So close: BG Göttingen admits victory in Bamberg in the last few seconds

“We want to get to where they are now.” So said Dominic Lockhart, who wore the purple jersey for three years between 2017 and 2020, before the match against his former club. And how much Bamberg wanted it, they showed in the early stages as they were able to force BG to lose three balls in the first two minutes and consistently convert the resulting chances into points. It was 10: 0 after just over three minutes. Until then, only Jeremiah Martin had managed to throw the basket at all.


It was a Jeff Roberson threesome who finally got the first BG points in the 4th minute. When Lockhart had to sit on the bench with his third error in the eighth minute, the people from Göttingen came into play better, won the ball on the defensive and turned through a float from Harald Frey, a three-pointer from Nate Grimes, a lay-up from Stephen Brown and three more by Akeem Vargas shortly before the final siren of the first quarter, played to a 20:16 lead. A remarkable 15: 0 race.

And it was to continue in the second quarter. After 19 BG points in a row, Brose coach Oren Amiel called a time-out in the 12th minute. Chris Dowe stopped this race (19: 24/13.). When Haris Hujic scored from the middle distance and received a free kick, his opponent Chris Sengfelder had to sit on the bench for the third error. Martin scored twice in a row for BG, who held the lead by six points (31: 25/15.). Because the Violets had reached the fault line early in this quarter, the hosts were always on the free throw line. After not a single free throw in the first quarter, there were 15 in this division. Bamberg found his way back into the match. In addition, there were many other chances for the Franks, who repeatedly took offensive rebounds and used them successfully. 36:39 (19.) was the result, which the people from Göttingen stood behind. Frey equalized with a successful distance throw. At the break, it was a narrow deficit of 42:43.

Brose Bamberg – BG Göttingen, BBL 2021/22

Disappointed: BG captain Akeem Vargas


Bamberg scored the first points in the third quarter, Harper Kamp scored from a free throw. But the violets were far from the flow of the game. It seemed to go the same way as the early stages. Ball loss, stride failure – there was a bit of everything. But the violins did not let themselves be surprised again and kept voting. The game was balanced (49: 49/25.) And also a bit wild. Grimes did not score from close to the basket, but Frey and Roberson scored from distance (55: 53/27.). The management was constantly changing. In the final phase of this episode, it was Martin who first took charge and struck long twos or made mistakes with these throws. But then he also had to sit on the bench with the third mistake.

The final quarter started with a deficit of four points (61:65), with BG starting with a successful three by Harald Frey. Brown followed up (67:65), but Bamberg turned the match around (73:67 / 33.) With an 8-0 run and Roel Moors took a time-out. Kamp was able to stop the Frankish race (69: 75/35.), Then miss another chance. Symptomatic then were the missed opportunities in an open three by Brown and various penalty throws. However, both teams missed many chances from the free throw line.

Roberson opened the crunch time with a three to 75:78 (38th). But Bamberg struck immediately. Six points behind and 90 seconds left. Martin scores for two, but Prewitt scores for three. And then the events unfolded. At 82:84, Martin was unsportsmanlike – 24 seconds before the end. The American hit one of two free throws and then used the ensuing possession to lead 85:84. Bamberg had 17.5 seconds left until the last attack, the ball landed at BG, Roberson hit the free kicks. In return, Justin Robinson scored a triangle, which was fouled. Bamberger also converted the penalty throw for the 88:87 victory to Bamberg.

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