Next stop Bamberg: BG Göttingen called again on Wednesday

Basketball Bundesliga club BG Göttingen is again fun for the fans. After the home win against Fraport Skyliners last Wednesday night, which 1721 spectators wanted to see, almost 700 more violet supporters (2413) came to the Sparkassen-Arena early Sunday night when they beat their neighbors Hamburg Towers. And they did not have to regret coming. The exciting final phase, which was crowned by the victory at 83:80, was a reminder of the many exciting matches the team has already offered during this season.


Head coach Roel Moors’ team does not have much time to enjoy the success. Already on Wednesday, she is required again. Then at 20.30 the away match at Brose Bamberg is on the agenda – a match from the 30th game day, which is played on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Franks parted ways with their head coach Johan Roijakkers during the season, and then it took a while to get back on the road to success with their new coach Oren Amiel.

BG Göttingen vs. Hamburg Towers, BBL 2021/22

BG Göttingen vs. Hamburg Towers, BBL 2021/22

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Meanwhile, the team where ex-BGs Hylke van der Zweep and Domenik Theodorou are still part of the Bamberg staff as assistant coaches and performance coaches, even after Roijakkers’ dismissal, has found itself. Again and again, Brose is swapped when the conversation revolves around a “laughing fourth” who could still fight for a playoff ranking against BG Göttingen, Hamburg Towers or Hakro Merlins Crailsheim.

The upcoming opponent Bamberg must accept a setback

After four victories in a row, Brose Bamberg on the 29th match day had to accept a setback against Niners Chemnitz in their own hall with a score of 79:89. In front of 3,309 spectators, Brose ran backwards for a full 40 minutes and never really got into play, especially not offensively. Although Bamberg in the final minute was able to reduce a deficit of more than 20 points to seven points, it was not enough to reverse the trend. The best pitcher in Bamberg was Christian Sengfelder with 20 points. He has consistently been among the top 5 scorers in the league this season.

Head coach Amiel’s conclusion after the defeat was sober: “If I have to sum up the match, it’s fast. They were superior to us in every respect: physically, mentally, everywhere. If you can not match their physique and their speed, then the game goes as it did today. ”

Moors does not say “the P-word.”

It’s a lever that Roel Moors and the BG players can use on Wednesday. Your attention and aggression on the defensive led repeatedly to successful quick breaks against Hamburg on Sunday – also a sign of confidence that the Belgian head coach is so happy to see and had wished for. “This is an important step for us after the last few weeks, which were very difficult.”

Although Moors himself does not want to use the “P-word” anymore, his team is clearly one of the playoffs. She now has 16 wins (and 12 losses) to spare – more than in the previous six seasons. The Violets had only a positive playing relationship in the Corona season, which ended in March 2020 (11: 10/8. Place), where they then reached the playoff quarterfinals in June at the final tournament in Munich. Otherwise, it was enough for placements between eleventh (10:24 victories / season 2016/17) and 16 (9:25 victories / season 2018/19).

When you look at the teams that were able to jump on the playoff train in eighth place in the main round final table recently, it becomes clear that BG is not lacking so much to be able to be part of the season extension. Ludwigsburg (17: 15 / season 2016/17 with only 17 teams) was enough for 17 victories, just like Würzburg (17: 17 / season 2015/16), Braunschweig (17: 17 / season 2018/19) and Bamberg (17) : 17 / season 2020/21). Only in the 2017/18 season should the bottom of the table in the main round deliver more victories: Fraport Skyliners came up in a balance of 20:14.

Four teams play for two playoff spots

Starting position: 7th place, 28 matches (16 wins / 12 losses)

Remaining program: Brose Bamberg (10th place, away (A), April 13); Alba Berlin (4, H, April 17); Telecom Baskets Bonn (April 1, A, 24); Hakro Merlins Crailsheim (9th, A, 26th April); Jobstairs Cast 46ers (17th, H, 1st May); Bayern Munich (2nd, A, 8th May).

Starting position: 8th place, 28 matches (15 wins / 13 losses)

Remaining program: Fraport Skyliners (18th place, home game (H), April 13); Löwen Braunschweig (April 15, A, 16); FC Bayern Munich (2nd, H, 24th April); Alba Berlin (April 4, A, 29); Syntainics MBC (16, A, May 1); Brose Bamberg (10th, A, 8th May).

Starting position: 9th place, 26 matches (13 wins / 13 losses)

Remaining program: Löwen Braunschweig (15th place, away (A), April 12); medi Bayreuth (April 13, H, 16); Alba Berlin (4, H, April 20); MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg (3rd, A, 23rd April); BG Goettingen (7, H, April 26); Fraport Skyliners (18, H, April 29); ratiopharm Ulm (5th, A, 1st May); Niners Chemnitz (6, H, 7 May).

Starting position: 10th place, 28 matches (13 wins / 15 losses)

Remaining program: BG Göttingen (7th place, home game (H), 13 April); ratiopharm Ulm (5, H, April 17); Alba Berlin (4, A, April 22); MLP Academics Heidelberg (April 12, A, 29); Löwen Braunschweig (15, H, May 1); Hamburg Towers (8, H, May 8).

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