Vikings win on AFL points record

133 points in Innsbruck, seven more for the Vikings against the Raiders. The Tyroleans have scored 15 touchdowns in their first two AFL matches and lost both. The Vikings, on the other hand, get 2-0.

The Vikings drive Jordan back with a record performance
Vikings RB # 23 Devontae Jordan ran on and off of all: The American recorded 7 touchdowns and 464 rushing yards in the stats today.
Photo: Hannes Jirgal

In the offensive view, there is one Viking in particular who stands out when you look at the statistics: American import players Devontae Jordan. The running back scored seven (!) Touchdowns and recorded 464 rushing yards in 24 runs (averaging 19.3 years). When Devontae was asked about his individual top performance, Devontae passed on all praise to his teammates: “It was a big, hard fought team win today and the credit goes to the O-Line, but now it’s back to training so we can get better on both sides of the match. I look forward to the next game and hope we can improve our performance against the Salzburg Ducks.

“We had to play smart and were basically able to handle it“commented Dacia Vikings head coach Ivan Zivko the showdown in Innsbruck. “However, it was an entertaining game for fans In the end, we were a little bit better and therefore deserved to win. We are happy with the result and the team is happy. But now we’re concentrating on the next game – our first home game – against the Ducks on April 30th.

Florian Grein, In his statement, the head coach of the Raiders brought up perhaps the most appropriate comparison: “If you look at the scoreboard, you might think it’s basketball.”

After the break, seven points made the difference, or what Florian Grein Put it: “It does not matter if we lose 7-0 or 70-63. We have to see in the defense that we allow fewer points, that we find a way to stop the opponents. “

“We had to play smart and were basically able to handle it”Comments Dacia Vikings Head Coach Ivan Zivko the showdown in Innsbruck. “It was an entertaining match for the fans, but we were a little better in the end and deserved to win. We are happy with the result and the team is happy. But now we’re concentrating on the next game – our first home game – against the Ducks on April 30th.

The champion has thus scored 105 points in two games and still has no sense of performance on the credit side.

Raiders Tyrol vs. Vienna Vikings 63:70
(21: 21/21: 21/7: 14/14: 14)
SAT 9 April 2022 at 16.00 American Football Center Innsbruck


Home start in the AFL: SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol welcomes Vikings in the classic

First home game for SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol in the new Austrian football league season. Next Saturday, April 9, the Tyroleans welcome their great rival of all things – Dacia Vikings Vienna. The match starts at 16:00 in the American Football Center.

Tickets for the AFL home opening of SWARCO RAIDERS Tirol are available in the online shop. SWARCO Raiders AFL home games are also broadcast on their own Twitch channel. (

Florian Greinhead coach for SWARCO RAIDERS Tyrol: “The Vikings are going to be very strong and so we have to make our ‘A Game’ go away with a smile at the end of the day. With Nico Hrouda, the Vikings have an Austrian quarterback, which is why they have to use three imports. The matches will therefore be extremely important, and our team must take another step forward. “

In the first game of the season, the very young team from Grein delivered an open exchange with the Telfs Patriots. In the end, despite a very strong performance, especially offensively, one had to find oneself in it 42:44 give up.

The AFL debut was particularly impressive Isaiah Weed. The new quarterback completed nearly 80 percent of his passes in more than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had 75 rushing yards and a touchdown on foot. The new import is also running backwards Mike Gentili impressed with two consecutive touchdowns.

The Vikings were able to win their season debut. Led by AFL veteran quarterback Nico Hrouda succeeded a clear 43:14-Win at Znojmo Knights.

Hrouda also threw in more than 300 yards and 4 touchdowns, but also an interception. running back Devontae Jordan had more than 100 rushing yards and a touchdown.

The Dacia Vikings head west for the AFL cracker vs. Raiders

After an exciting football weekend, Dacia Vienna Vikings (1-0) in the next game to SWARCO Raiders (0-1) to Tyrol. Unlike the Vikings, who started the season with a nice second half 43:14 even able to decide, the Raiders from Tyrol started with a tight 44:42 defeat in the season. The historic duel between the two teams goes into the next round on Saturday, April 9 at 4pm in the American Football Center Innsbruck. The Tyrolean host stream the fight Live on > Twitter.

Dacia Viking’s performance last weekend makes you want more. The defense did not let anything burn in the first half, thus providing optimal conditions for the offensive to enter the match. Particularly striking here is Performance of the new signatures on both sides of the Dacia Vikings. Under Neo-Viking RB # 23 Devontae Jordan with 2 rushing touchdowns and more than 100 yards rush put its mark on the game, came the American TE # 15 Sam Bruner also for a debut touchdown, after a nicely executed run-pass option game. Quarterback # 7 Nico Hrouda convinced with his performance against the defense of the Knights from Znojmo with 4 touchdown passes and an average of over 20 yards per. On the defensive side of football, the performance of the Dacia Vienna Vikings should not be underestimated either. This is currently DB # 26 Zoltan Golita tops the statistics table with 6.5 tackles.

Statement by head coach Ivan Zivko

Of course, it’s a very emotional game for us, as we have some history with the Raiders. The most recent chapter in this story was a defeat in the Austria Bowl 2021. Nevertheless, the focus is on ourselves! We have a young and hungry team, and we are obviously motivated for this match – not just because of the long-term rivalry. In our opening match against Znojmo Knights, the young team delivered an incredible performance and showed maturity, calm and discipline in the second half of the match. It is precisely this performance that we want to build on. “

It will definitely be an exciting game where the expectations to see a good game can be set high. Both teams are prepared and willing to give everything so fans of both teams can see each other looking forward to exciting football action.

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