when Nico Rosberg even finished ahead of Hamilton in five consecutive races.

At that time, the German was in the lead in Spa, Monza, Singapore, Sepang and Suzuka, thus laying the foundation for his world title. Hamilton did not come up with anything after four wins in the last four races.

Rosberg’s successor Valtteri Bottas never managed to beat Hamilton so many times in a row.

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