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(Press release, Nidau, 11 May 2022) Hygienic training conditions are an important criterion for customers when choosing a training facility. Ensuring good air quality is a building block and an investment in customer trust. Therefore, mobile air purifiers for prevention should not be seen as a luxury, but represent a useful extra service for customers. CTS Biel fitness studio now offers optimal conditions for stress-free, safe training.

The increased risk of infection in gyms

Gyms are places where the air is heavily polluted by aerosols. Intense physical activity releases more aerosols through breathing. And the more there are in a room, the faster the concentration in the air rises. Bacteria, bacteria and viruses are distributed in the air via fine droplets, so-called aerosols, which are released, for example, by breathing and speech. But while flying away in the fresh air outdoors, they pose a problem in enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, where they can stay in the air for a long time. For every extra person in the gym, the aerosol concentration in the room increases and thus the risk of mutual infection. Classic hygiene measures such as surface infection or keeping a distance only help to a limited extent, as over 80 percent of infections with Corona take place via the air. In addition, the indoor air can also be affected by many other pollutants such as pollen, bacteria, chemicals and fine dust. Inadequate ventilation, as well as non-existent or unsuitable air filter systems then lead to poor air quality, which can affect and endanger visitors and employees.

The air quality must be right for good training

With higher physical performance and increasing heart rate, more air is inhaled. If this is contaminated with viruses and contaminants, it is a health hazard to customers and leads to poorer performance. To successfully reduce the mutual risk of infection, relieve allergy sufferers and generally ensure clean air in the gym, mobile air purifiers are a great complement to existing initiatives. With suitable devices, the aerosol concentration in fitness studies can be successfully reduced, and thus the risk of infection can be significantly reduced. Using high-efficiency, standardized HEPA class H-13 filters, 99.97% of the particles are filtered down to a size of 0.3 micrometers, ie. bacteria, germs, aerosols, fine dust, pollen and other allergens from. The activated carbon filter that is also used neutralizes chemicals and bad odors like sweat and foot odor.

CTS creates a safe environment for customers and employees with ecoQ CleanAir 800

CTS Biel fitness center has expanded its hygiene concept. Both the rooms for individual training and the rooms for group training are now also equipped with high-performance air purifiers from ecofort. These mobile filter systems are characterized by their high performance and dual filter. With the combination of HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, the air purifiers have been shown to help protect against viruses, bacteria, germs, allergens, pollen and fine dust. The purpose of the use of the devices is to ensure better air quality and safe and effective training of customers and employees.

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