Giro d’Italia live in the ticker: 5th stage to Messina – next chance for sprinters in Sicily in live ticker

The 5th stage of the Giro starts at 11.45 and is already settled around 16.00 because the convoy is on its way to the Italian mainland.

With Lennard Kämman in the mountain jersey and the Spaniard Juan Pablo Lopez in the pink jersey, two new senior leaders are out today in the special classification. In the points classification, the battle between the sprinters and the current leader Mathieu van der Poel enters a new round.

The route does not make it easy for the sprinters, for the first half of the stage offers a nearly 20 kilometer long climb. If there is speed on there, it can put some of the fast men in trouble.

Giro d’Italia

Giro d’Italia: prizes, rules, jerseys and ratings in a nutshell

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You can follow who is running the race on the 5th stage here in the live ticker!

Giro d’Italia: 5th stage of the live ticker

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Sprint star Ewan: Lotto is chasing the field

The Ewan group is 4:30 behind. Meanwhile, the entire team has fallen back to Ewan and is completing an involuntary team time trial.

Giro d’Italia, Stage 5: Breakaway caught

The driver group is 66 kilometers from the finish. Israel-Premieretech and UAE-Emirates now support Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert in the work. Alpecin-Fenix ​​has withdrawn for the time being.

Refreshment zone reached – still 65 kilometers

Tagliani has fallen back from the leading group. The other four riders defend themselves with beaks and claws, but do not have a chance against the slowly but surely overtaking peloton. But the team is gone, there is no more speed with more teams.

5th Giro stage: Escape caught up immediately

The peloton gets closer to the descent. Now there are only 15 seconds for the breakouts. A merger is imminent.

Sprint far back – still 85 kilometers

Currently, the drivers are on the descent with 87 kilometers left. The lead group is only 40 seconds ahead of the field where Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert started to follow up. Cavendish has five assistants by his side, but is more than three minutes behind. Caleb Ewan has only two assistants and is already five minutes behind.

Arnaud Démare (GFC) has also lost touch and is almost two minutes behind the leaders with his assistant Miles Scottson. Three years ago, Démare could win a similar stage.

5th Giro stage: mountain classification for Maestri

The mountain classification went to Maestri, who thus secured 18 points. Bais and Hänninen took the following seats. With one point, Kennan was able to extend its lead to 41 points.

Outliers almost in sight

The five escapees – Jaakko Hänninen (ag2r), Alessandro Tonelli (Bardiani), Mirco Maestri (Eolo) as well as Mattia Bais and Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper) – are only 50 seconds ahead of the field. The pace will continue there, let’s see how the deficits for the sprinters Ewan, Démare and Cavendish will be the same.

Stage 5: Kmanna scores on the mountain – 99 kilometers to the finish

The mountain classification has been reached and Lennard Källa gets another point after the five escaped. His mountain jersey is not in danger today anyway, his lead is huge thanks to his success at Etna. There are still almost 100 kilometers left, the descent is now technical but not dangerous.

Next sprinter suffers on the climb

Now Arnaud Démare (Groupama) is also caught, the French sprinter is behind. The five escaped will probably just make it over the mountain classification before the first large part of the field.

Stage 5: Ewan can not keep up either

Caleb Ewan also fell out of the field, Alpecin’s increased pace brought the field within 90 seconds after the five escaped. And there are still a few kilometers to the mountain classification.

Alpecin sets the pace – Cavendish is fighting

Alpecin is now stepping up in the field and Mathieu van der Poel’s team would like to try to lose some of the sprinters. Mark Cavendish is already struggling on this long climb. However, there is still a long way to go from the mountain classification to the finish: there are about 90 kilometers left.

All riders are now in the middle of the Portella Mandrazzi climb and go up to 1125 meters. Almost 800 meters of altitude must be climbed over 19.6 kilometers. the average is 4.0% – but there are also passages with a gradient of 9%.

Intermediate sprint completed – 114 kilometers to the finish

The intermediate sprint is passed, Tagliani wins it in front of Hänninen and Bais. From the field, sixth place goes to Biniam Girmay. In the points classification, he is now 58 points closer to Mathieu van der Poel (62) and passes Mark Cavendish (53).

Stage 5: Riders in climbing – 109 kilometers left

All riders are now in the middle of the Portella Mandrazzi climb and go up to 1125 meters. Almost 800 meters of altitude must be climbed over 19.6 kilometers. the average is 4.0% – but there are also passages with a gradient of 9%.

The first special ratings are approaching

The route now goes slowly but surely uphill, the first intermediate sprint approaches and then it goes up in the 2nd category mountain classification with almost 20 kilometers of ascent. The gap again in about five minutes between the field and the five escaped Jaakko Hänninen (ag2r), Alessandro Tonelli (Bardiani), Mirco Maestri (Eolo) as well as Mattia Bais and Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper).

5. Giro stage: Field emerges

Quiet race situation, Thomas De Gendt personally brings the breakaways a little closer to the field: The Lotto veteran brings the hole to less than four minutes for his captain Caleb Ewan.

Sprint teams take over the pursuit – still 142 kilometers

The field is now organized and does not want to let the leading group have too great advantages: The gap is leveled after four minutes, the sprint teams (Lotto, Groupama, Quick-Step) share the work.

5. Giro stage: The lead rises rapidly

The lead has now grown to over four minutes, the field taking it easy. It goes over undulating terrain that is still missing 155 kilometers.

Five escapees determine the 5th stage – still 164 kilometers

One Finn and four Italians are in front – the deviations in an instant:
Jaakko Hänninen (ag2r), Alessandro Tonelli (Bardiani), Mirco Maestri (Eolo) as well as Mattia Bais and Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper).

5th Giro stage: The breakaway group stands

Now a couple of drivers have successfully pulled away and the field lets them do their thing. A quintet is about to break away from the field. None of the five breakaways are a threat in the general position, they are all more than 15 minutes behind.

11:46: Start on 5th Giro stage – 174 kilometers left

The stage is running, many teams immediately try to place themselves in the breakaway group. High speed and lots of action at the front of the field, over 60 km / h the sloping terrain in the first kilometers of the stage.

Giro route: course and profile of the 5th stage to Messina

5th Giro stage: Best weather in Sicily

Motorists can look forward to excellent conditions, it’s sunshine in southern Italy, but the 174 kilometers will not be a quiet ride …

Welcome to the 5th Giro stage!

Giro d’Italia 2022 starts its 5th stage today with a new leader: Spaniard Juan Pablo Lopez captured the pink jersey yesterday at Etna. Maglia rosa should not be in danger today, but the battle for the stage victory looks set to be exciting again. We are there for you from start to finish in the live ticker!

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Giro d’Italia

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Giro d’Italia

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