“Every day can be your last”

Offensive tackle Bernhard Raimann was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2022 NFL Draft. He ended up with his self-proclaimed dream team.

As part of a media round where SPOX was involved, the Austrian also told about his health, which probably led to him falling in the draft, and his already good relationship with the franchise. In addition, Raimann reveals what drives him.

Bernhard Raimann on …

… his last days and weeks: “It was a crazy time. The trekking week was easy for me because my parents flew over so I could spend some time with them again. It was nice. But then the trekking weekend was more stressful again. We have all gathered in front at. the television and so comfortable.You are always waiting for the call and then I was not called up in the first or second round which was stressful.But when the call finally came a huge stone fell on me from the heart.It was a great feeling, really indescribable. “

… his expectations before the draft: “I said from the start that the goal is not the draft, but a long NFL career, and it only happens on the right team. But of course you always work towards becoming the first draft pick. You give it your all four years in college. and during the pre-draft process, but when teams decide against you, you can ultimately not change it. “

… his prior expectation of which team would choose him: “The Colts have always been relatively high on my list because I’ve had good meetings with them and good conversations with the O-Line coach. I’ve always had a good feeling for them and that’s why they were my wish, but it is impossible to predict it in advance. “

… Interviews with the Colts before the draft: “The biggest difference between the other teams was how often I met with the Colts. Throughout the drafting process, I would have interviews with either a Colts scout, an O-line coach or the offensive coordinator every few weeks I was able to form. relationships early.It made me feel good early.I talked a lot with the O-Line coach about their acting compared to college games.We talked about the differences between them.It was just very helpful, positive encounters with the Colts . “

Bernhard Raimann: “Oh shit, now I’m not being drafted at all”

… possible doubts during the draft: “Of course you always have these stupid thoughts. ‘Oh shit, now I’m not being drafted at all’. But it was always clear to me that I would somehow find my way. There were a few negative thoughts, but I did not worry me so much. “

… Indianapolis Colts: “In the end, I was very happy to come to a team like the Indianapolis Colts, which already has a top team. It’s a great city and they have a huge amount of support from the fans in the area. I think that’s it for me as a player and also as a person is a great team. “

… his opinion on his draft position: “You can not change it in the end, but it motivates me even more that so many tackles were pulled in front of me.”

… Rumors of problems with the medical check before the draft: “Each team tries to get the best players in the draft. But it’s also a business, and teams try to get the players as cheaply as possible. And the later a player is drafted, the less it costs in terms of salary. weeks you go through the drafting process, each team tries to find out as much negative information about a player as possible.I came to Combine and they put me through countless scans.They examined all kinds of cartilage and bones in my body.And then you find something in every body that is not right or does not look good, especially if you have been playing football for a while. Some things you find there are acceptable to some teams and not at all to others. But in this ” It is too late now. As a player, you can not change it then. But now I can show the other teams what they are missing because they have not drafted me. There was a But never a player who has gone through this process completely healthy. “

… contact with the new colleagues: “Well, I have not had contact with quarterback Matt Ryan yet, but running back Jonathan Taylor wrote to me on Instagram just on the day of the draft. And I have already written to my German teammate Marcel Dabo. I get to know the rest of the folks. from the rookie Know mini camp. “

Bernhard Raimann: “Colts are a very good Super Bowl candidate”

… the sporting prospects for the Colts in the new season: “We definitely have a chance to get to the playoffs. I also think we are a very good Super Bowl challenger and have the potential to go all the way to play in Arizona. They have a We have put together a very good team “and I think we have a good chance to show it on the pitch.”

… schematic differences between College and Colts: “Schematically, some of the plays are very similar to the ones I know from college. But one big difference from the college level to the NFL is how complex the NFL games are overall. In the NFL, you have many more play calls and adjustments that don’t just come from the quarterback longer. Also compared to college, the tasks are much more precise and there is a lot more to remember. But the basic ideas are the same. “

… his position and chances of starting from week 1: “There are still four long months to go. But I want to prepare from the start as if I were the starter. I want to give everything every day and I know I have the potential for it. Now it’s about implementing it. it on the pitch and to show the coaches that I can do it. “

… his future position at the Colts: “So far, I’ve only been told that the top five O-Liners will play this season. It’s left to see what position comes up. No matter how you want to take it, I’m just thinking to myself that I might start out as a left tackle I will do my best and if I play guard or center it will not be a problem for me either.I will try to prove myself as best I can.Whether it is on special team or as a left tackle. “

Bernhard Raimann: “It was not about the money”

… his motivation in the NFL: “It’s a job. And of course you want to make enough money to buy a house, for example. But it’s never been about making the most money for me. It’s always been about playing football, which is an inspiration to me. to be the next generation of footballers and to be the best possible player, that’s our top priority right now. “

… money he lost in his fall in the draft: “Draft weekend, it did not matter at all. It was not about the money. I had a good childhood, my parents always worked and still do. So I have never had the stress of somehow getting my parents off the street to pick up or something. My parents always made it clear to me that no matter what happens, I have to do it out of passion for the sport. No matter what happens, they will always support me. It has always given me so much strength. “

… the risk of injury in the NFL: “It’s an important question. It’s also important for players to always remember how easy it is to get injured and how quickly it can get you out of the NFL. It’s a very negative view, of course, but on the other hand, it’s also a constant reminder that every day can be your last. And if you do not get the most out of a day, you may end up regretting it. “

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