Villeneuve sees a change of guard at Mercedes

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25 years ago today …

… Rubens Barrichello finished second at the 1997 Monaco Grand Prix and took the first podium for the then new Stewart team. This is worth mentioning because the team later became Jaguar and has been competing as Red Bull since 2005.

Barrichello’s podium was the first minor success for the Milton Keynes team. Strange: In the four previous races, neither Barrichello nor teammate Jan Magnussen had even seen the checkered flag once!

Right at the first finish line in the team’s history, one could look forward to a trophy. Michael Schumacher won the race for Ferrari, teammate Eddie Irvine – who would later also drive for Jaguar – finished third.


Alpine annoyed by Alonso penalty kick

The Spaniard finished eighth on Sunday – but dropped out of the top 10 due to two penalties in five seconds. The team is especially annoyed by the second penalty when Alonso got an advantage off the field.

It’s “hard to accept,” says Laurent Rossi, explaining: “Fernando has it [gewonnene] Time returned under his lap. “However, Alpine was not given the opportunity to present the relevant evidence.

Because the race stewards pronounced a penalty without questioning. “We are very confident that Fernando would have retained his ninth place if we had had the opportunity to explain it,” Rossi said.

The irritation is completely understandable.

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Albon: Melbourne was the biggest surprise

The Williams driver achieved P9 in Miami, the best result since his comeback. Earlier, in tenth place in Melbourne, he had already scored his first World Cup point after returning home. “I’m super happy,” he beams.

“If you look at the whole weekend, I would say it was much less surprising than in Melbourne,” said Albon, who had previously finished in the top 10 several times in training in Miami.

“Of course we were a little lucky,” he admits regarding the chaotic final phase in Miami, including the safety car. In the end, though, the point was “well-deserved” and not just luck.

Because Williams only lived up to the expectations of qualifying. During the race, however, the pace was good enough for the top 10 again. “It looks very positive,” he nods contentedly.


Verstappen reaches the top 20

The Dutchman set the 18th fastest lap of his career in Miami. He came on par with David Coulthard and reached the top 20 in this category. Number 19 would then be a very special one.

Because he wanted to level with, among others, Damon Hill, Stirling Moss and Ayrton Senna. It will probably be many years before he can attack Michael Schumacher’s 77 at some point …

Here is his Miami round again in its entirety in the video:


Miami “clearly below the F1 standard”

The new race track in Miami is not well received by everyone. Expert Christian Danner is also one of the critics and explains on ‘RTL’: “Everything that sparkles is not gold. There was a lot of artificial show that was okay and fun.”

“But the racetrack was clearly below the F1 standard,” he says, explaining that “from the asphalt to the route” many things in Miami were “really not good.” His clear conclusion: “The pure motorsport was not exciting.”

Let’s see if the organizers can do better for 2023.


Perez: No hurry with the new contract

Speaking of contracts, Perez’s expires at the end of the year. “We have started talking, but we are not in a hurry,” the Red Bull driver reveals in this context.

In any case, his chances should not be bad, for Helmut Marko reminds ‘ServusTV’: “We hired him last year as a reliable provider of points and help to Max. He did it perfectly.”

“And in one year he has taken a significant step forward. He is within one or two tenths of Max, delivering great races. So we are very satisfied,” said the Austrian.

It does not necessarily sound like an impending breach. It’s obviously bad for drivers like Gasly, who also have an eye on the other cockpit next to the Verstappen.


The most successful Ferrari drivers

It’s not at all unlikely that Monegasse will make it into our top 10 photo series this year. But: If he wants to be number one in this at some point, his contract will not last until 2024…

Photo gallery: Top 10: Most Formula 1 victories for Ferrari


Leclerc draws level with Vettel

The Monegasque got his twelfth pole for Ferrari on Saturday – and was equal to Vettel, who also had 12 poles during his time in Maranello. One can therefore assume that he will soon surpass his ex-teammate.

But: In terms of victory, Vettel is still clearly ahead with 14: 4. The same goes for the podium rankings (55:17). Until his current Ferrari contract expires, which runs until the end of 2024, he could pass Vettel in all respects.

By the way: With 14 victories, Vettel is the most successful Ferrari driver who has never won the world championship for Scuderia.

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