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Munich (ots)

Because: “It was not about more!” The rivalry between FC Bayern Munich and ALBA Berlin also drives the players’ ambition in the final main round of easyCredit BBL, which is actually insignificant for the table. “You could see in the end how both clubs wanted to win at the expense of their death,” said CEO Marco Baldi after the 83:78 victory for his Berliners, who finished the main round with 1st place and 1st victory of the season against FC Bavaria. “We are inspired and want to become German champions,” beamed Louis Olinde, who now meets his former club Bamberg with ALBA in the playoff quarterfinals, which start on Friday. “It was important for the head to make another statement here,” said Munich’s Andi Obst: “Such a defeat is not nice. But we have been able to take a lot of good things with us in the last few games.” Depending on the outcome of today’s match between Ludwigsburg and Heidelberg (live on MagentaSport from 18.45 on MagentaSport), the playoff opponents of FC Bayern, who are in third place in the main round: Chemnitz, the scare of the favorites, who have already defeated Munich three times, or the Ludwigsburg giants who have beaten the Final Four which just finished third in the Champions League.

Below are the main voices from the top match FC Bayern vs. ALBA Berlin – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. The final decision for the playoffs, which starts on Friday 13 May, will be made today at 18.45 between MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg and Academics Heidelberg. Then the quarter finals will also be decided on time. MagentaSport shows all games and decisions in easyCredit BBL live.

FC Bayern München – ALBA Berlin 78:83

Bayern coach Andrea Trinchieri explains the importance of the game before the start of the playoffs: “It’s about nothing but you having to play.” The FCB coach then left the hall for health reasons. Bayern finish the main round in third place after Berlin and the surprise team Bonn. The Munich team needed five minutes for the first basket, but they kept putting pressure on ALBA. Munich’s Andi Obst, successful with 15 points, summed up: “It was an intense match. It was important for the head to make another statement here. In the end, we lost, but we wanted to be stronger. We know what the match is about. The focus is now on Friday.”

Fruit on defeat in light of the start of the playoffs: “It’s not nice to lose like that. But we’ve taken a lot of good things from the last couple of games.”

The opponent will only be known after today’s Ludwigsburg-Heidelberg match – if Ludwigsburg wins, Bayern Munich will beat Chemnitz in the quarterfinals: “We certainly still have a score to make up with Chemnitz,” Obst said after 3 defeats to the scare of the favorites.

Munich’s Nick Weiler-Babb: “It was a good test to get in shape for the playoffs. A really nice, intense and tough match for every ball. “

Whether the defeat will negatively affect the start of the playoffs: “No. It’s 0-0 for everyone. We start over.”

“Ohh – that’s good of course” – ALBA inspires and wants to “become a champion”

Berlin’s Louis Olinde on the season’s first win against FC Bayern: “Ohhh, of course it’s good. With a victory and so here in Munich – it’s good of course. We are inspired and want to be German champions.” ALBA will play against Bamberg, Olinde’s former club, in the quarter-finals: “I’m really looking forward to it. It will be something special.”

Berlin CEO Marco Baldi: “You could see in the end how both clubs would like to win. You do not have to rate the game very highly with certainty. It is good that everything is healthy – on both sides. And now it’s starting in earnest.”

Baldi’s goals: “Now it’s about trying to refine what’s been built up through the season. It sounds so simple and so logical, but it’s hard because the pressure is completely different.”

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