Padel trendsport: SG Schorndorf wants to create two courses in Sportpark Rems – Schorndorf

Sportpark Rems, which was built ten years ago at the stadium, is popular with young and old, among professional and occasional athletes. Now SG Schorndorf, which also runs the Ulrich-Schatz sports center and AOK Arena there, will create another attraction: A paddle facility will be built on the streetball court, where young people will meet again and again in the evening under the basketball court. coat hanger . Padel, a mix of squash and tennis, is very popular right now, as assured by Benjamin Wahl, CEO, and SG Chairman Dr. Matthias Römer in the administrative and social committee and also made the matter edible for the city council members with the following announcement: The facility will be funded by SG with grants from the Württemberg State Sports Association (WLSB). Schorndorf city will not incur any costs.

Padel: outdoor sports all year round

But it did not take much persuasion before the decision was made anyway: Apart from AfD councilor Ulrich Bußler and green councilor Dr. Simone Höfer, who did not want to sacrifice the youth meeting place for a fee-based offer, was impressed with the new SG business idea. Not least because the urge to move after lockdowns in the corona pandemic is great – and outdoor sports are very trendy right now. Another advantage of paddle is that it can be played outside in doubles both summer and winter and is easy to learn.

Following the decision of the general meeting, which gave okay for an investment sum of 180,000 euros net in 2021, SG plans to build two paddle courts on the streetball court, which the city has rented and built over for this purpose. . Over the next 15 years, the extraordinary expense of depreciation on the land totaling EUR 37,526.96 will also fall due. At the request of the Schorndorf Youth Initiative, the nearby multifunctional box with two basketball hoops and court remains unaffected by the project – in other words: basketball and streetball can still be played in Rem’s sports park.

User fee per hour and right between 24 and 32 euros

And even though a good 400 euros must be paid in lease to the court, SG is convinced that it can operate the paddle system financially. In Pleidelsheim, SG’s CEO Benjamin Wahl gave this example at the meeting that the tennis club there has gained 100 new members through its paddle offer. In addition, SG expects revenue from the offer, which will probably be the first of its kind in Remstal – with a usage fee of 24 to 32 euros per hour and track.

Solution to the shards and waste problems in the sports park?

The paddle system also has a positive side effect from Schorndorf’s point of view: Like the AOK Arena, the two courses must also be monitored by cameras. This will control the area, which is slightly hidden at the back of the sports park. School and club director Isabelle Kübler pointed out that it could make the place less attractive as a gathering place for young people who have previously met there to celebrate. The shard and waste problem that often bothers football players in the sports park on Sunday morning could possibly be solved.

Green councilor Dr. Simone Höfer critical: What is the problem, she asked at the meeting when young people meet in the evening? SPD councilor Heidi Rapp, who sees the project – as the first paddle facility in Remstal – as a unique selling point for Schorndorf, asked: “Where do we offer areas where young people can hang out?”

Otherwise, however, there was great agreement in the committee: FDP / FW councilor Gerhard Nickel even questioned whether SG should actually take on the approximately 37,000 euro high, extraordinary expense from the city. Instead, he advocated waiving the amount as a voluntary benefit. In addition to Nickel, CDU Councilor Silvia Wolz, Green Councilors Ulrich Kost and Simone Höfer abstained on this point in the vote.

If the municipal council also agrees to the project at the next meeting on Thursday 19 May, SG will start with concrete planning. The timing of the start of construction, says SG’s CEO Wahl, will ultimately also depend on current cost developments.

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