Guinness World Records: 10 weird world records

Guinness World Records
10 bizarre world records to smile, marvel or shake your head

Iconic image from a goat yoga class.

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What do goat yoga, dog hair and lots of cheese have in common? They are just a few examples of how unusual world records can be.

The world records that are about to come are not actually creative fantasies. They are the reality of those who created them. Because in the big wide world, there are an incredible number of people and therefore also an incredible number of things where they are the best. We threw ourselves into the vast archive of world records and selected a few gems. Here are things that make you smile, wonder or shake your head.

1. Most cups in one hand

Villa San Giovanni, Italy: In January 2021, Rocco Mercurio holds 25 cups in one hand. Unusual world records are a real hobby for the Italian. Among other things, he holds the title for filling the most ice floes in one minute (22), the most simultaneously turned coins (7) and the most poker chips on one finger – namely 200 chips! We really want to know how long he has been training for those records.

2. Most rubber ducks

USA: Since 2011, Charlotte Lee has officially held the record for the largest collection of rubber ducks. At the time of writing, there were 5,361 different rubber ducks. She has been collecting the cute toys since 1996 and has her own duck room for her darlings where they can be seen in glass showcases. It is still unknown if a room is still enough.

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The largest ball of dog hair

In April 2012 in Austin, Texas, organizers are creating the heaviest ball made of dog hair. 8,126 brushed dogs make the 91 kilo ball possible. Veterinarians were present at the admission from the United States to monitor the performance under the Animal Welfare Act. The organizer of the event was the organization “Texas Hearing and Service Dogs”.

4. Most cheeses on a pizza

Germany, 2018: 288.6 g cheese – 2.6 g pr. How many cheese varieties does it give on the Italian classic? I agree! 111 pcs. The reason for the small amounts was that the dough was only a few inches larger than a regular pizza. The delicious pizza variant included Leicestershire Red, Emmental, Comté or Mozzarella. According to tasters, each bite tasted different. Unfortunately, the record did not last long. In 2021, France won the title. Three people in Lyon set the new world record with 834 types of cheese on a pizza.

5. Most people who take bracelets

Anyone unfamiliar with the Kneipp culture in parts of Germany is unlikely to be able to relate to this record in the first place. For the participants in the festival week in Bad Wörishofen, the name says it all. In 2011, on the occasion of Pastor Sebastian Kneipp’s 190th birthday, 1,135 people went in arm baths at the same time. For this purpose, bracelets were set up at an altitude of 1,050 meters, where school children, children and adults immersed themselves for 15 seconds. Sebastian Kneipp is considered the German ancestor of healing methods with water. In 1848 he became ill with pulmonary tuberculosis, but healed himself by immersing himself in the Danube. The reason for the method, which was quite new at the time, is said to have been the book “Lessons on strength and forcing fresh water into human bodies, especially the sick when using it internally and externally” by Johann Siegmund Hahn. Since then, Kneipp therapy in cold water has been a common method of spa stays throughout Germany.

6. The oldest DJ

During the day she is the boss of a restaurant – at night she is the DJ. Sumiko Iwamuro did not take a DJ course until he was 77. Since 2018, she has been considered the oldest DJ in the world. At the time, she was 83 years old. The music she spins as DJ Sumirock in Tokyo is popular with young people in the popular Shinjuku district. In early 2022, a portrait of the now 85-year-old DJ Sumirock appears in the Netflix series “Asia at Midnight”.

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7. The fastest half marathon as a gingerbread woman

As you may notice, this is not about the fastest half marathon, but about the fastest race in the right costume. In 2017, Cat Dascendis ran in London for three hours, 46 minutes and 55 seconds disguised as a gingerbread character. And she’s not the only one to choose an unusual outfit for a world record: Among other things, there is still the fastest half marathon in rock clappers or in handcuffs.

8. The largest goat yoga class

501 participants and 115 goats: That’s what it takes to set the world record at a festival in Thonotosassa, Florida. The 2019 charity campaign was the starting signal for GOAT (“Global Offensive Against Trafficking”) – the project aimed at raising money to combat human trafficking and raise awareness about the problem. It was organized by the Grady Goat Foundation. Incidentally, the largest dog yoga class had only 270 participants.

9. Most air drummers

Instead of air guitarists, there were air drummers for the event in California – that is, drummers, only without an instrument. In 2012, 2,297 people performed three special air drum maneuvers led by air drum expert Ari Gold. Participants played together for the song “Back in Black” by AC / DC. A coverband delivered the right sound.

10. The longest fingernails

Lee Redmond from the USA holds the record for the longest natural fingernails. From 1979 to 2009, she let her nails grow, cared for them and brought them to a total length of 8.65 meters in 2008. In 2009, she lost her nails in a car accident. Redmond told Guinness World Records that losing her nails was the most dramatic moment of her life. But without her, things have gotten a lot easier. “The weight is very different. My hands seem to be flying since it’s gone,” she said in an interview. The record for the longest artificial nails has been held since 2018 by Odilon Ozore, also from the USA. For the record, he created ten 1.21-meter-long fingernails.

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What is really possible? – World records are …

  1. Measurable It is thus the fastest / longest / heaviest / highest / most.
  2. crazy – some world records stand at the top for a very long time before they are beaten, others make it easier for the participants and still others are probably never beaten, but could well be trumped with the right opponent.
  3. Can be standardized WORLD records must be able to be imitated without restrictions by people around the world.
  4. Verifiable – Do not throw empty demands. “The woman who never slept,” for example, could not be verified from birth to the present unless she has been under constant observation ever since.
  5. A variable – the record is only about one thing for which the record is set.
  6. Universal – it’s not just about the location. The proposal should also not be too specific or regional.

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